C-SPAN Airs Speech by Homosexual Bishop Vicky Gene Robinson — on Christmas Eve

bishop_vicky_gene_robinson_cspan.jpg C-SPAN helped homosexual Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire Vicky Gene Robinson — he was named such because his parents wanted a girl — plead his heretical case to America by airing his speech twice on Christmas Eve night. In the speech, Robinson discussed his plan to enter into a “civil union” with his homosexual lover, saying he always wanted to be a “June bride.” The bishop claimed (against all evidence in Scripture) that the Holy Spirit is involved in the crusade for more open homosexuals like him in the clergy. Write C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb (viewer@c-span.org) or call him (202-737-3220) to protest this holiday programming choice that was deeply offensive to Bible-believing Christians. Urge C-SPAN to balance Robinson’s lecture by covering a presentation by evangelical Dr. Michael Brown in Charlotte, North Carolina next month titled, “Can you be gay and Christian?”  Photo by C-SPAN.

By Peter LaBarbera

TAKE ACTION: Write (viewer@c-span.org) or call C-SPAN (202-737-3220) CEO Brian Lamb today or tomorrow to object to their airing of a speech by a controversial homosexual-clergy activist and Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, Vicky Gene Robinson, twice on Christmas Eve.  Politely urge C-SPAN to compensate for this offensive, pro-homosexual coverage by sending their cameras to cover evangelical apologist Dr. Michael Brown and his upcoming conference, “Can you be gay and Christian?” to be held Feb. 11-15 in Charlotte, N.C. 


I’m wondering why C-SPAN chose to re-air a long speech by homosexual activist and Episcopal Bishop Vicky Gene Robinson on Christmas Eve, one of the most sacred days on the Christian calendar. In his speech Nov. 27 at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, “How Morality Plays a Role in Legal Rights, Especially for the Gay Community,” which had already been aired on Dec. 8, Robinson claimed that the Holy Spirit was involved in the crusade for homosexual “inclusion” in the clergy.

First things first: did you know that the infamously “gay” bishop’s first name is “Vicky” (as you can see above, C-SPAN only put “Gene Robinson” on the screen). Apparently his parents really wanted a girl and — when they doubted their sickly newborn would even live — they named him accordingly: Vicky Imogene (middle name after the mother) Robinson. In 2003, the Concord Monitor reported matter-of-factly (as only the agnostic media can) on the birth of the baby who would become Episcopal “Rev. V. Gene Robinson” as follows:

Robinson was born in Lexington, Ky., in 1947, in a delivery that went so wrong the doctor told his father he needed a name for the baby’s birth and death certificates. Charles and Imogene Robinson had counted on a girl, so Robinson’s father named the baby Vicky Imogene Robinson.

Now, common sense dictates that if you do not want your boy to struggle with masculinity or gender issues, perhaps it is not a good idea to name him “Vicky,” or Susan, or Linda. In this BBC video interview, Robinson calls his father’s decision to give him a girl’s name “a terrible thing to do to a boy child.” 

Indeed, but it gets worse.

When the baby did live, Robinson’s parents never changed his name and his birth certificate. How strange and cruel is that? The liberal-biased Wikipedia reports, relying on the book, Going to Heaven: The Life and Election of Bishop Gene Robinson (emphasis added):

For a long time, Robinson’s parents believed the boy would die soon. Much later in life, Robinson’s father would tell him he couldn’t take any joy in the boy’s development because he always thought each step was going to be the last thing. Robinson’s parents were and still are members of a small Disciples of Christ congregation. Robinson describes his childhood as very religious. Robinson had perfect Sunday School attendance for thirteen years. 

The struggling little boy named Vicky, whose parents diligently brought him to church but never saw the need to give him a name to match his sex? GenderPAC, America’s leading gender-confusion lobby, would be proud.

One wonders what this poor, confused child went through thanks to his parent’s heartless act (note that even as an adult, he never dispensed with the “V,” for Vicky, another oddity). And contrast Robinson’s father’s lack of joy with the stories of parents of children with terminal diseases who rejoice at each new day that their child is alive.

I bring this up — with the caveat that I have not read anything except the above on Robinson’s upbringing — to remind readers of a cold reality: parents can do a number on their kids, and stories of dysfunctional upbringings in the lives of homosexuals are about as hard to find as corn in Iowa. This is a pitiable yet crucial part of the debate on homosexual development that the media downplays in favor of sexy “gay gene” stories or gay-victim pieces focusing on society’s “homophobia.”

Whether it’s a boy who grew up perceiving rejection from his emotionally distant father, or who had no father; a girl who experienced abuse or rape; or early sexualization or molestation in the young life of one who subsequently becomes a “gay” adult — there is ample evidence that confusion, abuse, alienation and/or neglect have an important role in the formation of “gay” identity.

So now comes along Vicky Gene Robinson, who attributes his work, and no doubt his choice to embrace sinful sexual behavior, to the work of the the Holy Spirit.

This is not from Holy Spirit, but the outworking of fallen humanity.

I can only imagine how difficult this man’s life has been, but that can never justify his joining the dark side (abusing his pastoral authority to teach sin as a social good to others). In his defining, media-hyped crusade, Robinson personifies the most evil aspect of the “gay” movement: the crusade to re-write Christianity itself to accommodate their besetting sin.

A June Bride?

Although I was curious, I wasn’t about to watch Robinson’s homosexual nonsense on C-SPAN on Christmas Eve — not that my wife would have let me anyway — but I’m sure glad I didn’t after reading an account of it below. No wonder the Episcopal Church has become a laughingstock among genuine believers (and moral non-believers), to the dismay of those faithful Christians still in that denomination.

The following is excerpted from the U. of Miami News Service article on the C-SPAN-televised speech (emphasis added):   

The nation’s first openly gay Episcopal bishop told a crowd of about 200 that come June he’s marching down the aisle with his longtime male partner Mark Andrew.


“I always wanted to be a June bride,” said Bishop Gene Robinson at a talk on Nov. 27 at Nova Southeastern University.


“It may take many years for religious institutions to add their blessing for same-sex marriages and no church, mosque or synagogue should be forced to do so. But that should not slow down progress for the full civil right to marry,” Robinson said. “Because New Hampshire will have legal unions beginning in January, my partner of 20 years and I will enter into such a legal union next June.” …


“The greatest single hindrance to achievement of full rights for gays and lesbians can be laid at the doorstep of the three Abrahamic faiths– Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It’s going to take people of faith to end discrimination,” said Robinson, who was invested as the ninth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire in 2004. …


Robinson, a divorced father of two adult daughters, emphasized that scripture must viewed in its historical context. Citing specific verses in Leviticus calling male homosexual acts an abomination, Robinson noted that that same holiness code says eating pork is an abomination and that children cursing their parents is punishable with death. He said that the concept of sexual orientation didn’t emerge until about a century ago. …


Robinson also tried to link what he sees as oppression of human rights of homosexuals to discrimination against woman, blacks and others.


“I believe the Holy Spirit leads us into deeper truth about equality, dignity and truth about every human being. The Holy Spirit is unrelenting, keeps leading and guiding us to the full inclusion of all God’s children.”

A man named Vicky who wants to be a “June bride.” Hmmm. 

God may work in mysterious ways, but He does not contradict His holy nature. Robinson’s shoddy “gay theology” does not hold up to serious scrutiny (see www.robgagnon.net for the website of Prof. Rob Gagnon, author of The Bible and Homosexual Practice; or listen HERE — scroll down to Dec. 2 program — to Dr. Michael Brown’s interview discussing the Leviticus Holiness Code that Robinson distorts). Of course, that won’t stop him; he long ago left the pursuit of Truth in favor of being an agent for revisionist propaganda.

There are few things more tragic in these Culture Wars than seeing men of the cloth being used as tools for the enthusiastic promotion of evil. Vicky Gene Robinson is one of them. By bringing God and the Holy Spirit into his perversion, he brazenly claims that God’s holiness is at work in the progression of sin — an impossibility.

And he helps leads countless of God’s little ones astray. Will future generations of public school children be taught that Robinson is a “civil rights hero” during “Gay and Lesbian History Month“?

So let’s review: either Almighty God — Creator of the atom, the mountains and the oceans, and man and woman — is really confused; or could it be that a guy raised as Vicky Gene — looking to become the “June bride” of his homosexual lover — is the confused one?

TAKE ACTION:  1) C-SPAN is a wonderful source of public policy information. But they did wrong to bring Robinson’s anti-Biblical, pro-sodomy message to America, twice, on a day when countless millions of Americans were celebrating the earthly birth of their sinless Savior, Jesus Christ. Write (viewer@c-span.org) or call C-SPAN (202-737-3220) CEO Brian Lamb today or tomorrow about their insensitivity to tradition Christians.  Urge them to cover Dr. Michael Brown’s lecture series, “Can you be gay and Christian?” in Charlotte, N.C., which will be held February 11-15. (Click HERE or HERE for more information on Brown’s presentations and ministry.)

2) Pray for “V. Gene Robinson,” who needs a real encounter with the Lord leading to repentance. Meanwhile, do what you can to resist his and his allies’ subversion of the Bible and their campaign to re-write Christianity to accommodate perversion.

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