Putting the ‘Sex’ Back in Homosexuality

Holmberg exposes the sad reality of ‘gay’ male and lesbian “homosex”

By Eric Holmberg, reprinted with permission from The Apologetics Group website

WARNING: Graphic language describing the reality of lesbian and male homosexual sodomies

One of the things I most appreciated about Phil Robertson’s comments to the snoots at GQ was the manner in which he colorfully pointed out the anatomical absurdity of homosex. (WARNING: please read no further if you are a child, pietist, or are easily offended.) Like a red-neck version of Elijah (who may well have been considered a redneck himself circa 9th century BC) mocking the prophets of Baal and the potty habits of their pathetic god (1 Kings 18:27), the bearded one dared to compare the desirability of a certain female body part to its closest correspondent in males.

Various "dildos" including "fisting" dildos for hand/arm anal penetration -- for sale in a San Francisco Castro district sex toy called, "Does Your Mother Know?" (We suspect not.) Eric Holmberg argues that critics of the perversion of homosexuality need to find a way to discuss homosexuals' perverse practices themselves.

Various “dildos” including gigantic fake penises and  “fisting” dildos (mimicking the grotesque “gay” sexual perversion in which a man inserts his hand and forearm up the rectum of his “partner”)  — for sale in a San Francisco Castro district sex store called, “Does Your Mother Know?” (We suspect not.) Eric Holmberg argues that critics of homosexualism need to find ways to discuss the realities of “homosex” itself and its destructive, disease-causing consequences.  Note: some lesbian and hetero sadomasochists also practice a version of “fisting.” Photo: AFTAH. Click to enlarge.

In so doing Robertson pushed back against one of the key strategies of the architects of the LGBTQ putsch: that is to take the “sex” out of “homosexuality” – to redefine it as a simple orientation (like being left-handed) and disconnect it as much as possible from what people actually do to each other in bed (or in a bathroom or the bushes). For proof of this simply read After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s (Doubleday: New York, 1989) – the seminal book by homosexual, and Harvard educated, activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen. See, for example, page 178:

“In the early stages of the campaign, the public should not be shocked and repelled by premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself. Instead, the imagery of sex per se should be downplayed, and the issue of gay rights reduced, as far as possible, to an abstract social question,” Kirk and Madsen write in a section in After the Ball titled, “Strategy: Persuasion, not Invasion.”

Christians and anyone else concerned about the normalization of homosexuality and other perversions of God’s design for gender and sexual behavior should shake off the shackles of Newspeak and begin to graciously but firmly – using irony and shock where necessary – join Robertson in pushing back against this agenda. We need to make like Elijah and point out the absurdities inherent in the practice of homosex; how the wages of sin will not only surely be spiritual death, but can lead to physical sickness and death as well.

Three simple points I like to make, in order of increasing shock factor:

1. According to one peer-reviewed [1997] study done towards the end of the 20th century, the life expectancy for the average 20-year-old gay or bisexual man [assessing “vital statistics data … obtained for a large Canadian urban centre from 1987 to 1992”] was 8 to 21 years less than his heterosexual counterpart. (See the International Journal of Epidemiology.) Here [in 2001] the authors actually condemn as “homophobic” anyone who dares to point to their research as evidence that homosexuality carries with it certain inherent health risks. And yet they in no way deny the statistical evidence their research has uncovered. (This is one of the best examples of “professing to be wise and remaining fools” I have ever stumbled upon.) [Editor’s Note: Life expectancy for homosexual men is now much longer compared to when the original IJE study was done in 1997 — due mainly to AIDS antiretroviral drugs. Nevertheless, “men who have sex with men” (MSM) remain at the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS epidemic,” said a CDC specialist describing a Fact Sheet assessing 2010 infections and published by the CDC earlier this year. Read the original 1997 Canadian study on “gay” and bisexual men’s lifespan HERE and the authors’ short 2001 response (referenced by Holmberg above) to conservatives who used their data to criticize pro-homosexual activism HERE.]

2. As part of my research on this subject, two years ago I attended the various “gay-pride” events that took place over four days in San Francisco. On Saturday I filmed and conducted interviews among the nearly 200,000 attendees of the now famous annual “Dyke March.” It began with a festival in Dolores Park. Like with any festival there was music, speeches and all manner of booths and vendors selling food, drinks, t-shirts, souvenirs and other wares. The most popular merchandise I saw? Dildos. Thousands upon thousands of them in every shape, size and color imaginable. The irony here should be obvious: you have women that don’t want men, that sexually prefer another woman instead. But what do they often bring with them to bed? A crude approximation of a male sex organ. Add to that the fact that it is quite common for one woman to be butch (a top) – to look, dress and behave in a mannish way – while their partner plays the femme (bottom), taking on the more stereotypical female role and identity. There are so many things intuitively, viscerally wrong with this sad pantomime one hardly knows where to begin. (I’m reminded here of the episode of Showtime’s The Real L Word where Cori and Kacy are trying to get pregnant using donated sperm. Instead of going to a clinic (literally too “clinical” for the young romantics) or relying on the old lesbian standby, a turkey-baster (again not very romantic), the couple go to a sex store where Kacy (the butch one) shops for a dildo that can squirt out the sperm so she can use it to “personally” impregnate the femme Cori. What a heart-breaking glimpse into the futility of sin. (By the way, such a device does not exist…yet.)

3. Here we definitely enter the Phil Robertson arena of telling it like it is. Consider God-designed heterosex: the husband inserts his penis into his wife’s vagina. Like a hand-in-glove, there are dozens of anatomical design and response parameters that perfectly sync up. If done properly, with the male in particular being careful to meet his wife’s emotional needs as well as to provide the right friction in the right spot, both partners bond in a powerful and exquisitely enjoyable way, experiencing the “little death and rebirth” that is an orgasm. They can gaze into one another’s eyes and take in one another’s breath. And, miracle of miracles, under the right circumstances, the seed from the man can merge with the egg of the woman to produce a new human life, a new eternal soul and image-bearer of God. This picture of intimacy – of the “two becoming one” – as well as its co-creative elements are a powerful, poignant and prophetic glimpse into our Creator’s purposes and plans. Now take the grotesquerie that is homosex, using two men as an example. The receptacle of death and decay is substituted for the vessel of life. Nothing fits properly and without great care and the use of artificial lubricants, damage to the receiver’s anatomy results. Except for the extremely fit and hyper-flexible, face-to-face, eye-to-eye, breath-to-breath intercourse is impossible, as is mutual climax without other tricks being up their proverbial sleeves. And where the man and woman can produce a baby, for two men new life is virtually impossible. Anal fissures and all manner of infections and diseases – some fatal – are the common physiological byproducts. Boiling it all down to a memorable meme: heterosex ~ fertilized egg, homosex ~ inseminated turd.

This is a hard-saying, but a radically true one. And as the parade of preening emperors grows, spouting their PC nonsense and leading our culture – and yes those tragically cursed with same-sex desires – into deeper realms of bondage, we need now more than ever to use the mirror of truth to point out that they’ve all left the house without any pants on.


Eric Holmberg is the founder and director of Reel to Real Ministries, Inc. and The Apologetics Group.  As an ordained minister, author, speaker and video documentarian, his creative use of multi-media and a vibrant Christian worldview in analyzing some of the key issues of our time has brought him before audiences in homes, churches, schools, college campuses, conferences and on television and radio around the world.

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