Coach Daubenmire: ‘I’m Homo-Nauseous’

If you have a beef with this, take it up with the Coach: I think he speaks for many millions of people across the country who are sick and tired of in-your-face homosexual activism and, now, its “transgender” cousin.– Peter LaBarbera 

I’m Homo-Nauseous

By Coach Dave Daubenmire, Pass the Salt Ministries, 11/08/2007 

Warning:  Commentary is not politically correct 

I’m sick of it. I really am.

I’m not homo-phobic. I’m not homo-hateful. I’m not homo-latent. I’m homo-nauseous. I really couldn’t care less where a man desires to put his appendage.

But I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sick of talking about it. I’m sick of it being force fed to me on TV. 

In all of my life I have never seen such deviancy so openly celebrated.  They are deviant, you know?  No matter how many names they will try and call me, no matter how many “sensitivity” classes they try and send me to, no matter how much tolerance they try and cram down my throat (sorry), the fact remains homosexuals are deviant.

Deviant — One that differs from a norm, especially a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards.

Homosexual behavior is a deviant lifestyle. Everyone knows that. So in order to make themselves look “normal,” the “homosexual movement” is doing everything that it can to change “social standards.”  They can’t feel good about themselves, so they must make sure WE feel good about them. 

Well, I’m sick of it. I’m homo-nauseous. The homo-sexual movement is making me sick.

I understand what I am opening up myself to. It happens every time I take on this subject. My emails will be flooded by those who are concerned that I must “secretly” be battling homo-feelings, that I need to “get-over” my homo-phobia, and that Jesus would not be so judgmental. And that is just from the Christians. You couldn’t stomach what the sodomites say about me. Hey, I’m used to it. It comes with the turf. 

But I thought “homosexuals” were just like everyone else and that all they wanted was to be free to “live their lives” in peace. If that is the case, why won’t they stop identifying themselves by what the do in the privacy of their bedroom? Why are they so intent on making me accept their deviancy? Why are they trying to indoctrinate 6-year olds into their perversion?

I’m sick of it. Take your behavior into you house and leaves us alone.

They’re everywhere, these “norm changers.” They are perverted. (I’m sure that makes all of you nervous as well.) But interestingly enough, “perverted” shows up in the dictionary as a synonym for “deviant.”

Perversion–a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior.   

That is straight out of the dictionary. It is not a right-wing, fundamentalist version of the word. It is what the word “perverted” means. The homosexual lives a deviant, perverted lifestyle. The dictionary says so. Don’t blame me. Words have meaning.

Here is what their “godfather” Alfred Kinsey wrote. “Perversions are defined as unnatural acts, acts contrary to nature, bestial, abominable, and detestable. Such laws are interpretable only in accordance with the ancient tradition of the English common law which … is committed to the doctrine that no sexual activity is justifiable unless its objective is procreation.” [A.C. Kinsey,, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,” 1948]

They’re behavior and actions are perverted and deviant. Go ahead, call me hateful. I’m only defining the words. What they do can never be “normal,” so they must change the meaning of “normal.” They must alter “societal standards.”

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