More on Australian Man Who Deliberately Infected Others With HIV

All of this degradation and suffering is avoidable — God can renew the mind and enable a man to master his lust

Excerpted from Accused Of Spreading HIV, Man Allegedly Bragged About It, published Mar 20, 2007, by the pro-homosexuality 365Gay:

A 48-year old married Melbourne man on trial for knowingly spreading HIV to other men allegedly bragged that he had made “75 people pos,” a court was told on Tuesday.

…Rochford said that Neal met the victims in parks and other areas where gays cruise for sex and on the internet.

He allegedly tried to get one victim to help him spread the disease and drugged another man — who is now HIV-positive — because he refused unprotected sex.

…Rochford said that Neal knew what he was doing and regularly held “conversion parties” to create more people with HIV so that he could have “bareback sex”.

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