VIDEO: ‘Free Kim Davis, Fire Shepard Smith’ – AFTAH’s LaBarbera on America’s Survival TV

Fox News host dumps on Kentucky clerk; Kincaid questions “Rule of Law” assertions–including by Donald Trump

Fox News' Shep Smith Joins the Kim Davis-hating Left:

Fox News’ Shep Smith Joins Kim Davis-haters on the Left: see his comments in the video below at the 8:00-min. mark, and at 12:45. To see Peter LaBarbera’s in-depth 2013 report on Fox News’ growing pro-homosexual bias. go HERE.

Folks, I appeared last week (Sept. 4, 2015) as a guest on America’s Survival’s Roku show with my friend Cliff Kincaid–who does yeoman’s work in exposing the freedom-threatening homosexualist agenda [see America’s Survival’s website HERE and the AS report I wrote in 2013 about Fox News’ pro-homosexual bias HERE]. Please note the rally in support of Kim Davis today (Sept. 8) at 3:00 PM Eastern Time at the Carter County Detention Center in Grayson, KY. Please share this video. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; @Peter LaBarbera;

Subject breakdown: In the 41-minute program we discussed:

  • 4:00 – Kincaid and Peter LaBarbera (PL) on how the Supreme Court itself violates the “Rule of Law,” most recently with its anti-Constitutional Obergefell ruling;
  • 7:00 – Background on Kim Davis case and rally on her behalf today (Sept. 8) at 3;00 ET at the Carter Co. Detention Center in Grayson, KY
  • 8:00 – Shep Smith’s comments on Fox News disparaging Kim Davis and her past life (without mentioning her Christian conversion four years ago (shows Fox clip);
  • 9:45 – PL on the Left as the “New Pharisees” — with their harsh judgment of Davis and her past sins;
  • 12;45 – Christians like racists? More on Shep Smith: his comments on Fox News comparing Christians seeking exemptions to pro-homosexual laws to southern, pro-segregationists seeking Civil Rights exemptions: (shows second Fox clip)     …   [more time breakouts follow after jump and beneath video]:

  • 13:50 – PL decrying Shep Smith for his racism analogy;
  • 14:45 – Kincaid asking: how long can Roger Ailes (CEO of Fox News) keep Shepard Smith on the payroll?
  • 15:00 – Host Gerry Kenney says Shep Smith used same tactics as radical Left by going after Davis personally, and then going after her religion;
  • 16:00 – PL: Fox News DOES air conservative voices, e.g., Megyn Kelly’s recent segment with Dana Loesch slamming the Left’s slander tactics against Davis;
  • 17:20 – Kenney notes Shep Smith is on NEWS desk, should not be airing liberal opinions;
  • 18:00 – PL on morality coming from God, not man; notes Fox News’ drift on homosexuality, e.g., Megyn Kelly’s recent puff-interview with “gay conservative” Guy Benson, self-professed “gay Christian”;
  • 18;45 – Kenney: SCOTUS and courts declaring the “Government is above God”….your [religious] beliefs are subservient to the State”;
  • 20:10 – Kincaid on Fox News’ ongoing financial support for the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association; see my AS report on Fox’s pro-homosexual bias HERE;
  • 22:30 – PL on the Left demonizing Davis; and on Left’s hypocrisy: radical group Southern Poverty Law Center viciously mislabels AFTAH and other peaceful pro-family Christian organizations as “hate groups,” while “Black Lives Matter” activists cheer for cop-killing and are not labeled as such. [NOTE: I saw a web posting that SPLC has now labeled “Black Lives Matter” as a “hate group,” but could not verify that on SPLC’s own website. Regardless, SPLC is completely discredited as an arbiter of “hate,” seeing that it cannot distinguish between fringe racist groups like Aryan Nation and popular pro-family groups morally opposed to organized homosexualism.]
  • 22:45 – Kincaid calls on Shep Smith to “let it all hang out” regarding his own alleged homosexuality, e.g., as reported annually by homosexual publications such as OUT magazine;
  • 26:00 – PL on how Christians are losing most court cases pitting “gay rights” versus religious liberty, e.g., the Huguenin’s case in New Mexico. Kincaid: “This is tyranny.”
  • 28:45 – PL on Fox News bias: should not be based in New York City, which is very pro-homosexual. Cites recent NYC “Gay Pride” parade–sponsored by Walmart–which exposed children to public perversion, crudeness and nudity
  • 29:00 – Discussion on Republicans and Kim Davis and overall homosexual agenda, especially post-Obergefell.
  • 31:50 – Kincaid: SCOTUS decision is NOT “rule of law.” Criticizes Donald Trump for asserting this.
  • 34:40 – More on GOP weakness on homosexual issue: PL: “The real scandal of the Republican Party is that they let Obama do so much [on LGBT agenda] with so little opposition.” Many in GOP want the courts to take the homosexual “marriage” issue so that they don’t have to deal with it.
  • 35:25 – Kincaid: cites Justice Scalia dissent calling Obergefell a “putsch” — i.e., SCOTUS has seized the “power of the people” by making law.
  • 36:00 – Kenney: Kim Davis is the new Rosa Parks. Believes Left has gone a “bridge too far” by attacking Christians; says tactic will “backfire on the Left.”
  • 37:00 — PL on how homosexualism creates atmosphere of “mass-lying” in culture: Kim Davis did not want to sign her name to the lie of homosexual “marriage.”
  • 38:45 – Kincaid picks up on theme: “People are sick of the lies!” Discussion of how America is moving toward neo-totalitarianism” especially if SCOTUS continues to overrule religious freedom.

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