Chicago ‘Gay’ Bathhouse Steamworks Again Lures Young Men Through ‘Spring Break Student Discount’

steamworks_spring_break-1WARNING: Offensive Descriptions of Homosexual Perversions

“Think twice about mixing alcohol and/or recreational drugs with sex. They can reduce your ability to make good decisions and can lead to risky behavior—like having sex without a condom.

“Limit your number of partners. You can lower your risk for STDs if you only have sex with one person who only has sex with you.”–“CDC Fact Sheet: What Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men Need to Know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases,” last updated Nov. 13, 2014


By Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera

If you haven’t noticed, most of the media debate surrounding homosexuality–insofar as the media even consider there to be a legitimate “debate”–centers around “marriage” and monogamy. Precious little attention is given to the actual set of behaviors that not only has made–especially male homosexuality–a dangerous lifestyle, but which also provides evidence that homosexualism is precisely what moralists say it is: wrong, perverse and destructive behavior.

Homosexual institutions, organizations and “gay” sex businesses actively recruit young people to join their ranks. Catering to male homosexual sex is big business. Below we have a particularly wicked institution, Steamworks–a Chicago homosexual bathhouse where men go for indiscriminate, anonymous sexual encounters with other men–trying to lure college boys to its debauched premises. This ad ran last week (March 21-29) on the Chicago Steamworks website:


Wanted: Young Men: Web ad for the Chicago homosexual bathhouse “Steamworks”–part of a North American chain–advertises a “Student Discount” for Spring Break 2015.

AFTAH has called for the closure of homosexual bathhouses in the interest of protecting the public’s health–e.g., women who are infected with HIV by male spouses who secretly engage in homosexual acts on the “down low. ” And we have reported on this particular Chicago bathhouse before. It sits in a large, nondescript building on Halsted Street in the heart of the city’s homosexual “Boystown” neighborhood (officially demarcated with “gay” rainbow pillars lining the streets). In fact, about a decade ago, I joined some hardy souls in a late-night “protest/Christian witness” outside this bathhouse.

For years, Steamworks has participated in the annual Chicago homosexual “Pride” festivities. It is part of a North American chain of homosexual bathhouses–others are located in Berkeley, California, Seattle, Washington–and in Canada in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia.


What goes on in a bathhouse? I can only know from reading accounts by people who have been there: men young and old pay to get in. They buy a locker for their clothes–$5 off the usual price with a student ID, according to the “Spring Break”ad–and then walk around in a towel, which of course makes it easier to engage in sodomies with complete strangers. Customers can pay extra for a private room.

There is a sauna, showers and hot tub–and surely sodomitic acts occur in all three. Homosexual pornography spews from TVs throughout the building to stoke the hyper-sexual, orgiastic atmosphere. I cannot imagine the hygienic violations at a place like Steamworks but it is telling that in online reviews of this and other “gay” sex clubs, men complain about sticky floors.

The depraved and vile goings-on in bathhouses predictably contribute to the astronomically high rates of STD rates among homosexual men, but the response of government health bureaucrats and researchers to the crisis seems to be to use the bathhouses and “gay” sex clubs as distribution points for condoms and “safer sex” information–rather than to close them down or at least regulate them more tightly. That’s sort of like passing out anti-gambling literature at a racetrack but it has been the politically correct “safer sex” mentality for decades.

Closed doors hide high-risk acts

The distinguishing feature of a bathhouse, as opposed to a sex club, is that men can rent a room with a door that can be closed. That makes it impossible for authorities to monitor for “safer sex” (condom use)–although by accounts I have read of homosexual establishments and “gay” sex in general, monitoring condom use is no longer much of a priority in the homosexual subculture.

A seller of condomless "barebacking" homosexual porn has a banner at one of the entrances of Up Your Alley. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) strongly urges condom use for "men having sex with men" to prevent HIV--but many "gay" men ignore the CDC guidelines.

Upping the Disease Risk: A seller of condomless “barebacking” homosexual porn has a banner at one of the entrances to last year’s “Up Your Alley” sadomasochistic street fair in San Francisco. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) strongly urges condom use for “men having sex with men” to prevent HIV–but many “gay” men ignore the CDC guidelines. In Nov. 2013, the CDC reported that “unprotected anal sex in the last 12 months increased nearly 20 percent among MSM [men who have sex with men] from 2005 to 2011.”

“Barebacking”–rectal sex without a condom–is popular and is becoming more common among “gay” men, as reflected by the CDC below and the easy availability of homosexual barebacking pornography–which is sold freely in many “gay” bookstores, shops, and even outdoor “gay” street festivals, as I witnessed in San Francisco last year. This despite the fact that receptive anal sex without a condom is labeled the most high-risk activity for MSM (men who have sex with men) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

“Although MSM are a small proportion of the population, they represent the majority of persons diagnosed with HIV in nearly every U.S. state. Unprotected anal sex in the last 12 months increased nearly 20% among MSM from 2005 to 2011. MSM unaware of their HIV-positive status were more than twice as likely to have unprotected discordant anal sex at last sex as MSM who were either HIV-negative or HIV-positive aware. Only 67% of MSM had tested for HIV in the past 12 months.

“Unprotected anal sex is a high-risk practice for HIV infection, with receptive anal sex having the highest risk. Unprotected anal sex also places MSM at risk for other sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Although condoms can reduce the risk for HIV transmission, they do not eliminate risk and often are not used consistently.”–CDC, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), “HIV Testing and Risk Behaviors Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men — United States,” Nov. 29, 2013

Bathhouses were closed down in San Francisco at the height of the AIDS crisis, which explains why the Steamworks club in California is located just outside San Francisco, in Berkeley.

Note that not all homosexual men engage in anal sodomy–and of course there are many “gay” men who eschew bathhouses and the culture of extreme promiscuity that is tolerated and even celebrated in the larger male homosexual subculture.

No glory here

The peculiar perversions and methods of male homosexuality can be baffling to the outsider. At Steamworks, men lay on beds in small rooms waiting to be sodomized by walkers-by. And like other “gay” sex clubs, Steamworks has dark, maze-like hallways for sexual encounters–one reviewer complained that the mazes at Steamworks did not leave as much room for sexual encounters as another Chicago bathhouse, Man’s Country.

According to men who have gone to Steamworks, it also has “glory hole” booths where one man sticks his penis through a hole (the “glory hole”) in a wall for it to be serviced anonymously by the guy on the other side of the wall. Such glory holes are found in highway rest stops the world over, with sex-obsessed homosexuals having vandalized the metal divider wall between toilet stalls to make possible their vile, anonymous sex acts–usually oral sex.

On a family trip many years ago, I saw a “glory hole” in the men’s restroom at a rest area off a highway in Pennsylvania. The allure of forbidden “public sex”–apparently re-created in sex establishments like Steamworks–is apparently a turn-on for many homosexual men.

Inglorious? Degrading? Impersonal? Sickening? Depraved? Yes to all of those and more, but bathhouses–a product of “gay liberation” going back to the 70s–seem to be designed mainly to efficiently facilitate homosexual orgasms. This is about as far from God-ordained love in the context of a lifelong marriage to a faithful wife as a man can get.

Steamworks Chicago ran this "Spring Break" web ad in 2010. See AFTAH story HERE.

Steamworks Chicago ran this “Spring Break” web ad in 2010. See AFTAH story HERE.

Drugs and the use of inhalants called “poppers” are reportedly common in arenas of “gay’ hyper-promiscuity–e.g., circuit parties and bathhouses–and apparently the latter are sold at Steamworks. Poppers “are used for receptive anal sex, to relax the anal sphincter,” according to one academic paper. They are sold legally.

“Club drugs” like meth, GHB and Viagra allow men to keep on performing sexually over many hours, i.e., with multiple partners. Men report having had sex with several men in a single visit to a bathhouse (a few decades ago the average number of sex partners was almost three; see the Randy Shilts quote below). All of this flouts the CDC’s health advice to “men who have sex with men” at the top of this article: don’t use drugs and limit the number of sexual partners. In fact, the government’s hands off approach to the ongoing mix of drugs and hyper-promiscuity at “gay” events like the annual White Party in Palm Springs–and big-city homosexual orgy centers like Steamworks–exposes the folly of the government’s gay-pandering approach to fighting HIV and other STDs.

Drugs and homo-promiscuity

The combination of homosexual uber-promiscuity, drugs/poppers, and the high-risk nature of “gay” sex acts have made the bathhouses a breeding ground for disease–yet such businesses catering to male homo-promiscuity helped fund the early “gay” activist movement. This excerpt from And the Band Played On: Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic, the seminal 1987 book by the late homosexual San Francisco Chronicle reporter Randy Shilts (who himself died young of AIDS), is eye-opening:

“The commercialization of gay sex was all part of the [San Francisco homosexual] scene, an aspect of the homosexual life-style in which the epidemics of venereal disease, hepatitis, and enteric disorders thrived. The gay liberation movement of the 1970s had spawned a business of bathhouses and sex clubs. The hundreds of such institutions were a $100 million industry across America and Canada. and bathhouse owners were frequently gay political leaders as well, helping support the usually financially starved gay groups. The businesses serviced men who had long been repressed, gay activists told themselves, and were perhaps now gong to the extreme in exploring their new freedom….

“It was interesting politics, [homosexual medical doctor] David Ostrow thought, From a purely medical standpoint, however, the bathhouses were a horrible breeding ground for disease. People who went to bathhouses simply were more likely to be infected with a disease–and infect others–than a typical homosexual on the street. A Seattle study of gay men suffering from shigellosis, for example, discovered that 69 percent culled their sexual partners from bathhouses. A Denver study found that an average bathhouse patron having his typical 2.7 sexual contacts a night risked a 33 percent chance of out of the tubs [slang for bathhouses] with syphilis or gonorrhea, because about one in eight of those wandering the hallways had asymptomatic cases of those diseases.” (And The Band Played On, Randy Shilts, p. 19)

AFTAH will have more on the “gay” culture of homo-promiscuity: bathhouses, circuit parties, club drugs, etc., including sterilized firsthand accounts of these bizarre homosexual sex centers, in future posts.




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