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AFTAH Responds to Wikisposure on Nelson Garcia: Putting Politics above their Mission of Protecting Children

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

 LaBarbera asks: why so many boy victims of pedophilia?

nelson_garcia_convicted_child_pornographer.jpg Nelson Garcia, “boy lover” and deceitful critic of AFTAH. The anti-pedophilia (yet pro-homosexuality) website Wikisposure redirected our link to their page exposing Garcia’s past.

Dear AFTAH Readers,

Wikisposure, a website set up by the to expose pedophiles, sadly has chosen to “redirect” its page on Nelson Garcia after Americans For Truth linked to it in an effort to document Garcia past as a “boy lover” and criminal arrested for possessing child pornography. Here is our point-by-point response to Wikisposure’s tendentious, pro-homosexuality post:

WIKISPOSURE WRITES: [Headline:] “Redirections”

This page is a special area set-up for redirections. Sometimes organizations and websites will try to co-opt our work to further whatever non-related cause they have.

AFTAH RESPONDS: Americans For Truth was not trying to “co-opt” anything. We merely linked to the best web resource available at the time for exposing Nelson Garcia’s pederastic, criminal past as a “boy lover.”

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES: This page will be updated with link redirections that should help clarify things for all who come here.

[headline] Americans For Truth Redirection – November 2007
The anti-homosexual hate group “Americans for Truth” …

AFTAH RESPONDS: Wikisposure has obviously not done its research, thus exposes its particular biases and bigotry. Disagreement is not hate, and morality is not prejudice. AFTAH is indeed diametrically opposed to the political/cultural agendas of homosexual, bisexual and transgender activist groups; we think homosexual behavior is wrong, unnatural and changeable, and that nobody is innately “gay”; they think it is right and the basis for a healthy identity, and perhaps even marriage.

We do not “hate” people, but oppose behavior, and have many times stressed the need to reach out to homosexuals with the love of Christ. At our recent banquet, former lesbian Charlene Cothran did just that. As Christians, we are commanded to speak the truth “in love.” We have condemned anti-homosexual (including “Christian”) activists whose messages do not meet that standard. By classifying Americans For Truth as a “hate group,” Wikisposure unfortunately shows that it is willing to make its purpose (which we naively presumed to be merely exposing pedophiles) subservient to a larger, politically correct agenda that includes demonizing and stigmatizing people of faith who do not share their homosexuality-positive viewpoint. That’s too bad.

Labeling historic Judeo-Christian morality as “hate” and its defenders as “haters” is itself an act of profound bigotry. (And we must remind all concerned that many Americans who do not consider themselves religious still consider homosexual behavior to be immoral.) Our question to Wikisposure editors, and to all pro-homosexuality advocates, is this: can you disagree with homosexuality — or believe homosexual behavior is sinful — without being labeled as “haters”?  Do you “hate” Americans For Truth, or do you just disagree with us? If you do hate us, is that hate acceptable because it falls within the framework of your ideology?

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:[Americans For Truth] recently attacked a Nelson Garcia who is profiled on our Wiki[1] [links to page which was the original target of the AFTAH story link on Garcia that was redirected; you may need to click another link to get to the original page]. Nelson Garcia is, of course, a dangerous pedophile activist. He should be exposed to his community and his credibility attacked, of course. He is not, by any means, profiled here because he is attracted to males. He is profiled here because he is attracted to underage minors. The reason “Americans for Truth” are attacking him isn’t because he’s a pedophile, but rather that he is attracted to males.

AFTAH RESPONDS: This is preposterous, and again shows Wikisposure’s unfortunate willingness to put politics above its noble mission of protecting children. AFTAH helped expose Nelson Garcia because Garcia has made it his mission to demonize us, while keeping his pederastic past hidden from the public. He was ripe for exposure, spewing all kinds of lies and hatred at Americans For Truth and other Christian groups and leaders opposed to homosexuality. Garcia — busted for possessing child pornography — has the audacity to smear AFTAH founder Peter LaBarbera as “Porno Pete” and another pro-family advocate — parental rights defender David Parker — as a “child abuser.” 

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Why Is President Bush Helping to Promote Homosexuality in the Third World?

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Why is the “pro-family” Bush Administration voting to accredit international homosexual activist groups  — from Quebec and Sweden — that will use their new status to undermine traditional moral values in Third World Nations — in the name of “human rights”? We wonder why the President would alienate his conservative, pro-family base at this critical juncture. This continues Bush’s misguided policy of recognizing homosexuality-based “rights” organizations at the U.N.

TAKE ACTION:  Read the C-FAM alert below and contact the White House using their comment page or call the White House comment line today (202-456-1111).  (You also can e-mail a comment to the U.S. State Department HERE or call their comment line at: 202-647-6575.) Respectfully urge the President to stop using the authority and goodwill of the United States of America to promote the normalization of homosexuality abroad. Tell the Administration that you oppose the USA voting to approve coveted United Nations consulting status for organizations whose mission is to push a pro-homosexuality agenda — including radically redefining marriage and promoting dangerous GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual) “identities” to vulnerable youth — on unsuspecting nations.


HATE CRIMES/ENDA ALERT:  While you’re at it, e-mail or call your U.S. Senators (202-224-3121) and urge them to oppose the “hate crimes” bill and the pro-homosexual/transsexual employment ENDA bill — which we’re calling the “Transgender Bathrooms for Businesses Bill” — which threaten to federalize “sexual orientation” law, thus curtailing your “freedom to be moral.”  Call 202-224-3121 or visit

Certainly, we as a nation can and should support true human rights without crusading for the acceptance of immoral lifestyles. Genuine human rights — and civil rights — are not based on sex, especially deviant sex. Countries should have the right to regulate homosexual sodomy — as we did in America from our inception until 2003, when the Supreme Court reversed a 17-year-old precedent in the Lawrence v. Texas sodomy law case. We should be careful as the world’s most powerful nation not to push the American Secular Left’s decadent values — abortion, homosexuality, condom “sex ed” — on poor countries. Radicals used to call that cultural “imperialism.”

Having America become a leading promoter of immoral-sex-based rights masquerading as “human rights” is a far cry from President Reagan’s vision for this nation being a “shining city on a hill.” Write or call President Bush today: 202-456-1111.– Peter LaBarbera


Friday Fax, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM)

July 26, 2007 | Volume 10, Number 32
Dear Colleague,

Radical homosexual groups are flooding the UN accreditation process for non-governmental organizations and they seem poised to cause serious problems for traditionally minded countries.

Spread the word.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
President, C-FAM
Controversial UN Procedures Lead to UN Status for Homosexual Groups

By Samantha Singson

(NEW YORK — C-FAM) Overturning a prior decision by the NGO accrediting committee, the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) voted to grant official consultative status to the Coalition Gaie et Lesbienne du Quebec (CGLQ) and the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL) in Geneva last week.

The voting process was mired in confusion over unclear language. Several delegate requests for clarification interrupted the roll-call vote and led Pakistan to call for a point of order and ask for a re-vote. No re-vote was taken. The motion to grant ECOSOC status passed with 22 countries voting in favor, 13 against, 13 abstaining and 6 absent.

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Bush Administration & UN Accredit Three Radical Homosexual Groups

Friday, December 29th, 2006

Note: Lambda Report, the precursor to and the now defunct publication of Americans For Truth, broke the original story revealing ILGA’s (the International Lesbian and Gay Association) connection to NAMBLA, the notorious North American Man/Boy Love Association. ILGA has long sought official United Nations-affiliated consultative status, to give itself a more influential platform to advance its distorted conception of “human rights” (one that is deeply offensive to majority Muslim countries, by the way). The Lambda Report story led to Congressional passage of a law banning any pedophile-inclusive group from receiving U.S. taxpayer dollars.

We are of course deeply troubled that the Bush Administration has voted to give ILGA and two other international homosexual groups the coveted U.N.-affiliated status. It seems that in recent months, through various pro-homosexual actions, the White House has lost touch with the conservative, pro-family values that helped put George Bush in the Oval Office. We hope this trend doesn’t continue as Mr. Bush could soon be presented with pro-homosexual legislation (ENDA, “Hate Crimes,” repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”) coming out of the Democratic-controlled Congress. —Peter LaBarbera


The following is from Radical Homosexual Groups Approved by UN with Bush Support, by Bradford Short, published Dec 28, 2006, by Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute:

The U.N. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) recently granted official [consultative] status to three gay-rights non-governmental organizations (NGOs):

ECOSOC granted the consultative status to the gay-rights NGOs despite the fact that the UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations recommended against it, and the fact that one of the groups had clear links to pro-pedophilia organizations in the past.

ILGA is probably the most infamous of the groups granted ECOSOC consultative status last week. A “global federation of organizations and individuals seeking to” advance gay rights, ILGA, was repeatedly rejected for official UN status many times in the past several years for its connection to a child-sex group called the the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). NAMBLA is probably the leading pro-pedophilia group in the United States. ILGA is said to have expelled NAMBLA but, according to UN delegations, refused to condemn adult-child sex. ILGA said “these groups had joined ILGA at an earlier stage of ILGA’s development, at a time when ILGA did not have in place administrative procedures to scrutinize the constitutions and policies of groups seeking membership.” This claim, at least until last week, gave UN delegations pause since the name “North American Man Boy Love Association makes it fairly clear the group promotes homosexual sex between men and children.

Another approved group, the Danish National Association for Gays and Lesbians considers itself to be an organization that takes a “conservative” approach to gay-rights advocacy in Denmark. That is, its support for gay “marriage,” for gay adoption, and for laws that would force churches to bless gay unions, all are “conservative” endeavors because in doing these things Danish homosexuals do not “want to change the world,” they “just want to be in it on equal terms.” The Association does understand, however, the concerns of “subversive” Danish homosexuals, who want to prevent the “extensive heterofication of [Danish] society” that they say is happening because gays are pursuing “conservative” ends, such as marriage. In this way does the Association understand itself as a moderate gay-rights group.

LSVD includes member divisions such as “LSVD fresh,” which is supposed to be a support group “for youngsters” who are gay.

Twenty-three nations on the Council voted for the groups’ accreditation, while sixteen voted against it, and ten abstained. Among those voting in favor of the gay-rights groups was the United States, which has recently been voting in favor of groups that advance the homosexual agenda at the UN. One UN permanent representative told the Friday Fax that, “while the Bush Administration has been solid on life issues, it seems irrational to me that they insist on favoring gay groups that clearly seek to undermine marriage and the family.”

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