Republican Party + Homosexuals = Anti-Life

From Republican Party + Homosexuals = Anti-Life, by Jill Stanek, published Nov 15, 2006, by WorldNet Daily:

jill-stanek.jpgI wrote in my previous column that revelations during the final weeks of the autumn 2006 election season shifted my thinking on why national Republican Party leaders have been reticent to advance the life issue.

It may be too easy to dismiss them as cowards. It may well be they are compromised.

…The revelations about the GOP were of corruption and homosexuality among legislators and influential staff.In October, while Mark Foley’s homosexual and pedophiliac proclivities were coming to light, gay activists circulated a paper called “The List” to conservative groups outing several high ranking queer GOP staffers, some who worked for conservative legislators.

It’s easy to connect dots between corruption and ideological concession, but it may not be so easy to connect dots between homosexuality and same, specifically the sanctity of life.

But the homosexual and abortion lobbies are evil twins with the same agenda. Both want the freedom to commit illicit sex without physical or moral consequences.

These groups work together. This is something pro-lifers must get. We may focus on one issue, but homosexual activists focus on two, and one of those is ours. They see ours as related.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth explained, “What unifies the abortion and homosexuality lobbies is selfishness: One says their right to kill unborn children is based on control over ‘their own body.’ The other says their right to practice homosexual behavior takes precedence over moral-based laws such as sodomy laws. They are now pushing the debate toward ‘sexual freedom’ rather than rights based on ‘sexual orientation.'”

They could not be clearer, as outlined in an “Organizing with the Reproductive Justice Movement” workshop syllabus from the just held National Gay and Lesbian Task Force conference in Kansas City:

We will … discuss how reproductive and sexual rights are linked in your personal and professional lives. We will also discuss the ways that sexual and reproductive rights groups have supported each others’ efforts in the past and how we can continue to strengthen these relationships in the future.

A workshop sponsor was Ipas, an organization that pushes comprehensive sex education and self-service abortion kits in poor countries.

Homosexual activists push comprehensive sex ed, too, which promotes gay sex. The goal of the gay/abortion lobbies here is the same: Talk up sex to titillate kids to enter into promiscuous hetero- or homosexual lifestyles while calling the behavior normal. Gays get fresh meat, and pro-aborts get customers.

The groups have parallel talking points.

For instance, most abortions are simply methods of birth control used after illicit sex. If there were no illicit sex, there would be hardly any abortions.

But the abortion lobby focuses us on the “hard cases” – rape, incest, handicapped babies, life of the mother – to legitimize all.

Likewise, AIDS is a disease usually transmitted via unnatural sex that causes tears in mucosal lining by which a killer virus enters into the body. If there were no homosexual sex, AIDS would not be pandemic.

But the homosexual lobby focuses us on the “hard cases” – children (who have incidentally contracted AIDS from parents involved in drug needle use or aberrant sex) – to legitimize all.

If indeed there is a GOP Velvet Mafia, as they are called, in Washington, they are assuredly working against the pro-life movement.

The List supposedly included names of homosexual legislators along with “nine chiefs of staffs, two press secretaries and two directors of communications,” according to The Times Online, which also listed conservative legislators those staffers worked for.

Interestingly, all conservative legislators listed either lost their elections or retired.

Liberal blogger David Corn quoted an unnamed “gay politico” as saying, “Maybe now the social conservatives will realize one reason why their agenda is stalled on Capitol Hill.”

Yes, I get it.

I don’t advocate conducting a D.C. homosexual hunt.

I do advocate that Republican Party leadership recall the most basic principle of all, walking the walk while talking the talk.

If The List is accurate, I do not think it coincidental that certain conservative legislators lost.

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