‘Frozen’ and Hollywood LGBTQ Propaganda – They Just Can’t ‘Let It Go’

Folks, we’re catching up on “AFTAH in the News” items. Here’s a story about the hit animated movie “Frozen” from back in May by Charlie Butts and Billy Davis of AFA’s One News Now–featuring AFTAH commenting on the pro-homosexual/-transgender lobby’s fanatical drive to use Hollywood to normalize their deviancies.

Isn’t it interesting that even though LGBTQ characters are over represented on film and TV relative to the homosexual population, “gay” and now “transgender” activists still play the victim card and demand MORE homosexual and gender-confused characters!

We must resist LGBT pressure campaigns like this and stop merely “taking it” from the aggressive Left, because due to ubiquitous pro-“queer” (their word) propaganda, impressionable kids are more confused about sex and gender than ever. – – Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH.org


LGBT Activists Just Can’t ‘Let It Go’

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Charlie Butts, Billy Davis (OneNewsNow.com)

Elsa and "Frozen"“He’s craaazy,” Olaf the Snowman declared in the Disney’s hit film Frozen.

Olaf could have been talking about homosexual activists instead of an iceman talking to rocks.

“It’s about time that parents start doing something to combat this,” pro-family advocate Peter LaBarbera says of the social media push to involve homosexuality in a Frozen sequel.

LaBarbera is responding to the effort that began May 2, when a Twitter campaign took off with the hash tag “#GiveElsaAGirlfriend.”

LaBarbera, Peter “Elsa” is the lead character inFrozen, which became another Disney hit in 2013 and earned more than one billion dollars at the box office. A sequel is being planned, Disney announced in March.

“We cannot keep rewarding Hollywood,” LaBarbera says, “when they’re pushing homosexuality, and sexual and gender deviance, on the kids.”

Breitbart.com reported on the Twitter campaign, where supporters of the effort wrote opinions such as “…it’s time to teach children of all genders that homosexuality is just as normal and valid.”

Some conservatives saw homosexual themes in Frozen, and were mocked for their views, yet Elsa’s hidden secret and the film’s hit song “Let it Go” were also seized by homosexual activists as possible metaphors.

Parents are often “clueless” at the homosexual influences on their children, LaBarbera says.

“And the LGBT activists will use any vehicle they can to indoctrinate children,” he says, “and this just shows what they’re all about.”

OneNewsNow has reported on the barrage of homosexual propaganda, ranging from indoctrinating school children with a “Genderbread Person” to celebrating the lifestyle with a bag of Doritos tortilla chips.

OneNewsNow reported last year that Wal-Mart is selling the “My Pride” Star of David, the revered Jewish symbol with the “rainbow flag.”

The Washington Times noticed this week that Captain America drew the ire of a Vanity Fair writer for his “heterosexual virility” in the blockbuster “Captain America: Civil War.”

Apparently the Marvel Studios-Disney film left no doubt that Captain America and his friend, “Bucky” Barnes, prefer women over men.

“If Disney isn’t inclined to give audiences a gay superhero,” writer Joanna Robinson wrote, “couldn’t they have at least left us the dream of Bucky and Cap?”

Responding to Frozen and the social media push, parents must begin speaking up or it’s only going to get worse, LaBarbera says.


One News Now reader poll:

Q: Why are many parents ignorant about the Left’s ongoing attempt to indoctrinate their children? (Poll Closed)





 Total Votes: 3,327

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