Linda Harvey on David Hall: Workers and Soldiers: Rebel Against ‘Diversity’ Training


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Workers and Soldiers: Rebel Against ‘Diversity’ Training

By Linda Harvey, Sept. 28, 2016

David Hall is a hero for standing up and saying “no” to the lies and depravity wrapped up in on-the-job homosexual “diversity” training. He may lose his federal government job in Illinois, although based on what federal law would be anyone’s guess.

There is no U.S. statute that defines homosexuality and gender confusion as “civil rights.” The Social Security Administration, where Hall works, will be inventing a reason for his dismissal if they make that decision.

Hall believes the word of God, that homosexuality and gender rebellion are offenses in the sight of the Lord. “I’m not going to certify sin,” he told WCIA-TV. He also urged others to do the same.

He told the local newspaper in Champaign, Illinois:

“This is something I want to fight and expose, to give other Christians the courage of their convictions. I can’t tell you how many I’ve worked with that have told me, ‘Dave, we agree with you 100 percent. I wish I had the courage to do that.’ But they’re scared. … Their fears are being realized through me.”

Taking such a stand is a huge risk – financially, occupationally, personally – but it’s a risk more Americans need to take where they can. Our enlisted men and women in the military are facing the same daunting choice: condone deviance, or suffer the professional consequences.

The Navy has announced plans to require sailors to attend “training” to accept men who want to dress as women and vice versa. This would be, in a word, illegal.

No such law instituting gender rebellion has passed Congress. But the Navy believes military personnel should “… treat each other with dignity and respect,” a spokesman said.

And this is the best way to accomplish that goal? Wouldn’t respecting people in their true, biological states be more appropriate than how some are unrealistically costumed?

It would be helpful if Congress would rein in this lawless Obama administration. Can our senators and congressional representatives grow some backbones, please? Where are these Republicans while tyranny is rolled out in edict after edict from Obama? He encounters little resistance as he pushes his extreme agenda as far as lawmaking officials will let him – into the military, across our sovereign borders, into the nation’s schools.

Americans from coast to coast are fed up with homosexual and transgender foolishness and are wrestling with their consciences. Teachers, office staff, factory workers, nurses, hospitality staff, first responders, bus drivers, etc. are furious at the illegitimate priority being given to deviant, unnatural behaviors. They ask themselves, “How can I serve God yet sit placidly by as depravity is elevated to a place of honor?”

Christians and conservatives are counted among all these professions, people who shake their heads over allegedly “mandatory” videos and seminars (aka indoctrination sessions) that make a fruitless attempt to normalize “LGBTQ” behavior and coerce employees to show “respect” for conduct that is clearly disordered.

And some of their fellow employees who have weak principles or little accurate information decide to cooperate and nod compliantly. But others will rightly fume, knowing this agenda is the avowed enemy of authentic Christian faith and is destroying our culture by spinning lies, silencing dissenters, misleading children and shredding our Constitution.

So why not do what you’ve been considering? I know it’s not an easy decision – and I do not suggest this lightly – but surely some of you are already feeling called to godly rebellion, already wrestling with the possibility of following David Hall’s example and saying a great big “No!”

You deserve support if you go down this road. Say “no” to seminars teaching one laughable, sexually depraved lie after another. Say “no” to honoring “pride” events. Say “no” to signing pledges of cooperation with company “non-discrimination” policies (that actually discriminate against people of faith). Say “no” to teaching children that same-sex couples are equivalent to male/female marriages.

Tell your employers that homosexuality and gender confusion are not federal civil rights. They are behaviors that offend your principles and as such, you refuse to respect them.

Despite the absence of federal law, some states have laws, unfortunately, naming these deviant behaviors as part of “non-discrimination” policy. If you live in such states, you still have a choice, however.

We still have religious freedom guaranteed through the First Amendment in spite of how the left is salivating to eliminate it.

In fact, Americans always have a choice, and it’s time some people exercised their options to say no to this wickedness and perversion. Aren’t you tired of the incessant kissing-up to this depravity?

If you work in education, say no to supporting all the fall school events that corrupt schoolchildren, like this week’s student corruption event, “Ally Week.” There’s also “National Coming Out Day” on Oct. 11; “Transgender Day of Remembrance” on Nov. 20; and so on. Homosexual activist groups have built their followings on such phony events that paint everyone involved in these chosen behaviors as victims. Although it’s always exaggerated, some have been victimized, but that sad reality still could never legitimize this conduct.

So is it time for workplace disobedience? Yes, perhaps, if your employers are asking you to do the unthinkable: defy Almighty God and say yes to grave, unrepentant sin.

To call evil good, and good evil.

To proclaim this depravity as appropriate for children and grandchildren.

It’s a big decision. But many American believers are already making up their minds.

And U.S. employers and the American military may have a big shock in store.

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