AFTAH Responds to Wikisposure on Nelson Garcia: Putting Politics above their Mission of Protecting Children

 LaBarbera asks: why so many boy victims of pedophilia?

nelson_garcia_convicted_child_pornographer.jpg Nelson Garcia, “boy lover” and deceitful critic of AFTAH. The anti-pedophilia (yet pro-homosexuality) website Wikisposure redirected our link to their page exposing Garcia’s past.

Dear AFTAH Readers,

Wikisposure, a website set up by the to expose pedophiles, sadly has chosen to “redirect” its page on Nelson Garcia after Americans For Truth linked to it in an effort to document Garcia past as a “boy lover” and criminal arrested for possessing child pornography. Here is our point-by-point response to Wikisposure’s tendentious, pro-homosexuality post:

WIKISPOSURE WRITES: [Headline:] “Redirections”

This page is a special area set-up for redirections. Sometimes organizations and websites will try to co-opt our work to further whatever non-related cause they have.

AFTAH RESPONDS: Americans For Truth was not trying to “co-opt” anything. We merely linked to the best web resource available at the time for exposing Nelson Garcia’s pederastic, criminal past as a “boy lover.”

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES: This page will be updated with link redirections that should help clarify things for all who come here.

[headline] Americans For Truth Redirection – November 2007
The anti-homosexual hate group “Americans for Truth” …

AFTAH RESPONDS: Wikisposure has obviously not done its research, thus exposes its particular biases and bigotry. Disagreement is not hate, and morality is not prejudice. AFTAH is indeed diametrically opposed to the political/cultural agendas of homosexual, bisexual and transgender activist groups; we think homosexual behavior is wrong, unnatural and changeable, and that nobody is innately “gay”; they think it is right and the basis for a healthy identity, and perhaps even marriage.

We do not “hate” people, but oppose behavior, and have many times stressed the need to reach out to homosexuals with the love of Christ. At our recent banquet, former lesbian Charlene Cothran did just that. As Christians, we are commanded to speak the truth “in love.” We have condemned anti-homosexual (including “Christian”) activists whose messages do not meet that standard. By classifying Americans For Truth as a “hate group,” Wikisposure unfortunately shows that it is willing to make its purpose (which we naively presumed to be merely exposing pedophiles) subservient to a larger, politically correct agenda that includes demonizing and stigmatizing people of faith who do not share their homosexuality-positive viewpoint. That’s too bad.

Labeling historic Judeo-Christian morality as “hate” and its defenders as “haters” is itself an act of profound bigotry. (And we must remind all concerned that many Americans who do not consider themselves religious still consider homosexual behavior to be immoral.) Our question to Wikisposure editors, and to all pro-homosexuality advocates, is this: can you disagree with homosexuality — or believe homosexual behavior is sinful — without being labeled as “haters”?  Do you “hate” Americans For Truth, or do you just disagree with us? If you do hate us, is that hate acceptable because it falls within the framework of your ideology?

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:[Americans For Truth] recently attacked a Nelson Garcia who is profiled on our Wiki[1] [links to page which was the original target of the AFTAH story link on Garcia that was redirected; you may need to click another link to get to the original page]. Nelson Garcia is, of course, a dangerous pedophile activist. He should be exposed to his community and his credibility attacked, of course. He is not, by any means, profiled here because he is attracted to males. He is profiled here because he is attracted to underage minors. The reason “Americans for Truth” are attacking him isn’t because he’s a pedophile, but rather that he is attracted to males.

AFTAH RESPONDS: This is preposterous, and again shows Wikisposure’s unfortunate willingness to put politics above its noble mission of protecting children. AFTAH helped expose Nelson Garcia because Garcia has made it his mission to demonize us, while keeping his pederastic past hidden from the public. He was ripe for exposure, spewing all kinds of lies and hatred at Americans For Truth and other Christian groups and leaders opposed to homosexuality. Garcia — busted for possessing child pornography — has the audacity to smear AFTAH founder Peter LaBarbera as “Porno Pete” and another pro-family advocate — parental rights defender David Parker — as a “child abuser.” 

Had Nelson Garcia been a flaming heterosexual, going out of his way to attack us (as some pro-gay heterosexuals do), we would have exposed him and his hypocrisy just the same.

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES: … They then go on to compliment Wikisposure and in the same article. This shows that unfortunately for them, they didn’t really do their research. and our Wikisposure Project have many gay volunteers. We’re proud to have reached out to the homosexual community and even prouder still of those in the homosexual community who step forward to address the issue of pedophiles in society.

AFTAH RESPONDS:  This is good news. Homosexuals should be involved in this battle, as should heterosexuals. We’re glad to see homosexuals, like anyone else, denouncing pederasty and pedophilia. As we reported in our article, American “gay liberation” history on this point is troubling: there was a time when NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, marched in “gay pride” parades. Homosexual “rights” icon Harry Hay defended NAMBLA’s right to march under the “gay pride” umbrella until his final days. 

Wikisposure’s editors are correct about this point: had we known that the organization was pro-homosexual to the point of demonizing opponents who disagree to the degree that they have here — even claiming we are “nearly as bad” as sexual predators — yes, we likely would not have linked to their site. Perhaps they should consider how their anti-Christian prejudice, fully exposed here, will limit and hinder their ability to reach a wider audience with their information about pedophiles like Nelson Garcia. Ironically, one byproduct of Wikisposure’s arrogant “redirection” is that it makes it harder for web-surfers to discover the truth about the pedophile activism of “NG,” Nelson Garcia.
WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:  First, obviously, homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia.

AFTAH RESPONDS:  History does not sustain this ideological claim: even “gay”-affirming scholars have chronicled the connection between pederasty (man-boy intercourse) and homosexuality in ancient civilizations. See, for example, William Armstrong Percy’s “Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece,” (1996: University of Illinois Press), for more information on this “inconvenient truth” about homosexual history.

As for modern times, although we understand the politics behind Wikisposure’s contention, it is grossly premature. AFTAH awaits the results of genuine, unbiased research — as opposed to the politically correct, consciously “gay”-affirming variety — on the breakdown of girl victims versus boy victims of pedophilia before we would make such a statement. Indications are that a vastly disproportionate number of child pedophile victims are boys, despite the very small percentage (1-3 percent) of self-acknowledged homosexual men in society. Why? Unfortunately, Wikisposure now appears disqualified to answer that question dispassionately.

Moreover, some “gay” men have testified that the sexual contact they had as a youth with an adult male helped form their (positive) “gay” identity. This is sad, and also deserves further (neutral and objective) research. This phenomenon apparently is not limited to males: the original script for the pro-lesbian feminist play “Vagina Monologues” famously includes a chapter in which an older, trusted woman plies a teenage girl with alcohol and then seduces (rapes) her. The story ends with the young girl positively embracing lesbianism. Apparently in the mind of Vagina Monologues creator Eve Ensler, lesbian predatory behavior — and women raping girls — gets a special indulgence in the hierarchy of child-abusing crimes.

Lastly, we are fully aware of the academic legerdemain employed by homosexual activists and pro-homosexual academics in the service of Wikisposure’s trendy assertion on this point. They seek to divorce homosexuality from pedophilia, in part by creating a separate category for “pedophiles.” To be sure, some adult predators molest boys AND girls — perversion is defined by its refusal to adhere to limits. There is also an effort afoot — especially in the wake of the Catholic Church’s homosexuality/”pedophilia” scandal — to classify adults who seduce pubescent adolescents, as opposed to younger children, as “ephebophiles.” Far from clarifying the crisis, such terms only divert attention away from reality — in the Catholic Church’s case, the predations (mostly) against boys by adult homosexual male offenders.

Our policy at Americans For Truth is simple: we don’t care what a person calls himself — straight, gay, married, bisexual, ephebophile, pedophile — we expose and oppose homosexual behavior, especially when children are involved. Which takes us back to our challenge to Wikipedia and all advocates of homosexuality: what is the percentage of man-on-boy pederasty vis a vis ALL acts of pedophilia, and if it surpasses the tiny percentage of homosexual men in our society, tell us why.

Why are so many boys being victimized sexually by men?  And a related question: how are so many teenage boys contracting HIV?

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:  Homosexuality is a sexual orientation involving two consenting adults. That, there is nothing wrong with, not one bit.

AFTAH RESPONDS:  This is a values claim with which we, like many millions of Americans, disagree. Wikisposure here rejects thousands of years of informed Western and Biblical history, in favor of modern “sexual orientation” theory less than 100 years old. They’re free to believe this, of course, but should not hold it up as fact, as liberal sexual ideologues are wont to do.

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:  However, pedophilia is a dangerous sexual fetish… it has more in common with other sexual fetishes such as those who are into beastiality [sic], foot fetishes, asphyxiation, etc. Pedophilia is the most dangerous sexual fetish of any we can think of off the top of our head.

AFTAH RESPONDS:  We agree that pederasty and pedophilia are the most dangerous sexual behaviors practiced by men. To call it a mere “fetish” is probably unwarranted — since no “fetish” victimizes innocent youth like this. However, this helps Wikisposure’s dishonest agenda of conveniently papering over any connection between homosexuality and pederasty, ancient or modern. (As to the latter, consider that a modern American “gay” slang “dictionary” published in the 1970’s, The Queens’ Vernacular, contained two full pages of “chicken”-related slang expressions — with “chicken” referring to underage boys. In the book, “chickenhawk” is defined as an “older man whose lustful peculiarities are shared solely with young, unjaded boys.” “Chicken dinner” is defined as “sex with a teenager.” If pederasty is a fetish, then it is one that was popular enough among “gay” men to inspire its own special terminology.

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:  Pedophilia and homosexuality have nothing to do with one another, not even on some remote out of this world scale.

AFTAH RESPONDS:  To this all we can say is, to quote Shakespeare, Wikisposure doth protest too much. See above points.

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:  To slur homosexuals by comparing them to pedophiles is ignorant.

There are only two groups that will try to compare homosexuals to pedophiles. Pedophiles themselves, trying to gain sympathy… and right-wing religious organizations trying to demonize homosexuals.

AFTAH RESPONDS:  Again, our points above speak to this point. We are not saying all homosexuals are pedophiles, and it reckless to do so. We are saying that there appears to be a disproportionate incidence of pedophilia in homosexual (male) history, hence the male-specific term “pederasty,” which we did not make up. (Neither could anyone, no matter how opposed they are to homosexualty, make up the grotesque and dehumanizing “chicken” slang terms (once) used by adult homosexual men — or NAMBLA, for that matter.)

Also, it is curious why Wikisposure mentions “religious” organizations, injecting their particular animus into this equation.

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:  Not surprising, then, that so many leaders of such organizations that do so end up being pedophiles themselves.

AFTAH:  This accusation is repugnant beyond words, and utterly baseless. It echoes the canard uttered by countless thousands of homosexual activists against groups like Americans For Truth and its founder, this writer. If you vocally or energetically oppose homosexuality, you must secretly be homosexual yourself. This is absurd on its face. Let us apply this sophomoric insult to other causes: the ardent (female) pro-life activist secretly yearns to have an abortion. The conservative Republican privately yearns for high taxes. And PETA militants subconsciously want to slaughter squirrels. You get the idea.

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:  Why… oh why… would any organization appalled by homosexuals pass up attacking a pedophile over a homosexual? The answer is obvious to us.

AFTAH:  And that answer would be…? Because we are conflicted over pedophilia or covert pederasts ourselves? Because we are such hateful “gay bashers” that we just can’t resist piling on? Do tell us, Wikisposure. The fact is, we oppose homosexual pedophilic behavior (pederasty) as one of several sexual sins, including homosexuality. Americans For Truth has exposed links between homosexual activist groups and pedophile groups when they exist — as we did over a decade ago regarding NAMBLA’s ties to the International Lesbian and Gay Association (since broken). We do not apologize for our belief that both homosexuality and pedophilia are immoral, nor do we apologize for focusing on homosexuality given that there are dozens of organizations with budgets far greater than AFTAH’s devoted solely to promoting the acceptance of homosexuality.

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:  At the end of the day, Nelson Garcia is a bad man. But those that would attack him under the guise of fighting homosexuality rather than pedophilia such as Americans for Truth are nearly as bad.

AFTAH RESPONDS:  This assertion is as evil as it is foolish and mendacious. First of all, Wikisposure sets up a straw man: we EXPOSED Garcia (using Wikisposure’s web page); to call this an “attack” is gratuitous. (On that basis, didn’t Wikisposure also “attack” Garcia?) Besides, Garcia regularly attacks Americans For Truth and this writer with ugly names and lies, which we will refute in future postings.

Regarding Wikisposure’s more sinister accusation, we say this: are we to believe that conservatives and Christians who adhere to and defend the traditional, Biblical understanding of homosexuality are “nearly as bad” as a man who would engage in predatory sexual behavior against young boys? I suppose our question above about Wikisposure’s own “hatred” against us is answered. So great is that hatred, apparently, that its editors are willing to risk their own credibility to make outlandish claims such as this.

The comparison is so silly that it hardly merits a response, but we offer one here so that our reactionary critics do not say we confirmed it through our silence: conservatives and Christians seek to “conserve” the Biblically-informed sexual ethic of keeping sex inside marriage. We oppose extramarital heterosexual promiscuity and homosexual behavior alike as outside of the will of God. We believe homosexual acts are disordered and sinful yet, thankfully, changeable, especially through God’s redemption and grace. We believe pedophilic acts of any kind to be the same. We believe children and adults alike would be safer and live longer were they to practice old-fashioned morality in concert with God’s natural design. We believe much suffering, such as the incidence of sexual diseases including HIV/AIDS, would have been greatly lessoned had America not strayed so far from traditional Judeo-Christian morality (sex in marriage). As Christians, and as recipients of God’s grace and mercy, we offer His forgiveness to all who have strayed and sinned by going their own way in violation of boundaries established by a holy Creator.

To say that Christians or conservatives who exercise their precious American freedoms to defend the historic, Judeo-Christian sexual ethic — one challenged by modern forces including abortion-, pornography, and pro-homosexuality activists — are “nearly as bad” as vile pederasts is to evince a hatred of a different kind. It reminds us of the anti-Bush radicals who despise the president so much that they cannot resist making preposterous comparisons of him to Adolf Hitler. Sadly, we have frequently experienced this brand of hatred and irrationality from homosexual and pro-“gay” activists. (The good news is that we do engage in civil dialogue with some homosexual advocates, the sort who are capable of disagreeing wholeheartedly with us, yet can civilly discuss our differences without rancor.)

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:  To properly confront and defeat the attempts of pedophile activists, we need a united front that realizes just how dangerous pedophiles are. Unfortunately, some are too busy trying to push their political agenda against homosexuals to truly care about the growing child rape movement.

AFTAH RESPONDS:  Another cheap shot without any basis in reality. Of course we care deeply about any abuse against children. This writer would favor stepped-up penalties against anyone who rapes or molests a child — whether the adult is heterosexual, homosexual or in between. And as we’ve shown here, Wikisposure clearly has a “political agenda.” 

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:  If you’re a person who supports Americans for Truth, thanks for coming by… but please don’t stay long. Hopefully this message will reach a few of you who understand that same-sex relationships have absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia, a dangerous sexual fetish.

AFTAH RESPONDS:  “Don’t stay long.” Don’t use our information? The sheer snobbery and anti-intellectualism of their position is astounding. We encourage all readers of whatever persuasion — and we certainly have many “gay” readers — to come to our site and stay as long as you want. And we won’t childishly “redirect” pages emanating from homosexual advocacy websites.

WIKISPOSURE CONCLUDES:  Wikisposure Project: Anti-pedophile, not anti-homosexual.

AFTAH RESPONDS:  We’re anti-pederasty, anti-bisexuality, and anti-homosexual behavior — not anti-homosexual-people. (Even the term ‘homosexual,’ used as a noun, is an artificial construct, a hybrid of Greek and Latin.) But we are honest enough to say that we do battle — using words and ideas — with pro-homosexuality activists, just as they do battle with us.  It is tragic that Wikisposure would sacrifice its anti-pedophilia credentials and reputation in the service of “gay” ideology, to such a degree that they would blatantly insult people of faith and traditionalists with their preposterous analogies and cliche-ridden putdowns. Children are not served by their decision to do so.

Moreover, by downplaying or denying evidence of homosexuality’s disproportionate role in pedophilia, Wikisposure is subverting its very purpose. If we are correct that male predatory targeting of boys (versus girls) is out of proportion with the number of homosexual male adults, then that needs to be studied, and dealt with in the arena of public policy. Denying it will not help protect young boys; in fact, it puts them at greater risk.   — Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth,, November 17, 2007 

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