Diversity? Pro-LGBTQ Bias at Metea Valley High School in Aurora, Illinois Exposed – Linda Harvey

Schools offer one-sided, pro-LGBTQ propaganda to celebrate homosexuality and “transgenderism,” and call that “diversity”


One-Sided “Diversity”? Metea Valley High School in Aurora, IL, recently joined with the activist group GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) to promote “GLSEN Ally Week,” in its school library. This is a photo from the library exhibit, which featured a bunch of pro-homosexual/pro-transgender books recommended by GLSEN. Schools like Metea talk a lot about “diversity” and “inclusion,” but they rarely allow opposing viewpoints on LGBTQ issues. This lack of balance dishonors and does a disservice to students. Photo: Americans For Truth.

Dear AFTAH Readers,

I’m so proud of my son, John, for exposing the radical LGBTQ agenda at his high school, Metea Valley High School, in Aurora, Illinois [see below]. One-way “diversity and inclusion” of the sort Linda Harvey describes below is educational malpractice; it denies students basic facts–like the existence of ex-“gays”–and fuels the Left’s spurious narrative that opposing homosexualism and transgenderism = “hate” and “bigotry.”

I will have more on this situation in future posts, but for now suffice it to say that I now realize based on my experience with our children in public schools that very few parents have a even a clue about how ubiquitous political correctness is there. Naturally, I’m very attuned to it but even I can barely keep up with just the sexual and gender propaganda at one school, Metea Valley HS (which has many good qualities and fine teachers, and earned a “silver medal” in U.S. News’ rankings of “Best High Schools”). There is almost zero balance on the moral issue of homosexuality, and now transgendered “identities” are all the rage. Of course, it is intimidating for busy parents–much less students–to confront educational authorities about rampant bias.

Linda Harvey

Linda Harvey is the keynote speaker at the AFTAH dinner-banquet Friday, Oct. 28. More info HERE.

AFTAH Banquet Friday, Oct. 28: This is why I am so grateful and honored to have my good friend, WND columnist, and Mission America founder Linda speak at our annual AFTAH dinner-banquet, in just nine days (Oct. 28). Linda cares so much about combating school misinformation that over the years she has actually taken the time to read some of the recommended pro-homosexual books,. You will be shocked at what she finds (although Culture War veterans shouldn’t be). Full details of the banquet Friday, October 28 at Grace Gospel Fellowship Church, in Bensenville, Illinois (northwest of Chicago) can be found HERE; please invite others to come (tickets are just $25 per person).

One thing is clear: it is up to US–you and me–to provide the balance, real “inclusion” and genuine “diversity” on these matters–because the educational establishment is as committed to the ever-metastasizing LGBTQueer Revolution as the media. — Peter LaBarbera. AFTAH.org; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera



Free Speech Denied at School (Unless It’s Porn)


One-Sided LGBTQ Book List: This bookmark containing a list of pro-homosexual/pro-transgender books was passed out at the Metea Valley High School “Ally Week” table. Click to enlarge.

By Linda Harvey, first published by WND.com, Oct. 18, 2016
Democrats pretend to be shocked, shocked at the potty mouth of Donald Trump.

But if Trump’s words were put in the mouth of a teen fiction character, the book would be celebrated as “bold” and “coming-of-age” by the American Library Association and lauded with numerous awards.

Especially if the book also featured openly homosexual adolescents.

Free speech is permitted, even promoted in some of today’s schools if it appears in the form of printed obscenity. But viewpoint exchanges by students? Think again.

At Metea Valley High School in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Ill., administration officials came down sharply on one male student’s discussions with student members of the school’s “gay-straight alliance” because he dared to reveal the risks of homosexuality and the threat to religious freedom posed by Supreme Court-imposed homosexual “marriage.”

John, this courageous young Christian, approached the lunch-period recruiting table for the school’s “gay-straight alliance” and began a respectful dialogue that one of the GSA students claimed became heated. After a few GSA members accused John of yelling and being a “bully,” one honest GSA student – questioned by the junior class dean – verified John’s version: that he remained civil and was never aggressive or offensive.

But the same school dean “warned” John about engaging these students in the future – as in, exercising his constitutional rights. Welcome to today’s climate in way too many schools: rigid, limited and depressingly unenlightened.

Yet little is limited in the arena of sexuality. A recent display in this same school’s library promoted “Ally Week,” encouraging securely heterosexual students to endorse peer homosexual behavior. The display offered students “Rainbow Resources,” including a printed bookmark listing titles openly advocating homosexual and gender-bending behaviors, books like “Rethinking Normal: A Memoir in Transition” and “Two Boys Kissing,” a book featuring a photo on the cover of … two boys kissing.

It gets worse. Between the covers of this book are numerous explicit hard sex passages. Forget “romance.” This is a homosexual cruising tutorial for young teens.

Explicit sexual passages, vulgar language, rebellious attitudes toward parents, episodes of masturbation, disrespect for Christian faith, underage alcohol use, teens using false IDs, visiting porn shops – all detailed and normalized in the novels chosen for this radical display.

Also featured was the “Top 250 LGBTQ Books for Teens,” published by the American Library Association, which approves virtually any sexual content as “age-appropriate” for minors.

The table also offered a poster explaining the alleged differences among the terms “gender identity,” “gender expression,” “sex” and “sexual orientation.”

Can I have “Categories of Homosexual Propaganda” for $500, Alex?

The school invited one author to speak to English classes in October. Maggie Thrash, author of “Honor Girl” and other books, reportedly spent most of her time describing how she became a lesbian at an all-girls summer camp at age 15. Her “girlfriend” was a 19-year-old counselor named Erin.

Wait … isn’t there some law about sexual corruption of minors? Apparently, we aren’t supposed to worry about adults advocating and glamorizing such relationships.

So with all this “support” for the hazardous path they may be taking, the MVHS “gay-straight alliance” students were probably stunned to hear a fact-filled viewpoint from brave student John. His father is very concerned about the selective discipline and speech restrictions imposed on his son, who has been told not to interact with these students again.

But meanwhile, any student can check out books like “Getting It,” about a boy’s desire to lose his virginity with his dream girl. So he consults with a “gay” student acquaintance, who agrees to give his straight friend a makeover in exchange for supporting a homosexual club at school.

Just another day at the school library, where the librarians are probably tsk, tsking over lunch about Donald Trump’s locker-room talk.

This school observes several events concocted by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, like the previously mentioned “Ally Week” and the April “Day of Silence,” venues showcasing false claims that people with same-sex attractions are “born that way” and that there’s little relative risk in homosexual/ transgendered behaviors.

Impressionable students are also led to believe conservatives “hate” homosexuals and their warnings or revelations about ex-homosexuals should be ignored or suppressed.

Consider this statement from the school’s homosexual club supervisor, Kim Marion, in a school publication revealing the extent of school-wide propaganda accompanying the spring “Day of Silence.”

“I’m not sure if Metea did the Day of Silence before I came here, but ever since I became the supervisor we have had three. Each year it has grown, and now it has multiple days of activities that build community … an open mic, a panel discussion on issues, the day of silence during the school day, and the night of noise which is a party that symbolizes those who refuse to stay silenced.”

Such school-wide promotion makes a clear statement to students and staff: “There is only one acceptable viewpoint here: that high-risk homosexual and gender-switching behaviors are wonderful, and questioning them is ‘hate.’ Critique of this conduct is not allowed.”

But novels that are peppered with the “s” word, the “f” word and profanity against God are fine. A tale that describes a boy character’s after-school habit of masturbation (using slang terms) is worthy and defensible (“Will Grayson, Will Grayson”).

One Metea student authored the article lauding the “Day of Silence” because “… you are making a statement that says you openly accept your peers for who they are. You are helping create an atmosphere where all students can feel secure and comfortable in their own skin, and in their school.”

Really? Accepting peers for “who they are”? Is this how Christians feel, if they dare to share the truth about homosexuality and the clear, loving and noble sexual standards revealed through Christian doctrine?

Is this how student John and others who object to homosexuality feel – accepted?

Very unlikely.

These books are typical of “LGBTQ” fiction routinely shoved at middle and high schoolers now. It’s a corruption strategy parents need to vigorously oppose.


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