Another ‘Ex’ Writes to VENUS: ‘I Can Say, too, I am Changed’

Former lesbian and VENUS Magazine publisher Charlene Cothran published this letter online, which she received from a former contributing writer to the then-pro-homosexual VENUS magazine:

I can say, too, I am changed.


I am very happy for you because you have found a relationship with God and he does what He always does; He changes people.  I have been where you are, my calling is to teach and He changed me in so many ways.  I did not know that God was going to fully change me when I stopped writing for you.  I just knew God wanted me to change and I could not teach and write for your magazine in its form and focus.   I can say, too, I am changed.  I am no longer in the life, it happened in a blink of an eye and it was not what I thought he would change but he did.   I had my alone time but that is what God does, he will take you away so you have to depend totally on him.  When I came out of wilderness I had a missionary from my church befriend me.  It was great.  Having said that, if you want me, and will allow me to write for you again I would love to.


I love you with the Love of Christ,


Lavonia-New York,
Olympic Silver Medalist
Former Contributing Writer for [the old] VENUS Magazine


P.S. Please be a part of the wonderful story of former lesbian Charlene’s Cothran’s rebirth in Christ by subscribing to her magazine VENUS — which has been transformed from a publication that celebrated “gays and lesbians” to one that tells that stories of people like herself who have overcome homosexuality with God’s help. Subscriptions to VENUS are $19.95 per year for four issues. — Peter LaBarbera

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