‘Partial Victory’ on Wal-Mart: Garner Notes Online ‘Gay’ Book Sales

by Donna Garner
June 26, 2007
On Monday morning (6-26-07), I went to the online Wal-Mart bookstore:

I typed in the words “gay and lesbians.”  In the top, lefthand corner, it states, “576 items found for ‘gays and lesbians.’ ”   Wal-Mart still has some cleaning up to do before it can say it is not supporting the gay and lesbian agenda. 
To read more about how to approach Wal-Mart with your concerns, please read Erin Roach’s 1.22.07 article in the Baptist Press (http://www.bpnews.net/bpnews.asp?ID=24812). 
While Wal-Mart appears to be removing its support of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organizations, we need to ask Wal-Mart to remove these harmful books from its online bookstore because they could easily get into the hands of impressionable teens.  
Donna Garner

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council wrote Monday (June 25):

Liberal Partnerships No Longer in Store for Wal-Mart


For Wal-Mart executives, the most pressing issue hasn’t been price wars but the broader culture war. A year after the company’s failed experiment of endorsing pro-homosexual groups, the retail giant announced that it will no longer donate to “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) organizations.” The news is a significant victory for many in the pro-family movement who took part in a grassroots campaign to oppose Wal-Mart’s liberal partnerships. In 2006, the company known for its Christian roots did a radical about-face, joining the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, sponsoring the “Out & Equal” convention, and selling homosexual-themed products in its retail stores. Wal-Mart’s liberal transformation angered many in its customer base and prompted several groups to boycott the chain altogether. FRC distributed thousands of educational fliers warning customers that Wal-Mart was rolling back family values. In the end, the broad backlash forced the company to revoke its political agenda. Hopefully, this latest decision will signal other companies to rethink their liberal leanings. Many have tested the political waters and found that embracing the Left’s agenda often means sacrificing profits and consumer confidence–a price more retailers are unwilling to pay. For the latest on the homosexual agenda, log on to http://www.frc.org/ to read an op-ed today by FRC’s Vice President for Policy, Peter Sprigg, which appeared in USA Today.

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