CosmoGirl! Magazine includes “Queer Peers”

by Sonja Dalton

CosmoGirl! editors have become “conversant with queer issues,” according to a pro-lesbian website.

In an article entitled CosmoGirl! Includes Queer Peers (published Aug 8, 2006, by, writer Rose Yndigoyen says,

“Over the past few years, CosmoGirl! has subtly but steadily included stories from and about lesbian, bisexual and questioning girls, as well as coverage of LGBT issues amid the more traditional teen magazine fare of quizzes and heartthrob interviews.”

Ms. Yndigoyen offers this sample of Cosmo’s foray into lesbian love stories for adolescent girls:

When my family moved to a small town in Illinois, I’d been having mixed feelings for about a year. All I could think about was who did I like — boys or girls? One day at my new school, I was in the locker room.

All the girls were taking showers when one of them saw me looking at some of them and made mean comments about me being a “lesbo.” Everyone left in a hurry after she said it, except for this one girl. I didn’t notice that she was there so I got dressed, sat on the ground and started bawling my eyes out.

Suddenly she came up and put her arm around me — she didn’t have to say anything. I could tell from that moment there was a connection. Later on, after a long talk about my feelings, I told her I felt comfortable with her and had never felt that way with a girl. Then she kissed me.

I almost pulled back, but I stopped myself and put my hand on her face. I never wanted it to end, and I knew at that moment I’d never forget it, because it was my first kiss with a girl.

Wonder why Cosmo is writing about lesbian teenagers? Ms. Yndigoyen explains:

  • 60 percent of CosmoGirl! readers revealed that they have a friend who is gay or bisexual, and
  • 63 percent of readers support “gay marriage.”

But is it really that CosmoGirl! is writing for an audience that already embraces homosexuality or is there, perhaps, another motive?

Ms. Yndigoyen admits that articles like “Should Their Love Be Legal?” (promoting “gay marriage”) are intended as “training wheels” for young teenage girls to help them accept “queerness” as just another aspect of life. She quite rightly labels their tactic “the subtle subversion of heterosexist norms.”

How many little girls are being deceived by these articles, perhaps even enticed? CosmoGirl! has a circulation of 1.35 million.

Parents, you really must consider this an urgent wake-up call. Schools, books, TV shows, magazines, and peers are not-so-subtly convincing your kids that homosexuality is normal. It’s considered “cool” and “trendy” among teenagers to experiment with being “gay” or “bi.”

It’s your responsibility to protect your children from evil, to teach and equip them to stand firm in this ungodly and downward spiralling culture. Do your kids know what the Bible teaches about God’s design for marriage and sexuality? Can they articulate why homosexuality is sin, why “gay marriage” is wrong? Do they understand the consequences, emotional and physical and spiritual, of pursuing homosexuality?

If it would be helpful to you, contact us for a simple Bible study suitable for junior high and senior high students. It just might provide the starting point you need for a very beneficial dialogue with the precious souls in your house.

Sonja Dalton is Research Analyst and webmaster for Americans For Truth.

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