Part One: Ten Culture-Engaging Resolutions for 2014 for Christians Fighting the ‘Gay’ Agenda

 Apply the “Sexual Sin Substitution” Test for Moral Clarity

Dan Hitz (left) went from being a homosexual, having grown up in a chaotic home, to a family man with a wife and five children.

OVERCOMING HOMOSEXUALITY: Dan Hitz (left) went from being a homosexual “terrified of true intimacy with a woman” — having grown up in a chaotic and dysfunctional home — to a family man with a wife and five children. Read his Christian testimony HERE and support the new ex-“gay” umbrella group, Restored Hope Network.

Part One (1-5)

By Peter LaBarbera

1) Decide Whether You are with God or Against Him … on the issue of homosexualism (out-and-proud homosexuality as a “civil right”) and sexual sin in general. These days there is no shortage of Secular- and Religious Left activists — and even self-professed “evangelical Christian” sellouts like apostate Jay Bakker — who will tell you that the Bible is ambiguous on homosexuality or even pro-homosexual. Nevertheless, the Word of God is crystal clear on this subject (see Romans 1 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, for starters). No faithful Christian can make a “biblical” case for accepting homosexual behavior. Thankfully, Jesus Christ has helped many men [e.g., Dan Hitz] and women [e.g., Anne Paulk] overcome homosexual attractions (see Point 4 below). Two great websites refuting “gay Christianity” are Prof. Robert Gagnon’s at and (former homosexual) DL Foster’s “Gay Christian Movement Watch” at

2) Apply the “Sexual Sin Substitution Test” (S3T): if you wonder what the proper Christian approach is to any homosexual-related question, simply plug in another egregious sexual sin – incest, pornography use, adultery – for homosexuality and gay and then see if it makes any sense. The theological basis for this test is Leviticus 18, where God (through Moses) lops all the serious sexual sins (including bestiality) in together. (Is God “hateful” for making this association, or does He rather “hate” sins like homosexuality and incest that rebel against nature and its Creator?) Also, don’t fall for the snarky “gay” spin that seeks to dismiss Leviticus by equating its condemnation of sexual sins with the book’s list of ceremonial and dietary laws for Jews. As former homosexual Joe Dallas writes in his book, A Strong Delusion: Confronting the “Gay Christian” Movement (p. 178):

A commonsense approach to the Bible shows that certain ceremonial and dietary laws in the Old Testament…aren’t necessary to follow today. Christians are not, thankfully, under the Mosaic law (Galatians 3: 17-25). But the biblical commandments against homosexual conduct do not appear in the same sections as the dietary and ceremonial laws; in Leviticus…they appear alongside other sexual sins forbidden in both the Old and New Testaments (Lev. 18:22; 20:13).

Applying the S3T approach will give you renewed moral clarity — for example: why is nobody ever accused of being an “incest-phobe” or suffering from “adultery-phobia”? Should President Obama issue a “Porn-Users Pride Proclamation” every June to match his annual “Gay Pride Month” proclamation? Should schools allow “porn-using student clubs”? (There are thousands of “gay”-affirming student clubs in public and private schools across the United States.) What about legalizing incestuous “marriages”? Or celebrating at bawdy Lusters’ Pride Parades in major cities every June? Clearly, homosexuality is the “special sin” that is indulged in our morally degraded society because it has been so well-marketed, to the point where it is now widely treated as an innocuous identity and “civil right.”

3) Get Off the Sidelines and Start Speaking Out! – If just a sizeable minority of committed Christians turned off their self-censoring “MUTE” buttons in the Culture War (as we witnessed in the “Duck Dynasty” pushback against GLAAD), they would drown out the loud, obnoxious and intolerant LGBT Lobby. Ask yourself: if homosexual activists have not retreated an inch in the Public Sphere – far from it — why should believers in God and His wholesome moral code do so? Unilateral surrender, pseudosophisticated neutrality – or worse, pro-homosexual apostasy — in the Culture War is neither noble nor biblical.

4) Publicize Ex-“Gays” — the “Greatest Story Never Told” (by the Media): Formerly homosexual men and EX-lesbians are living proof that homosexuality is about BEHAVIOR and false self-identities that can be overcome through the love of God and the power of Jesus Christ. Those who deny the possibility of ex-“gay” Christian change deny Jesus Christ Himself. Many homosexual activists and groups, such as the comically-named Truth Wins Out, viciously attack and dehumanize former homosexuals – precisely because these overcomers powerfully refute the “born gay” myth and the trendy, worldly notion that homosexuality is “who you are” (for life). The media – including Fox News — ignore this compelling story because they are intimidated by the “Gay” Lobby. TAKE ACTION: Support the new ex-“gay” umbrella organization, Restored Hope Network – e.g., you could invite an ex-“gay” speaker to your church — and share the Christ-honoring testimonies of former homosexuals with your children, family and social network.

5) Reject LGBT Hate-Slurs:  Resolve that if anyone maligns you (or any pro-family advocate’s) reputation by using the Big Three LGBT Smears — “hater,” “bigot,” or “homophobe” – merely because you oppose homosexualism, you will dismiss it as a malicious slur. Such name-calling, which is itself hateful, is the modus operandi of LGBT activists and their media sympathizers. Following the playbook of leftist agitator Saul Alinsky, homosexual activists use these terms to mock, discredit, and demonize people of faith who defend godly morality. Homosexual militants and their allies like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) wickedly aim to diminish the cultural influence of biblical Christians and put us on the defensive – when it is they who are defending sin! (SPLC has spuriously labeled AFTAH and dozens of other pro-family groups as “hate groups.”) The saying is correct: “Those who hate the truth call truth hate.” Lastly, Jesus said of his followers: “Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.” So “rejoice and be glad” if you are derided for defending godly values and the Lord’s power to change lives (Matthew 5: 10-12).

NEXT: Part Two (6-10), including some lessons on proper “judging”…


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