Third Grade “Health” Curriculum Includes “Same-Sex Parents”

Something’s awry: On one hand, the APA asks homosexuals to appoint members of a task force to evaluate reparative (ex-“gay”) therapy, thereby ensuring that only those hostile to the concept will be on the committee. Meanwhile, a parent who expressed disapproval of a pro-“gay” video for her third-grader is barred from serving on a committee to evaluate the curriculum.


Excerpted from Gay Parents Video To Be Reviewed in Evesham, by Matt Katz, published Mar 12, 2007, by Courier-Post:

The district is set to announce today that it has formed a committee that will make a recommendation about a controversial video featuring gay parents, but committee members’ names will remain secret to protect them from harassment.

Nine PTA parents will serve on the committee, district spokeswoman Jeanne Smith said, along with a group of teachers.

The controversy, which has garnered national media attention, began in January when a father complained anonymously to a local TV station about That’s a Family! after it was shown at Van Zant School.

The film, part of a third-grade health curriculum about different family structures, depicts parents who are divorced, those who are raising children as grandparents and those who are in same-sex relationships…

Susan Trimble, a parent, said she was initially told that since she spoke out against the video, she would be barred from serving on the special review committee…

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