Gary Glenn: When Intolerance is Good and Noble

Watch this clip (posted at MLive/Jackson City Patriot) of John Nemecek and his wife explaining his experience with “Gender Identity Disorder” — and then read Gary Glenn’s Biblical response below.

From John to Julie
Spring Arbor University prof John Nemecek decides
to be true to his inner woman.


From Good and Noble Intolerance, by Gary Glenn of AFA Michigan, submitted Mar 7, 2007, to Jackson City Patriot:

In Sunday’s editorial regarding Spring Arbor’s praiseworthy refusal to legitimize and enable the obvious mental and emotional illness of a male college professor who thinks he’s a woman, the Citizen-Patriot commented,

“Individual reactions may incline toward the good and noble, or the critical and intolerant.”

If your first concern is protecting the welfare of teenage college students, the only good and noble reaction is to be firmly critical of the bizarre political agenda embodied by Mr. Nemecek’s demands and immovably intolerant of the threat that harmful agenda poses to young people.

Mr. Nemecek’s DNA is that of a male. Hormone treatment or even surgical self-mutilation will not change that immutable biological fact.

One obviously disturbed individual’s delusions to the contrary, and their effects on him and his family, may warrant our sympathy and prayers, but certainly not our complicity in socially or legally enabling and legitimizing such delusions. If homosexual and transgender political activists have their way, it certainly will not end with Mr. Nemecek’s demand to wear a dress and makeup on campus.

Openly homosexual Congressman Barney Frank, D-Mass., explained why he initially refused, until being attacked by transgender activists himself, to include in his federal “gay rights” legislation the creation of a new federally protected class based on so-called “gender identity”:

“There are workplace situations — communal showers, for example — when the demands of the transgender community fly in the face of conventional norms and therefore would not pass in any Congress,” Frank said. “I’ve talked with transgender activists, and what they want, and what we will be forced to defend, is for people with penises who identify as women to be able to shower with other women.” (Paragraph 102, page 25)

That’s just one evidence of the bizarre political agenda that a beloved 130-year-old Christian university is being pressured to embrace and legitimize; if they dare refuse, the thugs of the homosexual and transgender activist movement will demonize the school’s Christian administrators as heartless bigots, the modern day equivalents of Nazis and Ku Klux Klansmen, and if a man ever wears a dress to a biker bar somewhere in southeast Michigan and is physically assaulted, they’ll say Spring Arbor President Gayle D. Beebe — by refusing to tolerate their bizarre agenda — is personally responsible for inciting “hate” and violence.

If this grievous assault on Spring Arbor and its age-old moral standards doesn’t leave you incensed, consider the most important reason to be very grateful that university officials have steadfastly refused to capitulate to the demands of a movement intent on indoctrinating America’s youth to believe, among other bizarre and dangerous notions, that it’s “normal” for emotionally-challenged young girls to have their breasts surgically removed so they can pretend to be males.

The so-called Human Rights Campaign, which calls itself the nation’s largest homosexual and transgender activist group, sponsored what it called the True Spirit Conference,” during which a plastic surgeon — who obviously would benefit financially from new and younger clientele — presented a seminar explaining breast removal surgery and encouraged a room full of young women to have their breasts removed while still in their teens. Emotionally disturbed girls who had already paid thousands of dollars to have themselves so mutilated were asked to go to the front of the room and remove their shirts to demonstrate the results, and they did.

This same plastic surgeon’s website says today: “If you are in transition from female to male or from male to female and are considering transgender surgery of the chest, face or neck, you need to consult a caring and certified plastic surgeon who understands your concerns. (The doctor)…is seeing younger patients who are making these gender decisions earlier in life, preferably before entering college or their careers.”

The bleeding heart “tolerance” crowd insists that Spring Arbor must surrender its allegedly antiquated Christian values and instead concede to, thus giving formal recognition and legitimacy to, the demands of one emotionally disturbed employee’s obvious mental illness.

Thank God instead that Spring Arbor refuses to be complicit in further enabling or legitimizing the mentally and emotionally disturbed psyches that drive homosexual and transgender activists’ latest cause celebre: a self-mutilation “rights” agenda they aim squarely at the generation that sits in the classrooms at Spring Arbor and on other campuses — or “preferably,” in the words of the so sympathetically enabling profiteer who cuts off breasts for a living, “before entering college.”

Spring Arbor University offers parents and students a radically different perspective, a “total commitment to Jesus Christ as the perspective for learning.” Spring Arbor administrators deserve or deepest thanks and encouragement for faithfully and firmly saying, “not on our watch” will we tell the young people whose families entrusted us with their physical and spiritual care that they should give credence or legitimacy to any construct of sexuality other than, as Jesus said, that “from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female.”

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