WATCH: Evander Holyfield Latest Target of “Big Brother” Gay Thought Police

“Big Brother does not tolerate the use of offensive language”

Take a few minutes to view this video of retired boxing great Evander Holyfield on the U.K.’s “Celebrity Big Brother” reality show — in which he argues with another cast member about the nature and changeability of homosexuality. [Watch it on YouTube HERE.] Portions of the conversation are hard to make out, but essentially Holyfield compares homosexuality to a handicap and then commits the unpardonable sin — in the eyes of pro-homosexual ideologues — of saying it is a choice. The faceless “Big Brother” scolding at the end is priceless as the accusing British “Big Brother” producer plays the role of America’s GLAAD — dictating that Holyfield’s speech against homosexuality is unacceptable and will not be allowed. The episode hits close to home for what is happening in the Western world (e.g., Canada’s “hate speech” law), and we at AFTAH have no doubts that more than a few “gay” activists similarly would love to ban speech they deem “offensive.” — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

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