VIDEO: AT&T ‘Just OK Is Not OK’ Babysitter Commercial Promotes Homosexual Parenting

“Just OK” for a child not to have a mommy (by design)? AT&T pushes “gay parenting” in its “Just OK is not OK” ad campaign.

Folks, this AT&T commercial with two homosexual “dads” and their “just OK” babysitter aired frequently during some of the post-Christmas college bowl games. The theme of the ads is, why would you settle for an important service that is “just ok,” as opposed to excellent and trustworthy? Notice the two men going out on a date like normal parents.

Anyone with a pulse who watches TV should have noticed by now that the ad business is engaged in heavy-handed promotion of interracial couples. (It seems as if 90 percent are interracial.) Even for everyday Americans like me who loathe racism and applaud such couples, the campaign is tiresome and condescending. As a friend told me the other day: “It’s as if in TV World, white people don’t marry white people anymore, and black people don’t marry black people.” Irritating overkill from the “diversity” scolds.

Now throw sexual perversion into the mix. Hollywood and Corporate America have been working overtime for years to normalize homosexuality and gender confusion, and it’s only going to get worse. There is a key difference between natural (man-woman), mixed-race marriages and homosexual unions: the former naturally produce beautiful children, while two people of the same sex cannot reproduce (by themselves). One honors God’s created order, the other flouts it and defies our Creator.

Remember, too, that big corporations score points on Human Rights Campaign’s woefully biased “Corporate Equality Index” scorecard for running pro-LGBTQ ads like this. (The HRC scorecard punishes the same companies if they dare to publicly support groups like AFTAH that defend natural marriage.) Surely most Americans are oblivious to this behind-the-scenes manipulation. Play the ad video below: [See more commentary after ad and page jump]

The irony of this ad is that intentionally denying children a mother (or a father) is not just “not OK,” it’s irresponsible, immoral and harmful to innocent kids. So is the modernist LGBTQ-progressive notion of the child’s most important role model (his parents) modeling sexual deviance as the norm in the home. And these fictional fellows are worried about the babysitter?

There is so much corporate pro-homosexual and pro-transgender propaganda these days that it’s hard to keep track of it all. “Gay power” in our declining culture is stronger than ever, but I have to believe that the vast majority of Americans–if they gave it serious thought–still would have the common sense to admit that it’s a bad idea to encourage the formation of homosexual-led households that, by design, deny the affected children either a mom or a dad. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; @PeterLaBarbera

AT&T video description:

When it comes to wireless networks, just OK isn’t OK.
AT&T is America’s best network according to America’s biggest test.*
More for your thing. That’s our thing.

*Claim based on GWS OneScore Sept. 2018. Excludes crowd sourced studies. Limited 5G E availability. May not be available in your area. Learn more at

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