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VIDEO: CLAW Perversion-Fest Discussed on Coach Dave Daubenmire’s Show – with Peter LaBarbera, Ex-Transgender David Arthur

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

WARNING: Extremely graphic subject matter; homosexual deviant acts described

Folks, this is one of the most compelling media interviews I have ever been a part of–and not because of anything I said. This is the April 20, 2018 edition of Coach Dave Daubenmire’s (Pass the Salt Ministries) daily morning show; it covers the upcoming “CLAW” homosexual perversion-fest at the Westin and Hampton Inn downtown hotels in Cleveland. (CLAW stands for the Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend, scheduled for April 26-29; see AFTAH story HERE.) Ex-“transgender” David Arthur, whom the Lord rescued from such depravity, speaks from his heart about how men go deeper and deeper into sexual perversion. On the screen David Arthur is shown over the words “Alphabet Man”; I ask him what goes through the minds of men engaged in unfathomable perversions. Start watching at the 38:00 mark. –Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera

Homosexuals, Bisexuals More Unhealthy than Heterosexuals: Massachusetts Study

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

hrc_unequal-copy.jpg More evidence that homosexuality and heterosexuality are not “equal,” as so many homosexual activists assert: a Massachusetts study finds people practicing homosexuality and bisexuality are more likely to suffer various health, emotional and other problems, including “sexual assault victimization.” To connect with the leading pro-family group in Massachusetts fighting the homosexual agenda, visit the MassResistance website and blog.

My good friend Brian Camenker of MassResistance provides more evidence of the health hazards associated with homosexual and bisexuality — the lavender elephant in the room that liberal, pro-“gay” advocates refuse to acknowledge and deal with.

Note to readers: Brian has just announced that MassResistance’s e-mail updates will now be available online at MassResistance’s website. He assures me that all past e-mails will be archived. This is great news for pro-family advocates as MassResistance does excellent work in exposing homosexual activism in all its perverseness — e.g., the shocking “Fistgate” scandal in 2000 in which Massachusetts teenagers were taught by homosexual activists and state employees how to perform a grotesque “gay” (hand-anal) act known as “fisting.” (I think I am correct in recalling that the leadership of Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, never apologized for Fistgate; if they did apologize, I’ll gladly post it here. Notably, homosexual activist lawyers sued Camenker and another pro-family advocate following Fistgate for allegedly violating the students’ privacy by publicizing an undercover audiotape of the shocking lesson for “queer” youth.)

I also recommend Amy Contrada’s useful posts on the MassResistance blog. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org


“The health profile of gay/lesbian/homosexual residents was poorer than that of heterosexual/straight residents on: self-reported health; disability-related activity limitation; asthma; current and past tobacco smoking; anxious mood; 30-day binge drinking and substance use; and lifetime sexual assault victimization. In addition, lesbian/homosexual women were more likely to be obese than their heterosexual/straight female peers. Bisexual residents faired worse than heterosexual/straight residents in terms of: access to health insurance, as well as medical and dental providers; heart disease; anxious and depressed moods, 12-month suicidal ideation; current tobacco smoking, and lifetime and 12-month sexual assault victimization. In addition, bisexual women were more likely to report disability-related activity limitation, 30-day illicit drug use, and lifetime intimate partner violence victimization than heterosexual/straight women.”“A Health Profile of Massachusetts Adults by Sexual Orientation Identity: Results from the 2001-2006 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Surveys,” Mass. Department of Public Health, p. 2.

MassResistance writes:

Mass. Department of Public Health “groundbreaking” report says homosexuality linked with health problems, destructive behavior

On November 21 the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) released what it calls a “Groundbreaking Report on Health Disparities Based on Sexual Orientation”.

As the DPH press release describes:

“The report revealed significant disparities among people who identified as homosexual or bisexual in the areas of access to care, self-reported health status, anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, smoking, binge drinking, illicit drug use, sexual assault victimization, intimate partner violence, disability, obesity, asthma and heart disease . . . Lesbians were 2.2 times more likely than heterosexual women to be obese.”

Read entire DPH press release.

Read the Department of Public Health report HERE.

In other words, the DPH is forced to admit what everyone has known for a long time. Unfortunately, the extremely destructive nature of homosexual behavior – both medical and psychological – is usually not only suppressed, but is considered completely off-limits for discussion. But ultimately, some of the truth gets out, even in Massachusetts.

Read the rest of this article »

Sodom-by-the-Lake; Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton Hosts Perverse ‘International Mr. Leather’

Thursday, May 31st, 2007
Dishonoring vets: note Chicago Theater marquee message during
Chicago Memorial Day parade.

TAKE ACTION: read our adjoining pictorial story about the Palmer House Hilton’s hosting of “International Mr. Leather” and contact Hilton Hotels Corporation World Headquarters in Beverly Hills California. Call or write  Hilton CEO Stephen Bollenback (stephen_bollenbach@hilton.com; 310-278-4321) and politely express your dismay that Hilton would allow its good name to be associated with the sadistic sexual perversion-fest known as “International Mr. Leather.” If you feel so led, tell them that you will certainly never stay at the Palmer House Hilton — who would knowing that disgusting homosexual orgies have gone on in their rooms? — and you also will not be staying at other Hilton hotels while this deviant association continues. [ALSO SEE PHOTO-STORY BELOW FOR MORE ACTION ITEMS.]

By Peter LaBarbera 

The photo at top, taken from the Chicago ABC affiliate’s online video of the city’s Memorial Day parade Saturday, speaks volumes about the Windy City’s moral meltdown. Note the message on the marquee of the legendary Chicago Theater: “Welcome, International Mr. Leather 29,” due to the Theater’s participation in this sadistic, pornographic celebration, now in its 29th year.

Rather than honoring the spirit of the parade by paying tribute to our troops, veterans and past generations of American fighting men, the Chicago Theater’s management opted instead to welcome one of the most purely evil perversion-fests ever invented by mankind. International Mr. Leather (IML) serves as an annual excuse for “leathermen” — mostly homosexual men but some “straight” SM couples — to engage in vile orgies that would make Sodom blush. For our pictorial story about the sadistic “Mr. Leather” gatherings this year and last year at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel, click HERE (WARNING: disturbing images).

Chicago: Sadism Mecca

Pro-homosexuality activism is largely a big-city phenomenon. The City of Chicago has the “queer” distinction of being a favorite city of sadomasochists, people who would have once been known, in saner times, as what they are: perverts. Proceeds from International Mr. Leather’s vendor registration went to a place called the Leather Archives Museum — a “museum” for sexual sadists, again, located in Chicago. I visited this “museum” last year and was stunned by its audacious chronicling of the most repulsive perversions (see pictorial story on IML), e.g., “fisting.” The sheer horror and weirdness of the place makes it difficult to describe to a normal audience.

How sad that this great city and so many of its leaders have given themselves over to celebrating sexual depravity. How bad is it?

  • Several years back, Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daley, despite professing Catholicism, endorsed “same-sex marriage” at a press conference held on Ash Wednesday. There was the mayor (who is also pro-abortion-“rights”), with the ashen cross on his forehead (signifying repentance before God), advocating the radical redefinition of marriage — a position strongly condemned by his own Church.
  • Three homosexual bathhouses operate with impunity in the city — putting at risk not just promiscuous “gay” men but women whose straying husbands or boyfriends engage in anonymous sexual encounters (often condomless) with other men. Illinois’ top “gay” activist, Rick Garcia — telling a lie that is bold even by “gay” activist standards — claimed in an interview not to know what goes on in one of the disease-spreading bathhouses, Steamworks, from which Garcia’s group, Equality Illinois, has received donations.
  • Openly homosexual judges march annually in the city’s massive “gay pride” parade — to which Chicago’s Christian community has yet to offer an effective response or Gospel outreach;
  • The city was the first in the United States (and perhaps the world) to officially designate a homosexual community (zone), “Boystown,” demarcated by rainbow-colored kiosks;
  • The city proudly played host to the 2006 “Gay Games” (Daley celebrated this event and served as “honorary chair“) — and ended up being taken to court for violating the free speech rights of Christian counter-protesters.
  • The pro-homosexuality bias of Chicagoland’s news media is so overwhelming that the local TV networks and some other media cast objectivity aside every year and march in the annual “gay pride” parade. (ABC covers it and airs it in June.) Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Richard Roeper thinks audiences just have to “get over” our objections to seeing two men kiss in the movies. (I think Roeper and other media elites have to get over their obnoxious obsession with promoting homosexuality.) A female writer for the Chicago Tribune wrote a puff piece about how the movie Brokeback Mountain is a turn-on for women, who supposedly like to see men engaged in sexual situations with other men. Hmmm.

And so it goes. Will Christians emerge from their “closet” to do something to stem the tide of evil and sexual perversion in Chicago? Click HERE for our pictorial story on IML at the Palmer House Hilton in 2006 and 2007 (the hotel will be hosting “International Mr. Leather” through 2009). WARNING: disturbing images.

Good News for Taxpayers: UCSF “Trans” Programs Lose Funding and Close

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

When you read this post, ask yourself: If “transsexuality” is a healthy lifestyle option, why is it necessary for the government (taxpayers) to extend grants for disease treatment and mental health counseling?

Excerpted from UCSF to Close Trans Programs, by Heather Cassell, published Mar 8, 2007, in Bay Area Reporter:

The University of California at San Francisco’s Transitions and Transgender Resource and Neighborhood Space projects are scheduled to close July 1 because grants that fund the programs are ending.

The only projects of their kind in the Bay Area, the closures will leave an estimated 1,300 transgender and gender variant people who have used the services during the past four years without anywhere to go.

The Transitions Project, housed under the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at UCSF, has an annual budget of $450,000…

But on July 1, the three major grants that fund the programs – including those from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institute of Drug Abuse – will end, according to Susan Kegeles, co-director of CAPS.

Continue reading in Bay Area Reporter…

Note: We have a suggestion as to where these 1300 precious human beings should go: to a Bible-believing church where they can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and be healed emotionally and spiritually.

More on Australian Man Who Deliberately Infected Others With HIV

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

All of this degradation and suffering is avoidable — God can renew the mind and enable a man to master his lust

Excerpted from Accused Of Spreading HIV, Man Allegedly Bragged About It, published Mar 20, 2007, by the pro-homosexuality 365Gay:

A 48-year old married Melbourne man on trial for knowingly spreading HIV to other men allegedly bragged that he had made “75 people pos,” a court was told on Tuesday.

…Rochford said that Neal met the victims in parks and other areas where gays cruise for sex and on the internet.

He allegedly tried to get one victim to help him spread the disease and drugged another man — who is now HIV-positive — because he refused unprotected sex.

…Rochford said that Neal knew what he was doing and regularly held “conversion parties” to create more people with HIV so that he could have “bareback sex”.

Continue reading at 365Gay…

Transparent: Living the T with “Trans” Teens

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

The following was written about “male to female” “transgendered” teenagers and predicts a heart-breaking future for the children who are encouraged (as they often are by homosexual activists in our public schools) to pursue gender confusion…

Excerpted from Book Review – Transparent: Love, Family and Living the T With Transgender Teenagers by Cris Beam, by Damian Penny, published Mar 8, 2007, by Blog Critics Magazine:

transparent.jpg…Needless to say, they don’t have it easy – largely rejected by their families, the girls (as Beam, and most transgender advocates, would insist on calling them) bounce between group homes, roommates, short-term romantic relationships and — all too often — prostitution, drugs and prison. Some are able to procure female hormones or even cosmetic surgery to feminize their appearance, but others attend “pumping parties” where silicone (often, industrial-grade silicone) is injected into their bodies. One of her young friends, Domineque, ends up in a male prison, and ultimately winds up in a special unit with informers and sexual offenders – partly for her own protection, and partly because no one knows exactly what to do with her.

Beam [the lesbian author] and her girlfriend become especially close to Christina, a former gang member (still sporting her tattoo, which leads to some extremely awkward and dangerous moments) who rollercoasters between meaningful employment and the squalor of prostitution and drugs. She lives off and on with her mother, who remains deeply uncomfortable with what her son (born Eduardo) has done with his life and body.

Continue reading at Blog Critics Magazine…

Youth Accuses Homosexual Youth Group’s Adult Leaders of Abuse

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Our good friends at MassResistance have published a disturbing letter, originally sent to Mike Heath of Christian Civic League of Maine, from a young man who was active as a teenager/high school student with a group called OUT!…As I Want to Be (we’ve linked to a cached website since the actual website has been taken out of service). This young man courageously discloses “negligence and abuse” by OUT staff and student leadership.

Excerpts from the letter follow (emphasis ours). Pray for Adam Flanders as he tries to pull his life together.

Jan 13, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Adam Flanders. I am 20 years old and a current resident of Belfast, Maine. I am writing to you on behalf of my own concerns, as well as the concerns of other youth members and past members (who wish to remain anonymous) of the nonprofit organization, OUT! … As I Want to Be located in Rockland, Maine. We wish to inform you of the negligence and abuse of OUT advisors and adult members…

OUT has since been mismanaged in many ways, but I (we) wish to inform you of the apparent negligence of the adult advisors and board members resulting in the emotional distress, abuse, and harm brought to youth members as young as fourteen years old. We can only speak from personal experience, and since I am the only individual willing to reveal my identity, I will begin with my personal experience of OUT and I will then summarize the complaints of those individuals who wish to remain anonymous.

Read the rest of this article »

Prominent AIDS Physician Connects Teenagers, HIV, & Crystal Meth

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

The physician quoted below is credited on many websites as providing care for about 90% of HIV/AIDS patients in Utah and surrounding areas. According to her online bio, she has cared for about 2000 patients since 1983 when AIDS was first recognized, and presently has about 1000 active patients. One wonders if this eventuality is plainly delineated by those promoting homosexuality in Deerfield High School’s Freshman Advisory class, for this is tragic.

From Utah Doctor Warns about HIV-Methamphetamines Connection, published Feb 2007, by Affirmation (a pro-homosexuality group for “gay” and lesbian Mormons):

kristen-ries.JPGA doctor who pioneered the treatment of HIV/AIDS…Dr. Kristen Ries (pictured left), Director of the University of Utah AIDS Center, made the statement in a recent interview with QSaltLake [which is “Utah’s Gay & Lesbian News & Entertainment Magazine”].

“In our clinic we are seeing young 18-, 19-, 20-year-olds coming in newly-infected with HIV and it’s mostly related to methamphetamine,” Ries said.

“It’s very hard to see so many young people with permanent brain dysfunction,” Ries added. “A lot of people are very disabled and will never have the quality of life they had before, both due to the effects of HIV and methamphetamine on the brain.”

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