VIDEO: Yes, It’s OK to Poke Fun at Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner – Philadelphia Mummers Parade


Easy Transgender Target: Sign from Philadelphia Mummers Parade pokes fun at Bruce Jenner’s “transition” from a star Olympic athlete in 1976 to a supposed “woman” today named “Caitlyn.” Click to enlarge.

Warning: Offensive Descriptions

Dear AFTAH Reader,

I had never heard of the Philadelphia Mummers Parade until I read about the “controversy” surrounding this year’s (2016) parade, which included some street theater poking fun at Bruce (“I Think I’m a Woman Named ‘Caitlyn'”) Jenner. It is natural, normal and good for everyday people to blow off a little steam like these frolicking folks below in response to modern sex/gender lunacy–epitomized by the very “queer” idea that men can become “women,” and women can become “men.” In general I think this PC-drenched society needs to lighten up. Anticipating criticism from humorless, politically correct left-wingers and humorless, politically correct Christians, after the jump I’ve listed some other groups of people whom it is OK to poke fun at. [Watch video on Anthony Stefos’ YouTube page HERE.] — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; @PeterLaBarbera

P.S. I’m mulling over claiming a new identity as a sinewy, 20-something bodybuilder with a full head of hair; if I choose said identity, I would fully expect to be made fun of. Please be gentle.


If you can’t make fun of San Francisco, then you can’t make fun of anything: above a man hugs a giant ‘penis” at the 2008 annual sadomasochism-celebrating “Folsom Street Fair.” The city’s “Public Health” department celebrates homosexual and S&M perversions along with everyone else–insisting only that they be done in a “safer” way. Photo: Americans For Truth. Click to enlarge.

While it’s never OK to be nasty or mean, it’s also OK to poke fun at these groups of people, places and behaviors:

  • Hypocritical moralists
  • Racist whites
  • Racist blacks
  • Racist ______
  • Buggery (homosexual sodomy)
  • Howard Stern and his creepy perviness
  • Grown men with pony tails
  • Grown men with hair buns
  • Atheists who act like their opinions about the Creator are “factual”
  • Pharisaical Christians
  • Sharia-touting Muslims who believe homosexual offenders should be pushed off of tall buildings, yet who make political alliances with Western radical homosexual activists
  • “Gay-theists”
  • Avaricious televangelists fleecing their gullible flock
  • Porn peddlers
  • “Marriage” between people of the same sex
  • San Francisco
  • Phony liberal “diversity” and “inclusion” that specifically EXCLUDES ex-homosexuals and traditionalist perspectives
  • Men in dresses and high-heels
  • “Drag Kings” (female-to-male “transgenders”)
  • Drag Queens
  • Lefties who champion the “right” of a woman to kill her innocent, defenseless unborn baby in the womb–yet who go to the wall to crusade against the Death Penalty, which is always applied to murderers
  • Potheads
  • The Westboro Baptist Church and its nutty “God Hates Fags” message
  • “Fisting,” “rimming” and other über-perverse “gay” inventions
  • Male feminists
  • Demented Islamic jihadists
  • Cosmopolitan magazine headlines
  • 65-year-old women wearing skinny-jeans
  • Men in Speedo suits
  • Arrogant New Yorkers
  • Hate crime hoaxes (a leftist cottage industry)
  • Metrosexuals
  • Nudists
  • Evolutionists who think mankind evolved from a walking fish
  • “Chrislam” compromisers
  • Christians who use their public prayers to gossip about others
  • “Evangelly-fish” (h/t Coach Dave Daubenmire–describing evangelical Christian culture-war wimps)
  • Overweight married guys who are exercise-phobic
  • Loony leftists
  • Loony rightists
  • Cafeteria Catholics
  • Fat people bulging out of very small swimwear
  • Muslim misogynists
  • Multicultural mumbo-jumbo
"Chaz" -- formerly Chastity -- Bono.

She-man? “Chaz”–formerly Chastity–Bono.

  • Political Correctness “Nazis” (PC Enforcers)
  • Gay Thought Police
  • Transgender Pronoun Police (don’t you dare call “Chaz” Bono a “she”!)
  • BDSM’ers (sadomasochists) who crusade against “sexual violence”
  • Foodies
  • Phony Religious Leftists
  • Phony Religious Rightists
  • Communists
  • Fascists
  • Radical feminists
  • “Progressive” Christians who claim they believe the Bible while flouting its clear teachings
  • Libertarians and other “Me-first-ers”
  • “Animal rights” fanatics who are pro-choice on aborting humans
  • Lesbians who use strap-on dildos to imitate anal sodomy (or normal heterosexual sex)
  • Dan (“”) Savage chastising cyber-bullies
  • Environmental wackos
  • Sex fiends
  • Vegans
  • RINO Republicans
  • Over-eaters
  • Conspiracy theorists
  • Couch potatoes
  • Spoiled rich kids who drive their daddy’s BMW to high school
  • The sports obsessed
  • “Compassionate” Christians and “Cultural Pacifists” who think we should hug “gay pride” celebrants prancing around in their undies while holding signs that say “I’m Sorry”–i.e., apologizing to a Sin Movement for all the “harm” the Church has allegedly done by opposing said Sin Movement
  • Women who cuss
  • Men who can’t make an important point without saying the F-bomb
  • Rigid Christians who really do hate sinners and have no interest in sharing the Gospel with homosexuals
  • Cheapskates
  • Hipsters
  • Polyamorists
  • Over-indulged college leftists and their “safe spaces” (or is that “safe places”?)
  • Narcissistic billionaire presidential candidates
  • Socialist presidential candidates promising everyone a free lunch–and breakfast and dinner
  • “Genderqueers”
Promotional poster for the 2012 San Francisco "Folsom Street Fair." The perverse event secured an exemption from the city's recent "anti-public-nudity" ordinance.

In San Francisco They Love their Nudity: Promotional poster for the 2012 San Francisco “Folsom Street Fair.” The perverse event secured an exemption from the city’s recent “anti-public-nudity” ordinance.

  • Gun-grabbers
  • Gun nuts
  • Hateful ‘progressives” who love to rail against conservative “hate”
  • Neo-Nazis
  • The SPLC for raking in millions by exaggerating the Neo-Nazi threat
  • “Black Lives Matter” and other cop-haters
  • The “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”
  • The list goes on and on…
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