Guess Which Issue Was NOT Discussed in ANY of the Presidential Debates?

One Week Until Linda Harvey Keynotes AFTAH Banquet Oct. 28


God’s Feminine Beauty Destroyed: Transgender FtM (Female to Male) 20-year-old Alex Matheny shows off her artificially flat chest at right, after she had her healthy breasts surgically destroyed so she could appear like the man she wants to be (but never can be). See her Twitter page HERE.

As bad as the media bias against Trump has been, it is 100 times worse when it comes to decades of one-sided media and Hollywood promotion of All Things “Gay” and “Trans.”
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If just one percent of American men had the courage of Linda Harvey–and her fortitude and determination to serve God even when it gets hard…America truly would become great again.


Dear AFTAH Readers,

Like most of you, I was relieved when the horrifying evil of partial-birth abortion was discussed in last night’s final presidential debate. But guess which issue was not discussed (again)–in fact, in all three debates? The Homosexual/Transgender revolution and how it is crushing religious freedom and endangering our youth.

The Left’s fanatical LGBTQ political correctness is now so far advanced that elites are encouraging young people to destroy their bodies in pursuit of a disordered fantasy. Young “transgender” women like Alex Matheny–pictured above–are having their healthy breasts surgically destroyed to look like “men.” Not an election issue?

Are you as horrified at this as I am?! Remember: THIS is LGBTQ liberalism.

Think about all the issues the media (and Republicans) have ignored or downplayed this election cycle:

Our religious liberty to live by our Christian faith (or Jewish or other religious beliefs that share our morality) is dying through the Left-dominated courts. Are “gay rights” now superior to our First Amendment liberties? Barely an election issue?

The United States Armed Forces under LGBT “Panderer-in-Chief” Obama now allows transsexuals to serve openly–meaning that you and I will be paying for their grotesque, body-mutilating surgeries, in military (including V.A.) hospitals. Not worthy of debating?

Our children are being indoctrinated to celebrate sexual and gender deviance in public schools (and also many private schools). Have you seen any candidate discuss this–during the primary or general election? Of course not, because the media (and even many Republican elites) have decided that morality is an obsolete issue.

Talk about a “rigged” presidential election! As I recently tweeted, as bad as the media bias against Trump has been, it is 100 times worse when it comes to decades of media and Hollywood promotion of All Things “Gay” and “Trans.” So it’s up to you and me to defy the ‘Gay’ Thought Police and and ‘Transgender’ Tyrants and disseminate Truth and real facts wherever and wherever we can!

Linda Harvey of Mission America.

Linda Harvey of Mission America.

That’s why I’m so excited about our AFTAH banquet speaker, Linda Harvey. Linda is one of a tiny group of people in the entire world who warned us prophetically about the grave dangers to our children posed by the homosexual-bisexual-transgender-pansexual movement. As a 25-year veteran of the Culture Wars, I can attest to this: Linda saw where this all was headed–even before most pro-family leaders. And she has worked tirelessly to alert parents and educate students about the threat of no-boundaries, anti-God “sexuality.”

“Gay” Hate: In the last few months, I have received some awful emails from “gay” militants spewing the most ridiculous and wicked lies and hate about Linda that you could imagine. She has faced the same, hateful LGBTQ attacks in person. But Linda is never deterred and always conducts herself with poise, humility and grace–because she, like AFTAH–takes seriously our biblical mandate to ‘Speak the Truth, in the Love of Christ.’

If just one percent of American men had the courage of Linda Harvey–and her fortitude and determination to serve God even when it gets hard, or when people call you a bigot, or a homophobe, or “judgmental,” etc.–America truly would become great again–and I’m not talking secular “great”!

So it will be my great joy to honor Linda as an American Truth Teller on Friday, Oct. 28 at Pastor John Kirkwood’s Grace Gospel Fellowship church in Bensenville, IL — [click HERE for full info] –and I want you to be there with me! Give to AFTAH HERE. Plus, you get the benefit of learning from one of the most knowledgeable pro-family experts on homosexualism and transsexualism in the entire world.

Please make an effort to come to our banquet [full info HERE], and if you cannot be there, make a donation to help AFTAH continue our important work! May God bless you richly.


Peter LaBarbera

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH)


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Should this Boy Be Wearing a Dress?! Of Course Not


Start ’em out young: In 2013, Slate magazine reported favorably on a “Boys’ Camp to Redefine Gender.” This photo by Lindsay Morris is from that article.

Help AFTAH Refute the ‘Gay/Transgender’ Lobby’s Evil Lies with Your Gift!

Big Gay and Big Trans Inc are more aggressive and vindictive than EVER before. They viciously compare faithful Christians and moral-minded Americans to the KKK and vile racists. And the media rarely call them out on such evil lies. [See Peter LaBarbera’s Special AIM Report HERE.] Steeped in “pride,” homosexual militants aim to eliminate all dissent to their radical, destructive agendas in the Public Square. They pose the gravest threat to our cherished freedom of speech and our liberty to live out our faith publicly, before God.

AFTAH-Donate-ButtonThat is why AFTAH’s work is more important than ever. Nothing that homo-fascists come up with will ever intimidate us from our mission of upholding God’s Truth about homosexualism and transsexualism–in the love of Jesus Christ. Please give today to AFTAH!! Make a donation safely online HERE or send your check to:

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