Pam Spaulding Falsely Accuses Christians of Inciting Violence — But What About Her Own Behavior?

By Sonja Dalton

Lesbian blogger Pam Spaulding published a post on Mar 3, 2007, entitled Intimidation Tactics In the Name of Religion Will Not Stop Change. In it, she accuses Christians of inciting violence against homosexuals — for example,

  • Bil Browning, head of Indiana Action Network and Bilerico blogger, claims that, following his coverage of a protest in Indiana over SJR-7, he received threatening phone calls and that the window of his car was smashed.
  • 72-year-old Andrew Anthos of Detroit was taunted and viciously beated with a metal pipe, leaving him paralyzed and in a coma for ten days until he finally died. A sketch of the suspect has been released, but no arrests have been made at this point.
  • A 19-year-old Hoboken High School student, Andy Rivera, has been charged (and a second person is sought) in the brutal beating of a 21-year-old man, allegedly for wearing pink pants.

Ms. Spaulding, a Duke employee whose blog has been lauded by the university (which has historic ties to the United Methodist church), says:

“This behavior occurs because many fundies actually justify explain violence against gays and lesbians as God’s wrath being visited upon them. It’s about controlling the behavior of people who are different, who may or may not share their worldview, or else, dag nab it, ‘God’ is going to work in his mysterious ways by inspiring someone to take a pipe to beat a 72-year-old gay man to death or beat up a gay man for wearing pink pants, for instance.”

Though none of the perpetrators have claimed to be Christians nor to have acted on God’s behalf (some are not yet identified), Ms. Spaulding blames these heinous crimes on “fundie” (fundamentalist) Christians — and she is not the only activist to make such claims.

On Feb 24, 2007, Matt Foreman, Executive Director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (which takes in over $30 million/year), issued the following statement blaming Christians:

“The hatred and loathing that led to the vicious murder of Andrew Anthos only because he was gay is not innate. Instead it is being taught every day by leaders of the so-called Christian right and their political allies. They disguise their bigotry as ‘deeply-held religious beliefs.’ They cloak themselves in ‘family values.’

“For years, Michigan has been subjected to the homophobic rants of Gary Glenn of the American Family Association of Michigan, while so many otherwise good and decent people have been silent. Just two years ago, the state endured an ugly campaign, led by Cardinal Adam Maida, to ‘protect marriage’ by writing anti-gay discrimination into its constitution. Based on that amendment, a three-judge panel of Michigan’s court of appeals voted last month to terminate medical insurance coverage for families of LGBT government workers throughout the state.

“It is appalling hypocrisy for these forces to pretend that their venomous words and organizing have no connection to the plague of hate violence against gay people, including the murder of Mr. Anthos…”

That’s right: Matt Foreman publicly (and falsely) accused Gary Glenn and Cardinal Maida as accessories to the murder of a 72-year-old man, simply because these men exercise their constitutional freedom of speech to vocally uphold the Christian principles upon which our nation was founded — including God’s design for one man to wed one woman for life and His consistent condemnation of homosexual behavior.

Perhaps Matt Foreman took his cue from Sean Kosofsky of Triangle Foundation, a Detroit-based homosexual activist group, who once made this claim against Glenn’s group:

“We personally believe that the AFA may support the murder of gay, lesbian and bisexual people… We are also fairly certain the AFA wants all homosexuals locked up on sodomy charges and put in jail.”

Ms. Spaulding says in her post that “the Christians I know don’t think this way…” We’re not sure if Ms. Spaulding actually knows any genuine Christians — consider that she thinks the pro-homosexual Faith in America are Christians. But as Bible-believing Christians, we at AFTAH have repeatedly condemned violence against homosexuals — for example: HERE, HERE, and HERE.

This just in: Christians are not the only people who oppose homosexuality. Orthodox Jews oppose homosexuality, as do Muslims and Hindus. Secular citizens with traditional American values oppose normalization of homosexuality. And some people who lack compassion and self-control instinctively recognize homosexuality as unnatural, and, most regretably, they respond to their repulsion to homosexuality with verbal abuse and even brutal physical violence that Jesus Christ would (and will eternally) condemn…and which we also condemn.

People who make obscene, threatening phone calls or stalk homosexual men to harangue them and beat them with metal pipes are not reading the Americans For Truth website — nor are they reading their Bibles — nor are they Christian in any sense of the word. They are wicked and must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

But if Pam Spaulding is so concerned about “hate speech,” she should contemplate her own behavior, for she is deliberately inciting hatred toward Christians:

  • Spaulding consistently uses the term “Jeebus” (which apparently originated from “The Simpsons”) or “Jeebus H. Christ” to mock Jesus Christ and His followers. (A search of her site generated 11 pages of results, including this one about Kirk Cameron and Way of the Master.)
  • On her site the Christian fish symbol is shown with the words “N Chips” inscribed inside. Another fish symbol has a vulgar phrase inside. These graphics link to an anti-Christian business that sells other perversions of the Christian fish symbol, including one with “Satan” incribed inside and horns.
  • She and her fellow bloggers very often refer to their opponents using terms like fascist, Christo-fascist, American Taliban, homophobe, homo-bigot, racist, etc. She makes no distinction between the un-Biblical “God Hates Fags” campaign of Fred Phelps versus those who speak Truth with love. (God does not hate homosexuals — He sent His only Son to die for them so that they, too, might become co-heirs of eternal life. Jesus Christ has demonstrated the greatest love for people caught up in homosexual behavior, as well as for all kinds of sinners.)
  • On a personal note, Pam Spaulding still commonly refers to Peter LaBarbera as “Porno Pete” (a search generated 6 pages of results). This slanderous charge is based the strange notion that because LaBarbera exposes homosexual excesses, including public “gay” perversions, he must have some prurient interest in homosexuality himself.

We encourage our readers to look at Pam Spaulding’s blog occasionally and develop an understanding of the lesbian activist’s confused worldview — and then ask yourself which of us incites hatred? Pray for Pam Spaulding and her readers.

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