Actress Julianne Moore Helps GLAAD Distort “Freedom” and “Equality”

julianne_moore.jpgby Sonja Dalton

Julianne Moore is the spokesperson for GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) in what they call “an award-winning GLAAD public service announcement.”

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In the continuing quest to conflate special status for sexual perversion with civil rights for black Americans, the piece begins with a quote from Abraham Lincoln: “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

Then the actress says: “I love this country. I love it for the principles it was founded upon, where every American is created equal, regardless of skin color or sexual orientation…”

It would come as quite a surprise to George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the other God-fearing leaders of the American Revolution to learn that they had “sexual orientation” (homosexuality) in mind while drafting the Declaration of Independence, framing the Constitution and drafting the Federalist Papers.

General Washington approved the court martial of Lt. Gotthold Frederick Enslin from the Continental Army for attempted sodomy on another soldier, so we don’t think he would have agreed with Moore’s and GLAAD’s revisionist history.

Moore goes on to say: “People who love those of the same gender were created as every other American — equal…”

People who have sex with people of the same sex were indeed created equal; however, they choose a lifestyle which is not morally equal nor equally valuable to society. In this country, now that the Supreme Court has declared sodomy a de facto constitutional right, they are at liberty to have deviant sex anywhere in the USA with any consenting adult — but they cannot reasonably expect to enjoy universal approval and respect any more than an adulterer can.

Julianne Moore says: “Promote freedom — Embrace equality.”

GLAAD is an odd group to speak out for “freedom.” They haven’t exactly stood up for the rights of former homosexuals to tell their stories, but instead have worked to keep those stories from reaching the public. (GLAAD justifies its censorious impluse against ex-gays and others in the pro-family movement by saying it is protecting the airwaves from “hate.”)

So now GLAAD is again exploit America’s noble civil rights movement for its own ends, which will include curtailing the “freedom” of those who object publicly to homosexual behavior.

Let’s examine what the Scriptures say about true freedom.

The Bible teaches: “Promote freedom — Embrace Jesus Christ” – the Son of God, who affirmed His Father’s design for marriage and sexuality, and who said…

“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.
Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free…
If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.”

–John 8:31-41

When the Bible speaks of freedom, its inspired authors are referring to freedom from the ceremonial Law of Moses and the requirement for constant blood sacrifice, which was necessitated by their sins. Through baptism into the death of Jesus Christ (Romans 6:3-4), we can be fully released from the spiritual consequence of sin, which is eternal death (Romans 8:23), a permanent separation from God’s glory, His provision and His mercy.

The disciples of Jesus do not use their freedom as an occasion to indulge the sinful nature (Galatians 5:13-14) and they do not allow sin to reign in their bodies (Romans 8:11-14); instead they become slaves to righteousness (Romans 6:18).

Ironic, is it not, that those who promote a lifestyle which is physically, emotionally, and spiritually harmful, would call it “freedom”? Do not be deceived.

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