Task Force Blames AFTAH for ‘Immoral’ Harassment of Homosexual Kids: Watch the MSNBC Debate

By Peter LaBarbera

More homosexual activist lies: On Saturday on MSNBC, I debated Jason Cianciotto of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. Cianciotto repeated the company line that groups like Americans For Truth contribute to “harassment and violence” against homosexual youth:

Watch the MSNBC segment HERE

Cianciotto alleged that:

“…Organizations like Mr. LaBarbera’s only contribute to this harassment and violence by pitting students against each other and that’s a tragedy. It’s also gravely immoral.”

We were debating the controversy over a pro-homosexual “Freshman Advisory” class at Deerfield High School in Illinois. Deerfield’s principal has now apologized for requiring students who attended the freshman class to sign a “confidentiality agreement” stipulating that they would not discuss what transpired in the class. (Congrats to my friend, parent Lora Sue Hauser for exposing the liberal shenanigans at Deerfield High.)

On MSNBC, taken aback by Jason’s reckless accusation, I said it was a “terrible thing to say.” Homosexual activists routinely conflate disagreement over their destructive lifestyle with violence and hate against homosexuals. It’s a dirty tactic, and totally irrelevant to the Deerfield story, which is about parents having the full right to know exactly what is being taught about homosexuality in their child’s classroom.

Also on Saturday, Matt Foreman, who leads the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force — and who yesterday called Gen. Peter Pace “immoral” — said in a debate with the Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg [click HERE to watch it]: “Your propaganda creates bullying and violence against gays.”(Another calumny: Sprigg is a former pastor and caring Christian who only wants to protect kids from harmful lifestyle choices.)

The fact is, both Peter Sprigg and I want men like Jason Cianciotto and Matt Foreman to live long and healthy lives — something made less likely by their practice of homosexuality. Click HERE to read our story about the latest untimely “gay” death, of Democratic “AIDS activist” Bob Hattoy, at 56.

Foreman is not one to define morality or lecture others about it. Veteran Americans For Truth readers know how evil the Task Force’s agenda is — and we have only scratched the surface in describing it. This organization works hand-in-hand with sadomasochist, “polyamory”-, bisexual and “transgender” grassroots activists nationwide — and has a pretty shoddy record when it comes to protecting the innocence of youth: click HERE for our shocking expose on the Task Force’s most recent “Creating Change” conference.

“Gay” Tactic: Link Christians to Violence

An astute observer will discern the underlying Task Force/”gay” strategy evident in the MSNBC video:

  • Systematically allege that Christians and Christian organizations foment hatred by teaching traditional, Biblical morality; accuse them of inciting violence — not only against “gays,” but even against school children;
  • Lobby for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to be added to federal “Hate Crimes” legislation, making “hate crimes” against a homosexual or “transgendered” person more serious legally than a crime against a pregnant or elderly woman (Call Congress at 202-224-3121 and tell your Representative and Senators that you OPPOSE the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act.)
  • Silence Christians and pro-family organizations by urging the media to ignore their viewpoint in stories, by urging papers to drop conservative columns, by expressing indignation when public officials speak at conservative events, etc.
  • Happening now in Canada and Great Britain but coming to the USA? … Prosecute Christians and Christian organizations criminally and in civil court for “hate speech.”

Please accept this challenge:

I will be as committed to standing against the “gay” political/cultural agenda as the homosexual activists are in pushing their Big Lie of “civil rights” based on destructive and immoral homosexual behavior.

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