Who Is Amy Andre of ‘Out & Equal’ — Homosexual Group Sponsored by Ford

By AFTAH Staff

Amy Andre has a perverted life mission — and her employer

“Out & Equal” recently got a $10,000 boost from Ford


Recall Americans For Truth’s exclusive special report, Out & Costly, on the presentation at last year’s National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s “Creating Change” conference by Amy Andre, Manager of Training and Professional Development for Out & Equal, a group that promotes the acceptance of homosexuality in the corporate world.

American Family Association has alerted concerned citizens across the nation to Ford Motor Company’s sponsorship of Out & Equal — and other homosexual activist activities. Ford recently gave $10,000 to become a sponsor of the 2007 Out and Equal Workplace Summit to be held in Washington, DC, Sept. 27-29, according to AFA.

You might be interested in understanding the philosophy and politics of this woman who is pressing for radical change in employer-paid benefits — especially if you happen to be a corporate executive or a human resources director dealing with the Out & Equal agenda in your company. Consider whether your employees and customers share Amy Andre’s perspective…

Amy Andre is one of four co-authors credited with authoring the report entitled bisexual health,” published Mar 13, 2007, by the Task Force. Here are a few quotes excerpted from Amy Andre’s own website:

My mission in life, and the goal of this website, is to encourage the safe exploration of pleasure and create political change. Are these two separate things? I think they’re one and the same.

My philosophy on pleasure is that consenting adults should be able to engage in whatever activities they desire to do safely with one another.

But, whether you find pleasure in watching – or making – pornography, taking a sex ed class in college, being able to express a sexual minority identity, or having hot safe sex with your lover(s), in reality, going for any of these is a political act.

(It’s interesting that Andre emphasizes safety — three times in three paragraphs — because it’s easy to demonstrate that homosexuality is NOT safe physically, emotionally, or spiritually.)


Speaking of dangers, Amy Andre not only approves of pornography, she has participated in its creation with her homosexual “partner,” Kami Chisholm:

Seven Questions About Desire

How much can two lovers discover about their desire for each other in one single-shot film? In this documentary, director Kami Chisholm turns the camera on her lover, Amy, during a romantic weekend getaway. Initially, Kami steers Amy through a series of questions about the couple’s past adventures in kink and pleasure. Later, when Kami and Amy decide to go beyond just talking about sex, the camera keeps rolling from its perch on the bedside table.

Unedited and unscripted, this documentary is an intimate and explosive look at one relationship. One part interview, one part exhibition, Seven Questions is a boundary-pushing film.

In the clip available online, Kami Chisholm is heard from behind the camera saying that she wants the world to see how Amy Andre’s face looks when she climaxes.

Andre also runs a sex advice website — two, actually: one for readers over 18 (categories include fisting, polyamory, porn, etc.) and one for readers under 18 — which is supported by “sexy businesses and people like Nerve.com, Madison Bound, WhippedAss.com, ButtMachineBoys.com, the New School of Erotic Touch, and Babeland.com.” (We urge you NOT to view these perverted websites.)

Amy Andre is within her “rights” to engage in all these activities — and American executives and human resource managers are well within their rights also to evaluate her philosophy and politics and contrast it to that of the majority of their employees and customers.

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