MUST READ New Book: ‘Health Hazards of Homosexuality: What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals’


Not “Equal,” Not Even Close: LGBTQ activists are loathe to discuss and debate the manifold disproportionate health risks associated with their unnatural lifestyles. Order this new book by our friends at MassResistance through Amazon HERE.

Special Book Offer: Despite the ubiquitous media and LGBTQ propaganda, homosexuality is NOT a normal variant of human sexual behavior. To help you prove that obvious point to others, we are offering the thoroughly-documented, 600-page Mass Resistance book, “Health Hazards of Homosexuality,” which we are making available through AFTAH for $20 postpaid. Order it online here with your gift of at least $20 [note book order in the Comments box], or send your check to: AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522, noting the book order. “Progressives” despise this book, and you’ll know why when you get a copy!


Folks, homosexual health risks are the elephant in the “gay” living room that is often denied by anti-science “gay” activists, and rarely gets the attention it deserves from squeamish conservatives and Christians. I know and trust the author of this MassResistance book, and that person has excellent research skills. The book has 1,800 endnotes–including some citing articles by AFTAH and this writer–so it is loaded with “inconvenient truths” and uncomfortable realities about LGBTQ behaviors and lifestyles that Big Gay Inc and their media lackeys do not want you to know.

I just bought my copy of “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality off Amazon (available only in Kindle e-book format). Go HERE to buy yours today. Stay tuned for much more on this terrific resource. –Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; @PeterLaBarbera


Below is the author’s description of the book on Amazon:

“Health Hazards of Homosexuality” brings together in one resource up-to-date information on the serious physical and mental health issues experienced by gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. This e-book includes 1,800 endnotes with live links to sources including the CDC, medical and mental health professional associations, medical research, GLB advocacy groups and websites, and the mainstream media. Numerous documentary color photos enliven the text.

The book looks at reasons for the higher levels of pathology (in both physical and mental health) experienced by these sexual minority groups, including life experiences, lifestyle choices, and risky sexual practices.

The book begins with discussion of the social and institutional context, summarizes estimates of the GLB population, and dismantles the “born that way” myth. Several chapters look at the higher incidence of mental health disorders exhibited by many in the GLB community, including depression, anxiety, suicidality, substance use, partner abuse, and BDSM practices. [BDSM is a sadomasochism acronym that stands for–according to its aficionados–“Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism.” No wonder they’re now calling it “Kink” for media and cultural mainstreaming purposes.–AFTAH]

The general public has not been told the whole truth about sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS) and other illness following from the behaviors associated with GLB sexual orientations. Gays and bisexual men, in particular, are most vulnerable and are driving recent increases in STD incidence. Our nation’s youth, male and female, are suffering from the fallout and are experiencing startling increases in STDs.

After decades of misleading information (that homosexual sex can be practiced safely), there is a re-emergent epidemic of HIV/AIDS among gays and bisexual men, with the CDC now predicting their 1-in-11 chance of an HIV diagnosis within their lifetime (and a 1-in-2 chance for African-American gays and bisexual men). The rise in unsafe gay sex is linked to greater public acceptance of homosexuality, Internet hookups, “safer-sex fatigue,” HIV/AIDS “treatment optimism,” along with public health half-measures. The lengthy chapter on HIV summarizes the course of the disease, treatment difficulties and failure, and reduced life expectancy (even with treatment).

The book includes hard-to-find information on bisexual and lesbian health issues. Bisexuals have the highest levels of pathologies (among GLB or heterosexual identity groups), and are greatly contributing to the STD epidemic. Lesbian sexuality has its own disease risks (rarely discussed), often compounded by sexual contact with males. The increase in risky heterosexual anal sex is documented as an emerging public health problem (and is linked to the acceptance of homosexual sexuality). A brief chapter on transgender mental and physical health issues is included.
The Health Hazards of Homosexuality looks critically at the medical establishment’s approach to this public health crisis. Certain practices simply cannot be done safely. Silencing that fact has resulted in immense suffering for the disease victims, their family, and friends – all of which is totally avoidable.

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