The ‘Transgender’ Lobby’s Civil Rights Con – Common Sense Bathroom Laws Are Nothing Like Racist Jim Crow Laws

Bruce Smith Jr., founder of Purity Quest Ministries and author of "The Truth About Homosexuality."

Bruce Smith Jr., founder of Purity Quest Ministries and author of “The Truth About Homosexuality.”

“Race and Transgenderism are utterly incomparable, and so are common sense bathroom laws and racist segregation. Yet this hasn’t stopped immoralists and pro-LGBT advocates from drawing a false equivalence between the two.”–Bruce Smith Jr.

Folks, we welcome Bruce Smith Jr., founder of Purity Quest Ministries, as a contributor to Americans For Truth. Smith analyzes the LGBT analogy between “transgender women” (men in dresses) being denied entry into female restrooms and racist Jim Crow laws of the past. Former GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has called such analogies “a bunch of crap,” and we agree. Smith is also the author of the book, The Truth About Homosexuality, which I encourage you to purchase.–Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; @PeterLaBarbera


By Bruce Smith Jr.

We’re being lied to and the liars at the fore of the “transgender” movement hope we don’t notice. The problem is their falsehoods are so obvious that it is impossible to overlook them– except for those who just aren’t paying attention and the liberals who actually believe the lies are true.

In any case, it is time to set the record straight on the “transgender” activist movement, the lies on which it is based, and the liars that are perpetuating this insanity.

Let’s begin with the term itself. The common liberal definition of “transgender” is a person trapped inside the body of the opposite sex. This is telling because it assumes that it is possible for someone to be trapped in the wrong body, which is a false assumption. Moreover, it establishes that “transgenderism” is based entirely on feelings and opinions; it is a concept that only exists in the mind of the subject.

Race_Is_Not_A_Feeling_Graphic_Bruce_Smith_QuoteThus, “transgenderism” is subjective not objective. In other words, it does not correspond to reality. This is why “transgenderism” has been diagnosed as a “gender identity disorder.”

Race, on the other hand, is objective. I am a multiracial man—some would say person of color; that is a fact. Race is not limited to the mind of the subject. It is actual, it corresponds with reality and is verifiable.

Race and Transgenderism are utterly incomparable, and so are common sense bathroom laws and racist segregation. Yet this hasn’t stopped immoralists and pro-LGBT advocates such as Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Chad Griffin, President of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC, the world’s most powerful homosexual-transgender lobby organization), from drawing a false equivalence between the two.

Let’s begin by examining Lynch’s recent remarks on the “transgender” bathroom controversy (emphasis added):

This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for our nation. We saw it in the Jim Crow laws that followed the Emancipation Proclamation….This is a time to summon our national virtues of inclusivity, diversity, compassion and open-mindedness. What we must not do–what we must never do–is turn on our neighbors, our family members, our fellow Americans, for something they cannot control, and deny what makes them human. This is why none of us can stand by when a state enters the business of legislating identity and insists that a person pretend to be something they are not, or invents a problem that doesn’t exist as a pretext for discrimination and harassment.…This law provides no benefit to society–all it does is harm innocent Americans.” (source)

This small excerpt of AG Lynch’s statement provides plenty of evidence to prove just how devious and delusional she is. First she advocates for “open-mindedness” as if fighting to protect the safety and privacy of women and children is a bad thing!

Secondly, she claims that to oppose the “transgender” movement is to somehow “deny what makes them human,” which is obviously a lie. Identifying as “transgender” and using the wrong bathroom for one’s sex is not what makes a person human; being born a human does.

Thirdly, she implies that North Carolina passed legislation concerning “transgenders” and bathrooms out of the clear blue sky. This is another lie. It was the city of Charlotte that began this whole episode by passing legislation that would force all private businesses to allow men into women’s bathrooms and vice versa. So Lynch’s comments here are not only false but hypocritical.

But it gets worse. Lynch proceeds by making an even more hypocritical statement implying that “transgenders” using the bathroom that corresponds to their biological gender is equivalent to “pretending to be something they are not.” Seriously? The obvious fact is that men and women who dress up as the opposite sex, take hormone treatments–e.g. for men to grow breasts like women and for women to grow beards–and get destructive “sex reassignment” surgeries are pretending to be something they are not.

The icing on the cake is Lynch’s ludicrous implication that laws protecting women and children provide no benefit to society but only harm innocent Americans. Laws like North Carolina’s House Bill 2 are put in place to protect innocent Americans! Not having that law in place subjects innocent Americans to harm, emotional distress and violations of privacy.

Lynch is either oblivious to this fact or she is ignoring it to further her immoral agenda. I happen to believe it is the latter. Here’s the thing: immoralists fall in to one of two categories: they are either fully aware they advocate and practice immorality but don’t care, or their moral compass is so twisted that they actually believe that immorality is moral. I’m not sure which applies to Lynch but in either case she is clearly immoral.


Rich ‘Gay’ White Guy Exploits Civil Rights History to Push for Gender-confused Men in Female Restrooms: Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, shown with his $429,411 salary for 2013. To read about Griffin comparing men in female restrooms to racist Jim Crow laws, go HERE. To see other homosexual activist salaries, go HERE.

Unfortunately Lynch is not alone. Plenty of others leading this fight for transgender “bathroom equality” have attempted to use the same false comparison that Lynch has in an obviously coordinated effort to manipulate the public.

HRC president, Chad Griffin, is another immoralist playing this devious game. Behind the mask of pursuing “love” and “equality” is the Human Rights Campaign’s true objective: to normalize the abnormal and equalize the nonequivalent. This is a goal Griffin aims to achieve by any means necessary, which is evident in the audacious comparison he made long before Lynch.

Griffin also insinuated that racist Jim Crow laws that segregated whites and blacks in to separate bathrooms (among other things) are akin to today’s public bathrooms, which are segregated according to biological gender. In other words, those who aim to prevent men from entering the women’s bathrooms to protect the privacy and safety of women and children are comparable to historical racists.

This is a strategic move meant to play off the emotions of the liberal minded and frame a narrative of injustice that must be overcome just like the civil rights movement of the 1960’s overcame steep racial injustice. However, this faulty comparison is not only offensive, especially to people of color, but outlandish because, once again, these two controversies are not even remotely similar!

Chad Griffin is not a person of color so he can’t possibly fathom what it was like to suffer under the institutionalized racism imposed upon American Blacks under Jim Crow. He has no idea how it feels to endure the sting of racism even today. Not to mention Griffin does not identify as “transgender” so he is delusional if he believes he can make such an erroneous comparison with any authority.

Still, I can see why immoralists such as Lynch and Griffin would attempt to tie these two dissimilar controversies together. Why reinvent the wheel when they already have a historical precedent to use as a blueprint through which to sneak their immoral agenda? The civil rights movement led to a monumental shift in society in favor of people of color. In order to instigate a monumental shift in today’s society it is necessary to paint the “LGBT” population in the same light as those who suffered under institutionalized racism.

This is why the HRC strategically uses the term “civil rights” to describe their purpose rather than “gay rights.”(The liberal media often echo this verbiage when describing HRC.) This is why the HRC logo is an “equal” sign. This is why fallacious comparisons are being drawn between Jim Crow laws and laws like North Carolina’s HB2. It is all a game to sway the masses into supporting the Left’s immoral agenda to radically redefine genders, starting by allowing men into women’s bathrooms.

Nevertheless, instead of just taking Lynch and Griffin at their word and joining in the delusion that so many have bought hook, line, and sinker, let’s actually look at the facts and compare the racist segregation of public bathrooms in the Jim Crow era to today’s controversy over gender segregation of public bathrooms.

Jim Crow laws that institutionalized racism punished people based on their skin color.

Real Discrimination: Jim Crow laws institutionalizing racism punished and humiliated people based on their skin color, an unchangeable, inborn trait. 

You will notice immediately that the former is based in reality while the latter is not: What was the core problem in the Jim Crow era? Racism. The result? Racial discrimination and segregation of “white” and “colored” bathrooms. The solution? The lawful establishment of racial equality and protection of unalienable rights. The result? Men of all races use the men’s bathroom; women of all races use the women’s bathroom. The cost? Many disappointed racists.

Now what is supposedly the core problem in today’s bathroom controversy? Inequality. What is supposedly the result? “Transgender” discrimination and segregation of biological men’s and women’s bathrooms. The proposed solution? Forcing legislation allowing men and women to use whatever public bathrooms they choose. The result? The advancement of the “LGBT” political agenda. The cost? The continuous violation of the safety and privacy of women and children in public bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, and showers essentially exposing them to sexual deviants (e.g., men with hormone-induced breasts and a penis).

Perhaps you’ve already spotted the fundamental flaw in this analysis of today’s bathroom controversy: the initial liberal claim that the core problem is inequality is plainly false. This means that the ideology built upon this false claim is also fallacious. Gender inequality, from a biological standpoint, is not a problem; it is reality. Because men are not biologically equal to women, common sense dictates that biological men should use men’s bathrooms and biological women should use women’s bathrooms.

Thus the LGBT Lobby’s proposed solution of forcing legislation to allow anyone to choose whatever public bathroom they wish to use is not a solution; it is a problem. The result of this problem is more problems: we’re seeing more and more evidence of perverts exploiting this loophole that allows them easy access to women and children at their most vulnerable state.

I also must reiterate the obvious fact that proponents of this madness routinely ignore: “transgenderism” is a mental issue that does not correspond to reality. This means it cannot possibly be compared to race, which does indeed correspond to reality. Race is immutable.

A person cannot claim to be white today, black tomorrow, and Chinese the day after that and expect the laws of logic to shift and manifest those claims in actual reality. Nobody can decide what race they will be at birth, nor can anyone change their race after birth (sorry Rachel Doezal and Shaun King).

Race is not a feeling. It is not the product of desire. It is actual, biological, and factual. In the same way, gender (one’s sex) is immutable. Nobody can decide what biological sex they will be at birth. Nor can anyone change their gender after birth. And no, sex is not “assigned” at birth—as transgender activists and DNA-deniers claim. It just is. You are either a boy or a girl from Day One.

Because gender corresponds with the reality of biological sex, gender is not a feeling; it is not the product of a desire. It is actual, biological, and factual. This means that “gender fluidity” is a false concept. It is impossible for a man to become a woman and for a woman to become a man regardless of how they feel, how many opposite-sex hormones they inject, or what destructive surgeries they put their bodies through.

This is not “anti-trans,” or intolerant, or bigoted; this is the truth. When we stop pretending that men are women and women are men just because they feel that way, and we face the fact that gender identity disorder is a mental disorder that can be treated and corrected, we can begin to make real, positive changes in the lives of those who are in desperate need of help.

Ultimately this is a common sense issue that somehow seems confusing to a great many people, but ladies and gentlemen: do not be deceived. Facts actually do exist, there is such a thing as truth, and both really do matter. Reality is not based on feelings or desires, but on truth.

Now more than ever we must remain grounded in reality because as each day passes more and more people are being swept away by false ideologies hiding behind a mask of “love” and “equality.” While immoralists continue to embrace, promote, and defend evil as though it is good, and attack good as though it is evil (Isaiah 5:20), we cannot stand idly by and watch the fabric of our society continue to deteriorate into moral oblivion.

We must stand strong on the foundation of morality, speak the truth, and not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21). In summation, here is a list of facts to that end:

  • There are men and there are women. “Progressives” claim there are 58 “gender identities” and counting. However, every “gender identity” beyond man and woman is just made up; they don’t actually exist.
  • Men’s bathrooms were designed for men, which is why they have urinals.
  • Women’s bathrooms were designed for women, which is why they don’t have urinals.
  • Men don’t belong in women’s bathrooms nor do women belong in men’s bathrooms; to suggest otherwise is a violation of common sense.
  • It is immoral to discriminate against anyone, thus it is a contradiction to oppose “discrimination” against “transgenders” while supporting discrimination against women and children by violating their rights to safety and privacy.
  • It is not discrimination, nor “anti-LGBT,” nor “anti-trans,” to say that men don’t belong in women’s bathrooms.
  • Allowing men to choose which bathroom they want to use violates the privacy and safety of women and children and makes it easier for sexual deviants to commit crimes against them.
  • Sexual deviants have already have exploited this loophole, or at least invaded women’s restrooms.
  • It is immoral to sacrifice the privacy and safety of women and children for the sake of feelings and political correctness.
  • Illogical attempts to shift the argument with comments such as, “I bet there’s plenty of pedophiles and perverts in churches too!” don’t justify supporting and/or ignoring that “gender identity nondiscrimination” laws put women and children at risk.
  • Most people who oppose laws such as HB2 haven’t even read it nor do they understand it.
  • Most people who oppose HB2 don’t realize it was not a preemptive strike but a response to legislation passed in Charlotte allowing “transgenders” to choose whatever bathroom they want to use.
People worldwide have been horrified by the story of Paul Wolscht--who left his wife and seven children to pursue his "transgender" identity as a "six-year-old girl," his twisted alter ego: "Stefonknee."

Trans-Insanity: People worldwide have been horrified by the story of Paul Wolscht–who left his wife and seven children to pursue his “transgender” identity as a “six-year-old girl,” his twisted alter ego: “Stefonknee.” See this video and story.

  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to change one’s gender: genetics cannot be overwritten by destructive surgeries and/or hormone treatments.
  • Bruce (“Caitlyn”) Jenner is still a man.
  • Paul Wolscht, the man who left his wife and seven kids to “live as a 6-year-old girl,” is still a man.
  • Nano, the woman who believes she’s a cat born in a woman’s body and “lives as a cat,” is still a woman.
  • Richard Hernandez, the man who decided to “become a woman” and then “become a dragon” (yes you read correctly), is still a man.
  • Gender identity disorder (aka “transgenderism”) is a serious mental condition that distorts reality and has a number of detrimental side effects including suicide.
  • The key to correcting this disorder is not pretending the fantasy is real, but by loving these people enough to help them get the treatment they need to be healthy.
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