WATCH IT: “Rally for Sally” Kern at Oklahoma Capitol

We hit you with a lot of bad news at Americans For Truth, thanks to the committed morality-phobes on the Left. So here’s some great news for a change: a wonderful Christian legislator, Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern, refused to be cowed into submission by the nation’s self-described “queer” movement. Get pumped for truth-telling by watching these rally videos (about 43 minutes total for all six videos).

The following are YouTube videos of last week’s “Rally for Sally” Kern held April 2 at the Oklahoma State Capitol, including my talk representing Americans For Truth. A huge and enthusiastic crowd of 1,500 (Daily Oklahoman estimate) or more citizens came out to support State Rep. Kern, who had been deluged with hate mail and hate phone calls after a homosexual activist group, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, created an anti-Kern YouTube using selectively edited portions of a public speech she had given.

The quality of these videos is not that great, but it is more than made up for by the moral clarity of the speakers. Below is part one of Sally’s moving speech:

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Compare this “Rally for Sally” crowd to an earlier “anti-Sally” homosexual protest rally in the same Capitol Rotunda, which drew less than 100 activists. (The Daily Oklahoman later misreported the homosexualist rally attendance at 500 people; Paul Blair of Reclaim Oklahoma observed the rally and said there were 60 people there.)

It was my privilege to join these great Oklahoma speakers and passionate men and women of God to defend Sally Kern, whose humility, goodness and Christian commitment shine through in her speech, and give lie to the false “queer” caricature of her as a “hate-monger” and “homophobe.” Let’s commit ourselves to stop apologizing for agreeing with God about homosexuality! Thanks to Paul Blair and Reclaim Oklahoma for posting these videos. — Peter LaBarbera,

Part 1A: Introduction by Steve Kern, Sally’s husband and pastor of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Oklahoma City; and first part of Sally Kern’s speech (same as above YouTube video; click HERE for transcript of Sally’s speech):

Part 1B: second part of Sally Kern’s speech:

Part 2A: speech supporting Sally by ex-“gay” Stephen Black of First Stone Ministries, which helps men and women leave the homosexual lifestyle (click HERE for a transcript of Black’s speech):

Part 2B: second part of Stephen Black’s speech:

Part 3: speech by Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality:–sHpiw&feature=related

Part 4: Speech by Paul Blair, founder of Reclaim Oklahoma:

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