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Truly SCAAARRRY ‘Gay’ Activist Quotes

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Radical quotations and LGBT writings reflect a revolutionary and destructive sexual/gender movement

Photo from the NAMBLA website of the late "gay" icon Harry Hay speaking at a 1984 meeting of the North American Man/Boy Love Association. Hay says "gay" boys benefit from sexual relationships with adult homosexual men.

Photo from the NAMBLA website of the late “gay” icon Harry Hay (far right, wearing hat) speaking at a 1984 meeting of the North American Man/Boy Love Association in San Francisco. Hay said “gay” boys ages 12-15 benefit from sexual relationships with adult homosexual men.

Americans For Truth renews its Halloween tradition of delivering some very scary – or at least highly disturbing — quotes from LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) activists and publications. (There is also a frighteningly evil quotation from LGBT “straight ally” Eve Ensler.) Whether it’s promoting pedophilia, sullying Christianity, telling the awful truth about the realities of homosexual sodomies – or one of the biggest Heroes of Homosexuality saying that bestiality is OK (as long as the animals don’t mind, of course) – the following quotations and writings testify to the perverse nature of modern homosexualism. Needless to say, they are not likely to find their way into the liberal media or politically-correct history books taught to schoolchildren.

Most of what homosexual activists and their liberal, straight cheerleaders say about “homophobia” is tendentious nonsense, designed to demonize people like you and me. But Americans and moral-minded folks the world over certainly should fear the real-life ramifications of normalizing sexual perversion and gender confusion in the culture. To quote pro-family advocate Gary Morella, “A civilized society must justly ‘discriminate’ in favor of health over disease, right over wrong, moral over immoral, and discriminate use of sexuality over indiscriminate sexual expression.” People suffer and societies crumble when immoral, unhealthy behaviors are not just tolerated, but fostered and even celebrated by the State and corporate/cultural elites.

So be scared. Be very scared. And please pass around these decidedly “queer quotes” to educate others. – Peter LaBarbera,

[Warning: A few of quotations below contain explicit descriptions of homosexual acts]


One Lesbian’s ‘Better Two-Thirds’

“Lucky that on this national coming out day I can safely be a proud queer woman blessed with two awesome partners.”

Olga Tomchin, taken from testimony in Transgender Law Center post on “Coming Out,” October 11, 2013 (Oct. 11 is deemed “National Coming Out Day” by LGBT activists);


Bad News for Straight Soldiers

Military-oriented pornography is apparently very popular among homosexual men. Lesbian Camille Paglia says it is absurd to argue that homosexual men will not ogle and lust after straight soldiers in military showers and barracks.

Military-oriented pornography is apparently very popular among homosexual men. Lesbian Camille Paglia says it is absurd to argue that “gay” men will not ogle and lust after straight soldiers in military showers and barracks. The nudity on this video cover above –from a “gay” porn video website — was blocked for decency.

“It is ridiculous to assert that gay men are interested only in other gay men and would never ogle straight men in barracks showers. When I heard this on TV, I burst out laughing. Anyone who belongs to a health club knows better. Sexual tension and appraisal are constants, above all among gay men, who never stop cruising everything in sight. Seduction of straight studs is a highly erotic motif in gay porn.”

Camille PagliaVamps & Tramps, pp. 87-88. (Vintage Books: 1994). “Cruising” is a popular “gay” term for searching for sex partners. Paglia’s assessment is confirmed by the popularity of homosexual pornography with military themes.


They’re Here, They’re Queer, They’re Reporters with a Clear Conflict of Interest

“We Here! We’re Queer! We’re on Deadline.”

— Slogan of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA). See author’s report for America’s Survival, Inc.: “Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid: Fox News’ Growing Pro-Homosexual Bias and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.” Perhaps appropriately, the NLGJA slogan plays of the old “Queer Nation” street activists’ chant: “We’re here! We’re queer! Get used to it!”


Agenda-driven Homosexual Journalists Tout ‘Born Gay’ Myth as Fact

Sexual orientation: Innate sexual attraction. Use this term instead of ‘sexual preference.’ See lifestyle….

Sexual preference: Avoid. Politically charged term implying that sexuality is the result of a conscious choice. See sexual orientation.”

NLGJA “Stylebook” entries, showing the organization’s politicized application of the unproven “born gay” theory. The homosexual journalists’ group uses the Stylebook to guide (pressure) “mainstream” journalists on how to write (and think about) homosexuality. Obviously, this biased definition – beyond being an opinion and not factual — encourages the notion that homosexuals have no responsibility for their same-sex behavior, thus negating the idea that homosexuality itself is a moral issue. Studies show that people who think “gays” are “born that way” are less likely to resist the LGBT activist agenda. For the best refutation of “born gay” ideology and pro-“gay”-politicized science, see the website of Dr. Neil and Briar Whitehead, co-authors of My Genes Made Me Do It: See also author’s “Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid” report.


Black Women, Beware: ‘Down Low’ Men Hate Condoms

“Women involved with DL men [‘Down Low’ denoting men who act straight in public but secretly practice homosexuality] are being infected with HIV because these men do not believe in wearing condoms and they don’t know their HIV status. Condoms take away from the very thing they are seeking—the thrill of spontaneity. Condoms take away that feeling when having man-to-man sex….

“But for the most part, a man on the DL isn’t even thinking about all that. He’s not thinking about a condom or diseases. DL men look at themselves as invincible, strong black men. They ain’t catching that ‘gay disease.’”

J.L. King with Karen Hunter, On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of ‘Straight’ Black Men who Sleep with Men,” pp. 25-26; (Broadway Books: New York: 2004).


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UK Christian Answers Totalitarian Brit: Homosexual Activists ‘Forcing their Worldview on Others’

Friday, June 27th, 2008

“In fact, the most hate-filled people we have ever met are the homosexual activists who are forcing their world view on others.”David Burdett, UK

Dear AFTAH supporters,

David Burdett’s excellent letter responding to a fellow Brit, Peter Bradley, who says Americans For Truth would be “imprisoned” in the UK, reminds us that the battle for Truth on this issue is worldwide in its scope. We who reject the immoral, anti-Christian homosexualist agenda and the homo-fascism that it naturally spawns must work together to preserve freedom and the time-tested Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. — Peter LaBarbera

Read Bradley’s censorious message HERE, and write us with your response defending American freedom and Judeo-Christian norms at Mr. Burdett writes June 25 through AFTAH’s website:

Dear Mr. Bradley,

My wife and I are Christians and from England, we believe that the homosexual lifestyle in sinful and we have should have the right to be able to express our religious beliefs without fear of being branded as hate-inciting criminals. In fact, the most hate-filled people we have ever met are the homosexual activists who are forcing their worldview on others. We all have free will to live as we choose and I accept that. However, we object in the strongest possible terms to the ‘gay’ agenda being forced onto us via the schools (teaching four-year-olds about same sex relationships); via the TV (the Heinz advert [in the UK showing a homosexual male couple kissing; Heinz pulled the ad after British protests]; two priests getting “married” in a church last week; and the pro-gay government and their biased laws.

You seem to think the UK is some kind of great place to live. I guess you haven’t seen the statistics about England’s huge drug problem amongst the young, the rise in teenage pregnancy and spread of sexually transmitted diseases. All of this is due to being a Godless society — thank God we have people like Peter LaBarbera who are not afraid to speak the truth!


David Burdett
London, England

Should Chicago ‘Gay Catholic’ Group AGLO Even Exist within Church?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

‘Gay and Lesbian Outreach’ group set to march in bawdy Chicago ‘gay pride’ parade

UPDATE: We learned June 26 from a Catholic, pro-family advocate who contacted the Chicago Archdiocese that AGLO has now been denied permission to march officially in this year’s homosexual “pride parade.” Stay tuned for more on this story.

chicago_topless_transsexual_2007.JPG [Click on photo to enlarge.] Topless transsexual bares his (presumably hormone-induced) breasts at last year’s (2007) Chicago “gay pride” parade. The “man” rode exposed like this for blocks along the parade route, as the crowd lining the streets cheered him on. Faithful Catholics in Chicagoland are outraged that a church-affiliated group called AGLO (Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach) may march in this year’s homosexuality-celebrating parade. (AGLO is listed as #114 in the parade line-up.) Photo: AFTAH. Click HERE to contact the Archdiocese of Chicago regarding AGLO.

Folks, I cannot help but commend this brilliant response from my friend Gary Morella to the news that Chicago Cardinal George is allowing (at least for now) a so-called “gay Catholic”-oriented group called AGLO (Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach) to march in this Sunday’s “Chicago Gay Pride” parade. (AGLO is listed as #114 in the parade line-up.) Morella is a Catholic pro-family, pro-life activist and research mathematician at Penn State, who catches enormous flack for his stubborn insistence on proclaiming truth at that academic den of iniquity.

Gary as a Catholic and I as an evangelical disagree on some points of theology, but we are completely in accord on the need to combat all worldly attempts to transform the sinful yet changeable behavior of homosexuality into some kind of inherent and innocuous “identity.” — Peter LaBarbera,

P.S. I learned from my friend Susan Jordan, a Chicagoland Catholic, that AGLO has marched in other Chicago “gay pride” parades.


gary_morella_headshot.bmpGary Morella (left) writes:

In regard to the report of a Chicago “AGLO” group marching in a “Gay Pride” parade, some seminal Catholic truths apply in regard to the “bottom line,” not the least of which is the following. The Chicago Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach is misnamed. There is nothing “gay” about being inclined to unnatural acts that are so revolting as to cause extreme revulsion when accurately described! We are talking about sexual perversion that has not evolved to sexual deviance to sexual preference to sexual orientation, which is the politically correct lie of those practicing same in order to anesthetize society that they must accept the vices of a radical fringe under force of law – to heck with the common good! Rather, we’re talking about aberrant behavior that remains sexual perversion, regardless of the devil’s packaging! Accordingly, there is nothing Catholic about celebrating such perverse behavior that is condemned by traditional Catholic teaching rooted in Sacred Scripture, PERIOD! This truth should be obvious to anyone who is Catholic in more than name only in the recognition that the common good leads ultimately to a supernatural good in accord with God’s Divine Plan for His Creation. To thwart the common good is to do the work of the devil!

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Newsweek and New York Times Wrongly Report that Rick Warren Would Meet with Soulforce

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Christian Anti-Defamation Commission asks for a retraction and an apology

mel_white_gary_nixon.jpg Soulforce founder Mel White, pictured here with his homosexual lover Gary Nixon, accused Christians who adhere to historic Church teachings on the sinfulness of homosexuality of “spiritual violence” against homosexuals. Despite his and Soulforce’s manipulative tactics, God’s Word is not negotiable.

Folks, in reading this release by Gary Cass, I cannot help but wonder if the several churches that agreed to meet with the homosexual activist group Soulforce — including Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois — were naive about its radical agenda. Soulforce and its founder, Mel White, have always used manipulative and deceptive strategies (including the wordsmith White’s calculated accusation that faithful Christians are guilty of “spiritual violence” against homosexuals).

Soulforce is a nefarious organization that seeks to undermine Biblical truth about one particular sexual sin — homosexuality. Their pleadings for “dialogue” with Christians are merely a tactic — the camel’s nose in the tent, as it were — part of their larger goal of duping believers into compromising on God’s Word. We ask again: would Willow Creek Church or other mega-churches enter into (forced) “dialogue” with a “Christian porn” group? We hope not. Pray for White and the entire Soulforce crew — including “straight allies” like Jay Bakker, who claims to have received a special pro-homosexual revelation from God.

Christians must minister the Gospel in love to sinners in need of Christ’s forgiveness and healing power. But unless we are open to “dialoguing” with advocates of other sins, we shouldn’t do so with activists who twist the Bible to accommodate homosexuality. God’s Word is not negotiable.Peter LaBarbera


Christian Anti-Defamation Commission

News Release

June 13, 2008

In an outrageous example of sloppy journalism, Newsweek’s Lisa Miller defamed Pastor Rick Warren, the best-selling Christian author and mega-church pastor. Miller reported Warren compromised on the matter of homosexuality.

The bogus claims originated with a homosexual activist group, Soulforce. It issued a press release stating they were meeting with Rick Warren for a “conversation” and that Warren was inviting homosexual fathers to come to church on Father’s day.

Timothy Egan of The New York Times furthered the lie. Neither major news outlet fact checked the story.

Rick Warren responded: “Newsweek quoted a Soulforce press release headline that was 100% false. We did not invite this group and I will not be meeting with them. They invited themselves to draw attention to their cross country publicity stunt.”

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Prof. Rob Gagnon Offers ‘Love, the Bible and Homosexual Practice’ DVD Series

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

bible_and_homosexual_practice_gagnon.jpgFrom the website of Rob Gagnon, Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and probably the world’s foremost authority on the Bible and homosexuality. I have heard Prof. Gagnon present on several of these topics and suffice it to say that it is no mystery why “gay” revisionist theologians are loathe to debate him. I highly recommend that you order and study this important resource. (You can also order his book, The Bible and Homosexual Practice, on Amazon HERE.) I also commend Gagnon’s work to those homosexual activists who claim to be in pursuit of truth, and those who want to truly understand the heart of God on this vexing issue.–Peter LaBarbera.

“Love, the Bible, and Homosexual Practice”: A 4-Hour 3-DVD Presentation by Robert Gagnon (2008)

… with excellent high-definition picture and sound, along with slides; taped professionally at Grace Chapel in Franklin, Tenn. on Apr. 12, 2008 for Mastering Life Ministries (see online sites at and, along with an hour-long CD. $35 plus $7 shipping and handling. To order click HERE or go to

DVD 1: What’s at Stake & What Are the Closest Analogies (83 min.)

Treats why we disagree in the church about homosexual practice; what’s at stake in this debate; why the oft-cited, alleged analogies to Gentile inclusion, slavery, women in ministry, and divorce and remarriage are not in fact good analogies to the Bible’s prohibition of homosexual practice; what the main problem with homosexual practice is; why adult-committed incest and polyamory are the closest analogies; and responses to audience questions.

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Boston ‘Gay Youth Pride’ Day Includes Hardcore Anti-Christian Propaganda

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Youth walk in Boston’s annual “Gay/Straight Youth Pride March” holding a banner for BAGLY, the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth. The group is run by a cross-dressing, male-to-female transsexual activist adult. Kudos to MassResistance for exposing the corrupting influences on Massachusetts youth.

Brian Camenker of writes:

We’ve just found out that the [Massachusetts] Senate Ways and Means Committee will be meeting tomorrow – Wednesday, May 14 – to decide on the 2009 budget appropriations. This includes the $750,000 now earmarked for homosexual activism targeting children in schools. Click HERE to contact the Ways and Means Committee to oppose the use of Massachusetts taxpayer dollars for this agenda.

Massachusetts citizens: want to know where your tax money is going? Read on:

1. Homosexual “Youth Pride Day” includes hardcore “gay” anti-religious propaganda. Speaker incites crowd to attack photographers.

This past Saturday was homosexual “Youth Pride Day” in Boston, run by the tax-funded Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth. It included a “celebration” on the Boston Common followed by a parade past the State House and a “transgender prom” that evening at Boston City Hall.

Kids were bussed in from all over the state. Homosexual activists were everywhere.

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Wheaton College Invites Leftist, Pro-Homosexual Evangelical Jim Wallis to Speak

Friday, February 15th, 2008

jim_wallis-2-speaking.jpg  Wheaton College speaker Jim Wallis says affirming homosexual couples is a “justice issue.” See the Wheaton  announcement here:

By Peter LaBarbera 

With polls showing more evangelicals — especially younger evangelicals — warming to the idea of voting Democratic (despite the party’s rigid pro-abortion-on-demand and pro-homosexuality agendas), we found this item of interest: this coming Tuesday, Wheaton College will be hostng liberal evangelical advocate Jim Wallis as a featured speaker at the college’s Center for Applied Christian Ethics (CACE). See the CACE announcement here:

This follows on CACE last September inviting homosexual “gay christian” activist Harry Knox to speak at a panel discussion on “HIV and Morality,” as a representative of the (traditional-Christian-bashing) homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign. You may recall that it was Knox who, in a TV debate with CWA’s Matt Barber (watch it HERE), called his homosexuality an “unchangeable gift from God, one for which I am very grateful. And it would fly in the face of my respect for God to give that gift back.” (We insensitive Bible-thumpers at AFTAH called that “Satan’s Talking Points.”)

If I’m not mistaken, Harry talked about his relationship with his male partner at the Wheaton panel discussion, which was titled, “Thy Kingdom Come: Christian Moral Engagement in the World.” I don’t believe there was much if any critical “engagement” of Knox when he brought up his homosexual relationship. What a pity. (You can listen to the discussion by going HERE and clicking on the “HIV and Morality Panel” links; there is Part One and Part Two.)

I’m reading Wallis’ new book, “The Great Awakening” (introduction by pro-abortion-rights, pro-homosexuality Jimmy Carter), and I’m not quite sure how Wallis can square his own “applied Christian ethics” with the inspired and authoritative Word of God, which is hardly nuanced on the sin of homosexual behavior. Of course, Wallis, as a leading light of the Religious Left, has plenty of his own criticisms of us on the “Religious Right.”

It would seem appropriate that Wheaton College — as one of the most respected and Biblically faithful Christian colleges in the United States– would at the very least allow equal time for an orthodox evangelical spokesman who is more in line with Christian conservatives on moral issues– perhaps even a stellar representative like Rev. Al Mohler, who surely will not be voting for the Democrats this November.

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Joe Dallas Critiques ‘The Gay Gospel’

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

gaygospelsmall.jpg From the book, The Gay Gospel: How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible, by Joe Dallas (Harvest House Publishers, 2007). To order The Gay Gospel ($14) or other Biblically-oriented resources by Joe revolving around sexual purity, go to his website at

Note that Joe’s life as a former homosexual gives the lie to the second tactical approach of the aggressive “gay Christian” movement, which he discusses below:

As the gay Christian movement continued finding allies in churches and secular circles, it also continued to follow the trends of the larger gay-rights movement. And the gay-rights movement’s most noticeable trend, from the mid-1980s into the 1990s, was aggression.


The AIDS epidemic, in full bloom by the mid ’80s, fueled a strident form of gay activism. Groups such as the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP), Queer Nation, and the Lesbian Avengers caught the public’s eye as they staged boisterous demonstrations and invaded churches and corporations they considered to be “enemies.”


The gay Christian movement did not take long to develop its own style of aggression. Fundamental to its identity were two beliefs: Homosexuality is not unbiblical; and homosexuals can’t change, even if they want to. … 


   — The Gay Gospel, Joe Dallas p. 88; To order The Gay Gospel ($14), go to Dallas is founder of Genesis Counseling, which seeks to “Reclaim Godly Sexuality through the Saving Work of Jesus Christ, The Sanctifying Work of the Holy Spirit and the Body Ministry of the Christian Church.” See their “Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Addiction and Recovery from a Biblical Perspective.”  

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