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LISTEN: AFTAH Interview with Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber – Exposing Pedophile Conference

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Matt Barber

This interview with Matt Barber [click HERE to listen] — AFTAH Board Member and Liberty Counsel Director of Cultural Affairs — was pre-recorded and aired August 27, 2011. Barber recently attended (with Dr. Judith Reisman) the “B4U-Act” pro-pedophile conference in Baltimore. He and AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera discuss the proceedings of this shocking event for “Minor-Attracted Persons” (read: pedophiles). Barber says one of the strategies for normalizing pedophilia is to “couch everything in the credibility of science.” He cites as a “natural outgrowth of the homosexual activist movement” Johns Hopkins sexologist Dr. Fred Berlin’s call to declassify pedophilia as a mental disorder. He notes ominously the movement’s goal of classifying pedophilia as a “sexual orientation.”

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8-27-11, Matt Barber

AFTAH Interview with Dr. Judith Reisman – Part Four

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Here is Part Four of our interview [Click HERE to listen] with Dr. Judith Reisman, Visiting Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law. This program aired July 2, 2011 on WYLL-AM Chicago and was pre-recorded. All four parts of AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera’s interview with Reisman’s can be found on the AFTAH Hour Archive Page.  

HOW TO LISTEN: This is an mp3 file, supported in most operating systems by Windows Media Player, Quick Time and/or I-Tunes.  Do not use Real Player.  It is not supported and there may be difficulty when listening with it.  Left click once on the link below to play.  (Please be patient, depending upon the speed of your internet connection it may take a moment or two to load.)  OR right click the link then “save target as” to download the whole show.

7-2-11, Dr. Judith Reisman


Ex-Lesbian Linda Jernigan – Then: ‘Not Really Straight,’ Now: ‘Never Was Gay’

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Linda Jernigan speaking at AFTAH dinner-lecture.

Folks, we had a wonderful event with ex-lesbian Linda Jernigan Friday evening at AFTAH’s offices in Carol Stream, Illinois. We hope to have some YouTube videos of her talk up shortly. My favorite part of her talk is when Linda related how when she was a NEW EX-lesbian, her old homosexual friends told her that this was just a phase she was going through, and that she would soon revert back to lesbianism. Then, after a few more years, when they saw that wasn’t happening, the “gay” activists switched their “spin” to: “Well, Linda, you never really were a lesbian in the first place”! Now, that’s one way to win an argument! The homosexual crowd simply can’t deal with the reality that “gays” can change and leave their homosexuality behind (usually with God’s help). — Peter LaBarbera,

Openly Homosexual CNN Anchor Don Lemon Was Molested as Boy

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Deluded out-and-proud ‘gays’ reject pedophilia as causing their sexual confusion

CNN evening anchor Don Lemon has declared his homosexuality — to the surprise of few who have followed his biased reporting on homosexuality issues — including his direct promotion of the “gay” activist political agenda. (In 2006, as a Chicago newsman for NBC5, Lemon hosted a fundraiser for Equality Illinois, a homosexual lobby group, thus violating the principle of journalistic non-involvement in politics.) In the 2010 CNN video below about the alleged  pederastic activity of Atlanta mega-pastor Bishop Eddie Long [Read DL Foster’s “Gay Christian Movement Watch” post on Bishop Long HERE.], Lemon reveals that he was molested as a boy (about 5:21 in the YouTube video).  What is perplexing is that Lemon, like so many self-styled “gay” men, apparently does not view his molestation as a major causative factor in his homosexual identity and behavior. “People are going to say: ‘Oh, he was molested as a kid and now he is coming out [as homosexual].’ I get it,” Lemon told the New York Times dismissively, in discussing his new book. “Transparent,” in which he reveals his homosexuality. To me, there is no greater proof of the perverse self-deception of homosexuality than to behold how sexually confused adults incorporate their victimization at the hands of pedophiles into their out-and-proud “gay” identity. Which is to say — even before reading his book: “Don, you are not ‘gay,’ but the victim of a homosexual child molester, who corrupted your mind, body and soul — and innocence — at a tender young age!” More on this later. — Peter LaBarbera,

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AFTAH Dinner-Lecture June 17: Ex-Lesbian Linda Jernigan to Speak on ‘What’s Wrong with Gay Pride’

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Come out Friday, June 17, 2011 to hear a wonderful testimony of God’s power to change people!

 NOTE TO AFTAH SUPPORTERS: We’ve been trying to get ex-lesbian Linda Jernigan — a dynamite speaker wth a heart-warming Christian testimony — to AFTAH for a year, and it looks like it is finally going to happen!  This talk was planned for a year ago, but Linda was called away on an emergency, and we never rescheduled it.  We apologize for the (long) delay, but are thrilled that Linda will be with us to speak to one of the modern myths taking hold in America: that homosexuality is inherent and even something to be “proud” of.  If you live in Chicagoland, come out to hear Linda tell her life story; you will not regret coming!

Linda will also speak on a new Illinois project that AFTAH  is supporting: the Illinois Defense of Marriage Initiative (IDMI), which would put a Advisory Referendum on the ballot in 2012 in support of marriage as it really is: betweeen a man and a woman. See or more details. — Peter LaBarbera,
Former lesbian Linda Jernigan (right) presents on “What’s wrong with ‘Gay Pride.” Jernigan, a Christian evangelist (, is now 11 years “out” of the homosexual lifestyle. She will share from her life experiences, which include being seduced into the lesbian lifestyle as a preteen by an older woman who was supposed to be her “mentor.”
  • Who: Linda Jernigan, ex-lesbian, founder of
  • Time: Friday, June 17, 2011 6:00-9:00 PM;
  • Location:Americans For Truth offices at 25W560 Geneva Rd., Carol Stream, IL (just west of the intersection of Gary and Geneva Rds. in Carol Stream). Park in the rear of the building.
  • Details: Casual dinner at 6:00 precedes talk, which begins at 7:00 PM; there will be ample time for Q & A with Linda.  Freewill donations accepted to cover costs of the event.
RSVP: For more information or to RSVP, call 630-717-7631 or e-mail:
Watch Linda speak at our recent pro-traditional-marriage rally in Chicago:
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video 
Listen to Linda’s AFTAH Radio Hour Interview: Jernigan, based in Chicago, was interviewed for the Americans For Truth Hour last year. You can listen to Part One of the interview HERE, and Part Two HERE. All AFTAH interviews are archived on the AFTAH Hour web page.

Breaking: University of Chicago Funds ‘Leather Library’ Exhibit that Promotes Sadomasochism, Pedophilia, and Dangerous Porn to its Students

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Americans For Truth News Release  – ** EXCLUSIVE PHOTO-STORY** 

CONTACT: Peter LaBarbera: 630-717-7631; 

WARNING: Offensive descriptions and photos of materials that should NOT be promoted to college students 

Books on display at "Leather Library" exhibit hosted and sponsored by University of Chicago. Book at center, "Macho Sluts," combines S&M, incest and pedophilia. Other books promote sadistic perversion and public sex. Photos: Peter LaBarbera; click to enlarge.

[First of several reports on U-Chicago’s corruption of students]

TAKE ACTION: Call the University of Chicago at 773-702-1234 and ask for President Robert Zimmer’s Office. [e-mail him at]. Let him know that you are appalled that the Universiity is promoting sexual sadism and deviant pornography — even pedophilia — to its students.  The Chicago Sun-Times reports that U-Chicago could be the first of MANY colleges to host the perverse “Leather Library” exhibit — but it also could be the last if this academic abuse causes the appropriate controversy. So make your voice heard on this today.

Keep this story alive: Lastly, contact Sun-Times reporter Kara Spak at [312-321-3000; press #5 twice] and: 1) thank her for doing the story; 2) tell her that most Americans would be outraged to learn of this academic abuse; and 3) urge her to keep following this shocking story of U-Chicago directly promoting S&M to students in the name of “diversity.”


University of Chicago Promotes Sadomasochism and Pedophilia to Students — in the Name of Diversity 

CHICAGO–The University of Chicago provided nearly $3,200 to a “kink” student group for a traveling sadomasochistic “leather library” exhibit at the University that eroticized pedophilia, incest, and the most deviant pornographic perversions known to mankind. 

Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) sent a reporter yesterday to the exhibit – at the University’s International House – and came back with photos of the shockingly perverse offerings of the “Carter Johnson Leather Library,” including: 

  • The lesbian porn book “Macho Sluts,” by Pat Califia, which includes a story about a mother who engages in sadistic, violent “sex play” with her own 13-year-old daughter;
  • Numerous books celebrating “Master-Slave” relationships;
  • “Gay” male pornographic fiction books with pederastic themes, including one 1975 book, “Small Town Boy,” about a 15-year-old boy who meets up with and is sodomized by an adult businessman visiting from New York City;
  • Photos and posters depicting the twisted violence and “consensual” degradation and cruelty of S&M – including one of a woman caning her ball-and-chained male ”slave.”

The University of Chicago "leather" exhibit featured dozens of homosexual porn fiction books like this one, "Small Town Boy," about a 15-year-old boy who williingly is sodomized by an adult man visiting from New York City.

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Washington Times Hits Kevin Jennings as Obama’s ‘Buggery Czar’

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Mainline conservatives finally catch up in exposing GLSEN’s extremist agenda



In the GLSEN-recommended book "Queer 13," a 13-year-old boy graphically describes sexual "tricking" (prostitution) with adult men.

Folks, as one who has worked for more than 15 years with other pro-family groups to expose the insidious and child-corrupting agenda of Kevin Jennings and GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network), I’m overjoyed that conservatives and right-leaning media are finally helping to expose this organization’s truly radical and evil agenda to millions of outraged Americans.

Here’s one point of clarification, though, for the record: my good friend Linda Harvey of Mission America, a Christian pro-family organization, broke the story about GLSEN’s twisted “Reading Recommendations” way back in 2002, yet few people are citing her work today even as they borrow heavily from it. I stood with Linda as a speaker at a Concerned Women for America conference that year when she began her speech, “I’m here to tell you what I did on my summer vacation.” We chuckled as she began holding up book after GLSEN-recommended book that she had read, while describing–as delicately as possible before a Christian audience–their perverse contents.


Linda Harvey ( spent a whole summer reading perverse books on GLSEN's Recommended Reading list in 2002.

If only the media and mainline conservatives had paid attention and helped expose GLSEN’s dangerous agenda and reading list back when Linda did seven years ago! Turns out the much-maligned “Religious Right” was right after all about the LGBT movement’s sinister agenda to push perversion on children in the name of tolerance. Religious-Right-bashing “conservatives”: take note.

One more point: it is now common for conservatives — especially non-religiously-affiliated media leaders like Sean Hannity (who should be applauded for his yeoman’s work exposing Jennings) — to make the odd disclaimer that the GLSEN/Jennings controversy (or whatever “gay”-related culture-war story they are discussing) “is not about homosexuality.” Baloney. This is all about homosexuality and the “gay” activist agenda whose singular goal is to normalize homosexuality as a “civil right.”

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BREAKING: Obama ‘Safe Schools’ Chief Kevin Jennings Used Pro-Pedophile, pro-NAMBLA Publisher for First Three Books

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Americans For Truth Exclusive; WARNING: Offensive Material

[Editor’s Note: we erroneously first reported that only Kevin Jennings’ first two books were published by Alyson Publications; a third, Telling Tales Out of School, was also published by the pedophilia-positive company.]

age_taboo-pedophilia-apologetics.jpgSoft on NAMBLA? The pro-pedophilia book was published by the same homosexual company, the now-defunct Alyson Publications, that Kevin Jennings used to publish his first two books.

By Peter LaBarbera

President Obama’s “Safe Schools” chief, homosexual activist Kevin Jennings, used a pro-pedophile (and pro-NAMBLA) publishing company, Alyson Publications, to produce his first two books, Americans For Truth has learned.

Jennings is already under fire for praising his hero, early homosexual activist Harry Hay, despite Hay’s longtime,  dedicated support of NAMBLA — the North American Man/Boy Love Association, which advocates for sex between men and boys. (Jennings’ praise of Hay was first reported by AFTAH’s Lambda Report in 1998 based on a GLSEN conference where Jennings spoke the previous year.) Moreover, many have questioned Jennings’ judgment — as a private high school teacher — for failing to report to authorities an apparent seduction by an adult man of one of his sophomore students. In his book, Jennings describes using the situation to confirm the student, Brewster, as “gay.”

These three books by Jennings were published by the now-defunct Alyson Publications:

  • Becoming Visible: A Reader in Gay and Lesbian History for High School and College Students (1994); and
  • One Teacher in Ten: Gay and Lesbian Educators Tell Their Stories (1994)
  • Telling Tales Out of School (2000)

Below is a reproduction of Americans For Truth’s debut press release, issued in 1993, highlighting Alyson’s pro-pederasty connections. This release was the debut edition of “Lambda Report,” a newsletter monitoring the “gay” activist movement that actually preceded AFTAH.

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