‘Gay’ Lobby’s ‘CSI’ Strategy: Censor, Smear and Intimidate Moral Critics

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Gay activists have adopted a ‘CSI’ tactic of ‘Censoring, Smearing and Intimidating’ moral critics like Gen. Peter Pace and Dr. James Dobson. By trying to silence critics and equating moral beliefs with hate, bigotry and “homophobia,” the homosexual movement is fueling a dangerous cultural clash between religious freedom and “gay rights.”

TAKE ACTION — Please call the White House comment line at (202) 456-1111 and express your support for General Pace, and call your Congressman and Senators at (202)224-3121 to oppose: 1) ending the military’s homosexuality ban; 2) pro-homosexual, pro-transgender “Hate Crimes” legislation; and 3) the “ENDA Our Freedom” bill: the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would make businesses more susceptible to harassing lawsuits by “gay” and “transgender” activists.  

Naperville, IL –– Americans For Truth president Peter LaBarbera called on the media to be neutral in the culture war over homosexuality and to cover the “gay” movement’s disturbing “CSI” strategy of Censoring, Smearing, and Intimidating critics who publicly disagree with homosexual behavior.

Gen. Peter Pace, USMC, gave voice to historic Judeo-Christian truth when he said homosexual acts and adultery are immoral, yet instantly he was accused of ‘blind prejudice’ and called a ‘homophobe,’” LaBarbera said.

“The same gay activists who denounce name-calling against homosexuals were quick to demonize Pace –– equating his sincere religious beliefs with hate, prejudice and fear,” he said. “Worse, the homosexual lobby is honing its strategy of trying to silence conservatives like Ann Coulter and Dr. Dobson by lobbying the media to drop them as contributors.”

The media — who despise censorship — should hold gay leaders accountable for trying to silence critics, and more seriously cover the growing clash between religious freedom and gay rights, LaBarbera said.

The following are recent conservative victims of homosexual intolerance:

Gen. Pace: Diversity magazine blasted Pace as a “homophobe.” The homosexual group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) assailed his “blind prejudice.” Does criticizing historically sinful behavior mean that you “fear” homosexuals or make you a bigot?

Ann Coulter: After poking fun at political correctness (AFTAH criticized Coulter for her F-word comment about a Democratic presidential candidate), GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and HRC sought to deny Coulter’s commentator role on CNBC. GLAAD intoned: “[N]o credible news organization should be associating itself with Coulter.” Should GLAAD, which regularly smears Christian groups like Americans For Truth as “hate” organizations, be denied media time?

Dr. James Dobson: After Dobson criticized homosexual parenting in a Time magazine guest column (“Two Mommies Is One Too Many”), GLAAD and HRC urged homosexuals to write and ask Time to deny Dobson a future platform to spread “misinformation.” Usually groups criticize their foes’ arguments; GLAAD seeks to silence them altogether.

Matt Barber: Now with CWA, in 2005 Barber was fired from his management position at Allstate Corporation after writing an online article against “gay marriage” –– on his own time.

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