Montel Williams Hostile to Ex-“Gay” Alan Chambers of Exodus

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

From Exodus International, published Mar 15, 2007:

Montel Williams reveals his bias and hostility towards former homosexuals on today’s show, Homosexuality . . . Can it be Cured? Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, accepted an invitation to discuss homosexuality and the option of change in the hopes that it would bring a message of hope to a broader audience, but instead, found himself the target of malicious questions, unfair accusations and open hostility.

Former Exodus Board Member, Tom Cole, and his wife Donna, both former homosexuals, were slated to be guests as well, but were thrown off the show for having told Montel Williams that their stories were just as valid as those on the pro-gay side of the argument. Williams became irate, immediately removed them from the panel and had them thrown off the studio premises.

Alan Chambers then found himself the lone voice opposing the views of four guests representing the other side of the debate. The only other former homosexual was placed in the audience and allowed only a short amount of speaking time.

On today’s show, Montel Williams promotes the documentary, Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-Gay Movement.” The film, produced by Alicia Salzer, the director of William’s after-care program, is an inaccurate portrayal of former homosexuals and shows individuals undergoing shock therapy in order to be “cured” of their homosexuality.

Chambers commented on today’s show, “The world is full of many, like Montel Williams, who are hostile to our message. Yet it does not change the fact that thousands of us have experienced change through the power of Jesus Christ. We will continue to share the hope we have found and the freedom that is available to all.”

PLEASE PRAY — Please pray that many will hear a message of hope despite the hostility that is expressed towards those who have experienced change. Please pray for Montel Williams and his staff as well.

PLEASE VOICE YOUR OPINION — The media must hear from individuals like us who value personal freedom and the option of change. Please use this opportunity to voice your views in a manner that reflects Christ’s love.

Rosie O’Donnell Exhibits Homosexual Tolerance, Barely Able to Contain Her Rage

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

By Sonja Dalton

On The View, during a debate over the 2008 presidential election, the Iraq war, and the Patriot Act, Rosie O’Donnell lashed out at Elisabeth Hasselbeck, calling her “young and wrong.” When Elisabeth, 30, objected to Rosie’s “ageism,” Rosie defended herself by saying (emphasis added):

“I know, but it’s the way that I’m able to be on this live broadcast
and love and support you
in spite of the fact that I disagree so abhorrently
with most of the things you believe,
so it is what I tell myself in order to not get into the RAGE I feel
at at some of the IGNORANT comments,
so that’s what I have to do!”

— Rosie O’Donnell on The View, Feb 28, 2007
(see the clip on ABC’s website: select “Hot Topics, War on Iraq Part 2”)

Two questions:

  • If Rosie wants us to demonstrate “tolerance” (which in homosexual activist speak really means “approval of”) toward her, her homosexual “partner,” the exposure of their children to their lesbian lifestyle, and her radical political views, then why can’t she simply listen to Elisabeth Hasselbecks conservative viewpoint without feeling and expressing RAGE?
  • What if this discussion had been the other way around? What if Elisabeth Hasselbeck had lashed out at Rosie O’Donnell and said “Sometimes I can barely contain the RAGE I feel at your IGNORANT comments?” Somehow, I suspect Elisabeth would either be issuing a public apology and going to “homophobia” therapy or else watching her media career go up in flames. But neither Barbara Walters or ABC insisted on a public apology from Rosie. Why is okay for Rosie O’Donnell to talk to her co-workers like this?

Her blog poetry makes obvious that Rosie O’Donnell feels badly about her lack of self-control — and that she needs Jesus Christ to heal her heart and transform her life. Keep her in loving prayer.

HRC Kicks Off “True Colors” GLBT Campaign on Today Show

Monday, March 12th, 2007

On Monday, Mar 12, NBC’s The Today Show helped Human Rights Campaign kick off their latest campaign to promote homosexuality, the Cyndi Lauper True Colors Tour. A link to HRC is currently posted under “Viewer resources” on The Today Show’s website.

From the website of the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign:

True Colors Tour 2007

The Human Rights Campaign has joined forces with legendary performer Cyndi Lauper to launch a national tour in support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. The True Colors 2007 Tour will feature Cyndi and other incredible artists including Erasure, Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls and Margaret Cho as well as a variety of special guests, including Rufus Wainwright in certain cities. In addition, HRC will receive a portion of every ticket sold.

Cyndi Lauper has long been a supporter of the GLBT community, and particularly of HRC. Her motivation for this tour stemmed from her desire to give back to the community for the love and support they have given her throughout her career, while bringing gay and straight audiences together in support of equality…

Watch Cyndi Lauper on the Today Show
Watch the interview HERE.

Confused and Hurting, Teens Are “Coming Out” Earlier

Monday, March 5th, 2007

TAKE ACTION — Do you know whether your child’s teachers, school counselors, and principal are normalizing homosexual behavior in your local school? Find out! (You can use the Risk Audit PDF from Mission America.) Then react to what you learn — for example, if your school has a “GSA” make it known in writing that your children are not permitted to participate in their presentations, meetings, or activities.

Excerpted from Gay Teens Coming Out Earlier to Peers and Family, by Marilyn Elias, published Feb 8, 2007, by USA Today:

…Gay teenagers are “coming out” earlier than ever, and many feel better about themselves than earlier generations of gays, youth leaders and researchers say. The change is happening in the wake of opinion polls that show growing acceptance of gays, more supportive adults and positive gay role models in popular media.

…Still, many continue to have a tough time. The worst off, experts say, are young people in conservative rural regions and children whose parents cannot abide having gay offspring. Taunting at school is still common…

…Schools are more likely than in the past to have openly gay staff members who can help young people, says Anthony D’Augelli, an associate dean at Pennsylvania State University. In a recent national survey, one-third of school psychologists said they had counseled students or parents about sexual orientation.

In the mid-1990s, a few dozen Gay-Straight Alliance clubs were in U.S. high schools; now 3,200 are registered with the education network, Jennings says.

The Internet also has eased isolation for gay teens, offering a place for socializing and support, says Stephanie Sanders of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction in Bloomington, Ind.

Cultural diversity is prevalent

Teens are coming out in an era when more Americans than ever consider homosexuality acceptable. In 2006, 54% found homosexuality acceptable, compared with 38% in 1992, Gallup polls show.

Youths also swim in a cultural sea that’s far more pro-gay than ever, says Ritch Savin-Williams, a psychologist at Cornell University and author of The New Gay Teenager. From MTV’s The Real World to Will & Grace and Ellen DeGeneres hosting the Oscars, “kids can see gays in a positive light,” he says…

…Not everyone applauds the soaring number of school-based gay/straight alliances and adult-led programs for gay teens. “Homosexuality is harmful to society, and young people have no business committing to a sexual identity until they’re adults,” says Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, a conservative policy group. The council backs a new Georgia law, first in the nation, that requires schools to tell parents about clubs and allows them to forbid their children to participate in gay/straight alliances.

Read the rest of this article »

Ford Sponsors Aptly Named “Dirt” with Graphic Homosexual Sex Scene

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

From American Family Association’s Jan 23, 2007, Action Alert:

“…Ford helped sponsor one of the most explicit, sickening homosexual scenes ever shown on television.”

Ford was among the advertisers for “Dirt” on the FX channel. AFA has posted a description of the highly offensive scene, which readers may prefer NOT to read…with that warning, if you wish to be further informed, you may click HERE.

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