VIDEO: Scott Lively Describes ‘Malicious Deception’ of Homosexual Activists – Says Obergefell Ushers in ‘Forced Participation in Gay Culture’

Lively calls SPLC’s labeling of pro-family organizations as “Hate Groups” a “tactic of psychological manipulation”

Folks, I had a wonderful discussion with Scott Lively and Pastor John Kirkwood last evening–even though it was cut short by a tornado warning. Here is the Livestream video, which runs about an hour and seven minutes. In the video, Scott Lively of is at left, John Kirkwood, pastor of Grace Gospel Fellowship Church is center, and yours truly is at right. Go to the 23-minute mark in the video where Lively describes the five stages of the incremental homosexual activist advance in societies: 1) Tolerance; 2) Acceptance; 3) Celebration; 4) “Forced participation in gay culture”; and 5) Punishment of dissenters. Go to around the 34-minute mark for a discussion on the spurious leftist charge of “hate” against pro-family Christians who oppose the LGBT agenda. Thanks to Grace Gospel for hosting our event and to all who came out on a rainy Tuesday night to educate themselves on the rise of “gay” power and what it means for liberty in America.–Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; @PeterLaBarbera

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