Why ‘Transgenders’ Should Not Be Allowed to Choose a Public Bathroom by their ‘Gender Identity’

Upside-Down: Like homosexual activists before them, "transgender ideologues say the problem is with society, not them. This is a 2014 tweet

Upside-Down: Like homosexual activists before them, “transgender” ideologues say the problem is with society, not them. This 2014 tweet (in the “transgender pride” colors of baby blue and pink) by Transgender Graphics reads: “There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s a lot wrong with the world you live in.”–Chris Colfer (actor and former Glee star). Click to enlarge.

By Sharon Kass

When it comes to social issues, conservatives from all walks of life need to be able to make brief, concise, multi-faceted arguments.  On the transgenders-in-public-bathrooms issue, here is mine:

  1. The need and wish for modesty between males and females is the original and eternal justification for sex-segregated, public, multi-use bathrooms.
  1. The Equal Protection Clause (EPC) of the Fourteenth Amendment did not originally, and does not now, apply to the sexes.
  1. Even supposing that the EPC did apply to the sexes to some degree, the S. Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that, based on fact, the sexes are not “similarly situated” in all situations and that the law may recognize this.  Relevant cases include Reed v. Reed(1971), Rinaldi v. Yeager (1966), Parham v. Hughes (1979), Califano v. Webster (1977), Schlesinger v. Ballard (1975) and Kahn v. Shevin (1974).

  1. The subjective view on the part of a person with a man’s body that he is “really, inside” a woman, or on the part of a person with a woman’s body that she is “really, inside” a man, is irrational. The sex of a person is in the brain structure and in every cell of the body–it is an objective physical and permanent fact.  When a human being comes into existence, it is not in such a way that a body is created and then a personality is inserted into it, like a letter into an envelope.  The psychological (experiential) origins of gender identity disorder within the family context are well-established, even if the liberal-run American Psychiatric Association and its professional amen corner in the fields of psychology, medicine, and social work say otherwise.  [See Kenneth Zucker and Susan BradleyGender Identity Disorder and Psychosexual Disorders in Children and Adolescence; Richard Fitzgibbons, “Gender Identity Disorder in Children” and “The Desire for a Sex Change”; Steven RhoadsTaking Sex Differences Seriously; Ronald BayerHomosexuality and American Psychiatry: The Politics of Diagnosis; Charles Socarides, “Sexual Politics and Scientific Logic”; Jeffrey SatinoverHomosexuality and the Politics of Truth; and Joseph NicolosiShame and Attachment Loss: The Practical Work of Reparative Therapy.  Also, see narth.com and www.waltheyer.com (the former transsexual Walt Heyer who now urges men not to undergo “sex reassignment surgery” like he did; see his other site, www.SexChangeRegret.com).
  1. GayScam/TransScam, as I call it, is a social phenomenon unlike any other of which I am aware. It is mass cultural fraud perpetrated both passively and actively by the members of several key opinion-shaping communities: psychiatry, psychology, medicine, education, law, journalism and entertainment media. Discourse promoting this scam rests on almost two dozen logical fallacies. What the soft-headed think “everybody now knows”–that some people are just “born that way” and that their type is a “normal human variant”–is incorrect.  See also my article, “Conservatives’ Ex-Gay Phobia.”

This article is short and easy to carry in your pocket. After you’ve read it aloud to others a few times, you’ll begin to have it memorized, and will be able to give the impression that you know your stuff. That’s important. In the battle for public opinion, confidence and fluency matter.

We conservatives have real answers. Instead of haranguing, lamenting, dodging, stumbling, or surrendering, we’ve got to teach. That’s how we get to lead.


Sharon Kass is a writer, editor, and activist based in Washington, D.C. She has been doing ex-“gay” activism since 1993.  She may be reached at infoSRI@juno.com.

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