Sciambra Blasts San Jose Catholic Diocese for Telling Priests to Tell Homosexuals They Are Born that Way

Church asserts “individuals do not choose and cannot change their sexual orientation”


Folks, in some future conservative analysis, I believe it will be found that one of the greatest media and academic scams ever perpetrated on the gullible public was the “reporting” on alleged “scientific studies” purporting to prove that people are “born gay.” As we learned from Alfred Kinsey [see one of his horrific pedophile data-tables HERE], science is easily politicized because–bottom line–we humans are fallen and we try to rationalize our sin. (Kinsey struggled with perverse desires from his youth, as his biographer James Jones revealed.)

The quest for the “gay gene” has been stubbornly persistent–even after the theory fell out of favor–because so many people are so desperate to remove the “moral” element from the homosexual equation. If people are “born that way,” the thinking goes, then they are off the hook for their same-sex behavior. They are innocent and they must be accommodated by society and the law (as an oppressed minority). Note the word choice of the wayward church body in question:

 “individuals do not choose and cannot change their sexual orientation”

We could write many books on the implication of that devious, exculpatory, leftist construct, “orientation” (which seems to be reserved for deviant sexual inclinations). But let’s face it: many millions of Americans think this way about their loved ones, friends and co-workers caught up in homosexual sin. And they won’t change their minds regardless of the demise of “gay gene” theories–because it matches our postmodern (post-Judeo-Christian) zeitgeist that puts feelings above reason and has little use for inconvenient biblical truths. For more on this, see this excellent 2001 essay by Dr. John Finnis, “What the Church Teaches about Homosexual Inclinations.”

Unfortunately for LGBT ideologues and their straight, liberal allies, including the Catholic Diocese of San Jose, the theory of genetic homosexuality is in big trouble. That is best explained in the ongoing research of New Zealander Dr. Neil Whitehead (PhD, biochemistry), author of My Genes Made Me Do It [ordering info here; a free PDF copy is available].

Below are excerpts from an important blog post by Catholic ex-“gay” Joseph Sciambra, whom I cannot wait to meet and interview for his insights, as he spent much of his life as a promiscuous homosexual. Sciambra is the author of the book, Swallowed by Satan: How the Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me From Pornography, Homosexuality and the Occult, which I confess that I have purchased but not yet read (it’s on my “To Read” list). I suggest you buy this book and read it!

Note the comments below from: 1) the late homosexual psychiatrist Dr. Richard Isay, pointing to environmental factors as contributing to homosexuality; and 2) the sneaky and biased professor J. Michael Bailey, who, while throwing water on simplistic genetic explanations, manages to take a shot at “homophobia” (a very political term used to smear pro-family Christians and moralists) by lopping it in with thievery and genocide! How’s that for scientific objectivity? — @Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH


Sciambra writes (bold emphasis and web links added by AFTAH):

Archdiocese of San Jose instructs priests – tell Catholics they are born gay!

In the official “guidelines” from the Archdiocese of San Jose, California, with regards to “pastoral” considerations when counseling someone with same-sex attraction, priests are instructed to inform the person that they were born gay. According to the document, “Diocese of San Jose Guidelines for The Catholic LGBT Ministry Council,” Catholics priests within the Archdiocese should:

“not presume any particular social or psychological analysis of sexuality in our society, except for a generally accepted premise that individuals do not choose and cannot change their sexual orientation but must understand it and integrate it into their life of faith and conscience.”

First of all, the Archdiocese tells priests “not presume any particular social or psychological analysis of sexuality,” then, in the same sentence, they instruct priests to make the greatest presumption of all – by accepting the “born gay” theory; for there is no scientific evidence which conclusively establishes that homosexuals are born with same-sex attraction. …

In his essay “Biological Perspectives on Sexual orientation, American psychologist and professor at Northwestern University, J. Michael Bailey wrote:

“…the rational link between the position that homosexuality is biologically determined and a sympathetic view of homosexuality is much more tenuous than commonly assumed. This is because all behavior is biologically determined, in one fundamental sense. Thus if homosexuality (or heterosexuality) is excused on the grounds that it is biologically determined, all behavior, must be excused including behavior that should not be excused, such as dishonestly, theft, homophobia, or even genocide.”   

… In the meantime, other psychological and sociological causes for homosexuality have been neglected as inherently homophobic. Nevertheless, even Richard Isay, a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and gay-rights advocate, whom “The New York Times” gave this headline to his obituary: “Dr. Richard Isay, Who Fought Illness Tag for Gays,” had to admit that:

“The majority of gay men, unlike heterosexual men who come for treatment, report that their fathers were distant during their childhood and that they lacked any attachment to them. Reports vary from ‘my father was never around, he was too busy with his job,’ to ‘he was victimized by my mother, who was always the boss in the family,’ to that of the abusive, unapproachable father.” [1]

As for the issue of change in sexual orientation, Courage founder Fr. John Harvey, in his landmark book The Homosexual Person, made the definitive Catholic statement:

“Since in more recent years there is more evidence that persons can change their sexual orientation…it seems that the spiritual counselor or confessor should at least keep his mind open to the possibility that the person, particularly the young person, can change sexual orientation and that counselors should encourage homosexual persons to look into the possibility of changing from a homosexual to a heterosexual orientation.”

Lastly, in the very colorful “official” brochure for the “Catholic LGBT Ministry Council” of the Archdiocese of San Jose – there is not one single word about chastity….  [read Sciambra’s full article here]


[1] *Taken from Isay’s 2009 book, Being Homosexual: Gay Men and Their Development


What’s Missing? Love without Truth is not true, Christian love. Note that there is nothing in this Diocese of San Jose “Catholic LGBT Ministry Council” flier that gives the prohibitive Catholic teaching against homosexual behavior as “intrinsically disordered” and evil.  Nor is there a word about chastity, notes ex-“gay” Catholic Joseph Scambia, author of “Swallowed By Satan.” For more on this, see this excellent 2001 essay by Dr. John Finnis, “What the Church Teaches about Homosexual Inclinations.”

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