Part Two: Christians Resolutions for 2014 – Fighting the LGBT Agenda

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is radically pro-homosexual in its ideology, but the data it produces on the extraordinary health risks of homosexual sex provide make a strong case for discouraging this immoral lifestyle.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is radically pro-homosexual in its ideology, but the data it produces on the extraordinary health risks of homosexual sex make a strong case for discouraging immoral “gay, lesbian, and bisexual” behaviors.

By Peter LaBarbera

WARNING: graphic descriptions of homosexual perversions

Here is Part Two of our 2014 Resolutions for Christians Fighting the Homosexual/Transgender Lobby. Part One — link to it HERE — included the following:

  1. Decide Whether You are with God or Against Him
  2. Apply the “Sexual Sin Substitution Test” (S3T) — substitute another sexual sin for “gay” and see if it makes sense. [This was by far the most popular based on the feedback we received! – Editor]
  3. Get Off the Sidelines and Start Speaking Out!
  4. Publicize Ex-”Gays” — the “Greatest Story Never Told” (by the Media)
  5. Reject LGBT Hate-Slurs (“Bigot, Hater and Homophobe”)


6) Jesus Judged Sin, So You Can, Too (and You’re Judging Behavior): Regarding judging, first remember that we judge BAD BEHAVIORS all the time. It’s OK to judge! – as long as you’re not a sanctimonious, hypocritical jerk violating your own judgments and lacking God’s love and grace toward sinners. “But who am I to judge people who happen to be gay”? you ask. Answer: you are a follower of God, who reveals righteousness in His Word, the Bible. Besides, nobody just “happens to be gay” – and nowhere in the Bible is homosexuality recognized as a personal “identity” (see Point 7). The evil genius of the “gay” movement is that it turned a changeable sin into a proud, personal identity — one often embraced due to difficult or dysfunctional environmental circumstances in one’s childhood (including predatory sex abuse). Bottom line: God calls us to make right judgments on sin. The Secular- and Religious Left scream, “Judge Not!” but Jesus preached forgiveness of sin through humble repentance, such as when He told the adulteress, “Go and sin no more.” If Jesus didn’t approve of making righteous judgments, why did He praise John the Baptist as the greatest man every born – the same John the Baptist who publicly preached repentance from sin and even called out King Herod for his sexual sin? [See this interesting essay on King Herod and John the Baptist.] And isn’t it odd that the same pro-LGBT critics who scold us for judging “gays” JUDGE Bible-believing Christians all the time?! Here’s a terrific video by Frank Turek — a Christian who has suffered in the corporate world for opposing homosexual “marriage” — on proper “judging.”

7) Sodomy and Homosexual Behaviors Are Worthy of Judgment: Homosexuality is about “what people do,” not “who they are” (hence the existence of ex-“gays”; see point 4 in Part One). Perhaps you are ignorant of just how high-risk unnatural homosexual behaviors are: did you know that:

  • 94-95 percent of HIV cases among boys and young men ages 13-24 are linked to homosexual sex?
  • A “gay” doctor, Stephen Goldstone, described homosexual sodomy this way: “Think of his penis as a battering ram, one for which your internal sphincter is no match.”
  • The book HIV Essentials, written by “world renowned [HIV] experts,” reports, “The incidence of anal cancer in gay men is approximately 80 times that of the general population.”
  • Homosexual activist Jack Hart writes that “some practices common among gays – especially rimming [oral-anal perversion] and anal intercourse – are highly efficient ways of transmitting disease.”
  • Homosexual and bisexual men make up a whopping 75 percent of all syphilis cases
  • Bisexual men (including secretly homosexual men on the “down low”) are the main conduit for HIV to women in America — yet if a bisexual man transmits HIV to his girlfriend or wife, the CDC misleadingly classifies that as a “heterosexual” transmission;
  • Many lesbians mimic male homosexuals by engaging in anal perversions like “rimming” and “fisting” — and/or inserting “sex toys” like dildos (fake penises) into their partner’s anus (or vagina). Deviance begets deviance, and the godless “invent ways of doing evil” (Romans 1:30). Moreover, many lesbians report having sex with men.

We need to teach kids to avoid homosexual behaviors not just for moral and spiritual reasons, but also because it is extremely unhealthy: over 300,000 “men who have sex with men” have died of AIDS since the epidemic began, according to the CDC. Lastly: even when practiced by heterosexuals, perverted, unhealthy behaviors like rectal sex are still wrong. In fact, one of the tragic developments in our porn-ridden culture is that more and more “straights” are engaging in high-risk “gay” sex practices like anal sodomy.

8) Stop Using Politicized LGBT Lingo: Avoid cavalierly using the word “gay” as opposed to “homosexual.” After all, what is “being gay” other than practicing and/or identifying with homosexual sin? (Note: there are faithful Christians who struggle with homosexual temptations yet remain faithful to the Lord by not indulging them.) Other phrases to avoid: “being gay” as “who you are”–and “marriage equality” (it’s far from “equal” to genuine marriage). Also remember to always to put quotation marks around same-sex “marriage” because it’s not really marriage, especially from God’s perspective. On “transgender” issues, do the opposite of what the liberal media are doing by avoiding Politically Correct yet biologically wrong pronouns for gender-confused individuals (e.g., calling a man in a dress “she”). Consider Genesis 1:26-28: “male and female He created them.” Remember: he who controls the language controls the debate—and homosexual ideologues are winning the language wars.

9) Get Right with God Yourself and Be Consistent on Sexual Sin: Have you become cavalier toward sexual sin, of whatever stripe? Are you adopting worldly attitudes? This is usually a sign that you’ve lost sight of God’s holiness. Repent, get back into the Bible seriously, and become salt and light to a dying culture. Here’s one area where I agree with “gay” advocates: many Americans DO tolerate certain sexual sins (e.g., pornography and sex outside marriage) while speaking out against homosexualism. Conversely, many compromised Christians pull out of the cultural battle over homosexuality because they feel shame in “judging” others due to their own sin. Repent, stop sinning, and ask God to give you a clean, consistent heart on sexual matters–then get back to defending the virtuous, biblical ideal of saving sex for (real) marriage.

10) Remember the Battle Is about God’s Truth, Not Politics (Republican Homosexualism Is Just as Offensive to the Lord as the Democratic Variety): Over the years I have seen many Christian Republicans who I thought were solid in opposing the “gay” agenda abandon or water down their moral principles – or their willingness to fight for them — out of loyalty to the GOP. (Some Republican leaders now are urging the Party to downplay social issues, ostensibly to win elections.) Resolve never to do this. Life is too short to sell out God for any political party. On the Democratic side, the problem is worse, as countless Christians who know better end up aiding a Party that avidly and officially (in its Platform) promotes homosexualism, gender confusion and abortion-on-demand as “civil rights.” Shame. We must endeavor to be consistent in speaking out boldly for the Truth, in the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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