Attorney General Eric Holder’s Speech to Lambda Legal Urging Boy Scouts to Allow Adult Homosexual Scoutmasters

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Holder implies that homosexuality is “equal” in all respects to heterosexuality


President Barack Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder.

The following is the full text of Attorney General Eric Holder’s speech at a June 10 reception for the homosexual activist organization Lambda Legal. Excerpted at the top are Holder’s remarks advocating that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) allow homosexual adult Scoutmasters. Last year, the BSA capitulated to a longtime LGBT demand by admitting openly homosexual boys as members–only to find itself under continued pressure from pro-homosexual groups to allow openly “gay” adults.

As an artifact of American political, cultural and legal history, this speech is quite stunning in its claims and underlying presumptions. It deserves a thorough dissection by reasoned defenders of historic, Judeo-Christian truth. Holder, a mere man of the Left, presumes divine-like moral authority as he stipulates that homosexual relationships are completely equal in all respects to normal, heterosexual relationships:

“And although millions of Americans have stood together to remind these young [homosexual] men and women that “it gets better,” too many others continue to hold beliefs and perpetuate stereotypes that LGBT citizens are somehow inferior.  That their love is somehow less worthy.  And that who they are – at their very core – is somehow less legitimate than their peers.”

May I introduce Exhibit A in defense of the presumption of heterosexual superiority, Mr. Attorney General? Homosexual relationships (two men, or two women) simply are incapable of producing children. Contrast this with heterosexual relationships, which, of course, as a general rule produce kids.

Even random, reckless heterosexual sexual encounters can produce a child, while homosexuals generally must go through various methods, usually complex and expensive, to acquire a baby. Sterile heterosexual couples that are forced to do the same are the exception, not the rule, and they merely seek to recreate the natural family–not create fatherless or motherless households by design. Thus, Holder’s “equality” appeal is not grounded in fact.

We also note that Holder cites the CDC with respect to higher “gay youth” suicide rates, but neglects any mention of the CDC data showing an alarming linkage between male homosexual sex and sexually-transmitted diseases like HIV and syphilis. Nature itself “discriminates” against homosexuality–or, as my friend John Biver says, it looks like “Mother Nature is a bigot” on the issue of homosexuality, if one believes the Left.

Given all this and much more, the burden should be on Attorney General Holder to prove that homosexual “love” is equally worthy, equally legitimate, equally safe, equally productive and valuable to society, etc., as heterosexual marital love.

Then again, to quote Mr. Holder, perhaps making observations like these is considered “animus,” of the sort that ultimately must be stamped out by America’s emerging Pro-“Gay” State. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH


Attorney General Eric Holder Delivers Remarks at the 14th Annual Lambda Legal Reception

~ Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Boy Scout excerpt:

And in far too many organizations, policies and practices that discriminate against LGBT individuals remain persistent concerns. Lambda Legal is among the groups that have led efforts to address these conditions – for instance, through your work in 1992, in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, to challenge the termination of an Assistant Scoutmaster when the organization found out he was gay.  Unfortunately, the continuation of a policy that discriminates against gay adult leaders – by an iconic American institution – only preserves and perpetuates the worst kind of stereotypes.  Like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” it’s a relic of an age of prejudice and insufficient understanding.  Today, courageous lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals routinely put their lives on the line as members of America’s armed services.  They inspire us, they protect us, and they defend us.  And if these men and women are fit for military service, then surely they are fit to mentor, to teach, and to serve as role models for the leaders of future generations.


Entire speech:

Thank you, Patrick [Menasco] and Sandy [Chamblee], for those kind words; for your friendship over the years; and for your tireless work in leading the legal profession towards greater diversity and inclusion.  It’s a pleasure to share the stage with you this evening. And it’s a great privilege to join dedicated leaders like Executive Director Kevin Cathcart – and trailblazers like my friend Paul Smith – in celebrating Lambda Legal’s remarkable record of achievement; in reflecting on the work that remains before us; and in reaffirming our commitment to build the more just and more equal society that everyone in this country deserves.

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