Dismantling the ‘Pro-Gay’ Belief Structure Piece by Piece – Sharon Kass

Homosexualism is not "equal" to natural heterosexuality in marriage.

Not Equal: Homosexualism is not “equal” to natural heterosexuality in marriage. This is an online ad for a Chicago “gay” bathhouse, Steamworks, that facilitates anonymous sodomies between men. Note that it targets college boys on Spring break. See 2015 AFTAH article HERE. Steamworks and other bathhouses catering to “gay” male mega-promiscuity operate in big cities across North America and Europe. Click on graphic to enlarge.

By Sharon Kass, September 21, 2016

Belief in the normality and even the goodness of homosexuality and “transgender”-ism is not only false but absurd.  Yet many people, both self-considered “sophisticates” and others, now embrace this belief.  Those who know the real facts need not only effort but method in order to persuade our fellow citizens.

Some thoughts:

    • People vary in their innate thinking tendencies.  Drawing on the Myers-Briggs personality typology, one finds these differences:  concrete fact versus abstract thought, sentiment versus logic, one-right-answer versus multiple-valuable-answers.  Different people must be appealed to in different ways.
    • Many people currently understand that a single dramatic event can cause emotional trauma and distortions in thoughts, feeling, and behavior, but not so many grasp the fact that sustained emotional neglect by important figures, especially in early childhood, can bring about the same things.  Thus, basic information on psychodynamic developmental psychology must be presented.

  • To a large proportion of Americans today, association of what “pro-gay” academics call heterocentrism with religion makes the former less appealing rather than more so.  The “Adam and Eve” argument is one that evokes a hostile reaction based on the view that “religion is irrational, science is rational” and that “religion is old (and bad), science is new (and good).”  Therefore, our approach must make reference to religion supplemental rather than central.
  • The idea of absolute sexual equality in law and in life is compelling for many.  Though it is patently absurd, people with this idea tell themselves that the only alternative to it is a return to polarized sex roles.  We must establish that there is a sensible middle ground where justice may be found and on which public policy must rest.  Women college students in “nontraditional” fields–future thought leaders–need particularly careful handling.

To be continued…


Sharon Kass is a writer, editor, and activist based in Washington, D.C. She has been doing ex-“gay” activism since 1993.  She may be reached at infoSRI@juno.com.

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