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LISTEN: AFTAH Interview with Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern – Part One

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

"The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism -- and Why We Must Take a Stand"

This is the first of a Two-Part interview with Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R) [click HERE to listen]. It was pre-recorded August 31 and aired September 3, 2011. Sally Kern is Christian conservative Republican lawmaker in Oklahoma who was deluged with hate-mail and hate-calls after the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund (GLVF) published excerpts from a secretly-recorded 2008 speech she gave in which she said, among other things, that “the homosexual agenda is destroying this nation,” and that it’s a bigger threat to America than terrorism. [Listen to GLVF’s SELECTIVELY EDITED video excerpting Kern’s speech HERE.]

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern

Sally talks about her new book, “The Stoning of Sally Kern,” [available from AFTAH at the discounted price of $20 including postage; send check specifying “Kern book” to: Americans For Truth, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522.] She describes the day, March 7, 2008, that changed her life forever — when thousands of hostile homosexual e-mails flooded her inbox. (Angry phone calls jammed her office phone system, and then started coming to her home.) Ironically, homosexual militants who denounced Sally’s alleged “hate” subjected her and her family to the sort of vicious attacks that most Americans could hardly conceive of — including publishing false reports that her son Jesse was a homosexual — and smearing Sally’s husband, Pastor Steve Kern, as a past member of the KKK. Sally discusses the role of her and her family’s Christian faith in sustaining them in the face of the hate-campaign, and AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera praises Kern for not backing down in the face of such evil attacks.

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9-3-11, Sally Kern, Part One

Sally Kern: Obama Proclaims Whole Month of ‘Gay Pride’ Yet Will Not Acknowledge a National Day of Prayer

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Says President does not know the difference between God-given rights and sinful, changeable behavior

sally_kern-2.jpgThe following are the remarks of Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R) at AFTAH’s pro-family coalition press conference in Chicago June 17 highlighting President Obama’s radical homosexualist agenda (links added):

The homosexual agenda is only one symptom of the real problem in America. The problem is that we have forsaken the Judeo-Christian values upon which this nation was founded. Noah Webster declared: “The principles of genuine liberty and of wise laws and administrations are to be drawn from the  Bible.”

There are two conflicting worldviews vying for power. The secular humanist worldview versus the Judeo-Christian or Biblical worldview. Humanism sees the world as impersonal matter shaped by chance with man just another animal. There is no basis for values or laws. The Biblical worldview recognizes a Creator who established moral laws and absolute truth as revealed in the Bible. Man, made in God’s image, is priceless.

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AFTAH Press Conference: Obama’s Appointments and Policies Reflect Extreme Homosexual Agenda

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

HATE CRIMES ALERT:  FoxNews and the “gay” press are reporting that the Senate could vote today or tomorrow on “Hate Crimes” legislation. It reportedly will be attached to an innocuous bill, S. 1023, the Travel Promotion Act.  Please call your U.S. Senators at 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 ( and urge them not to pass “Hate Crimes” legislation, which would create unequal protection and federalize “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (transsexual “rights”) in the law.  After “hate crimes” laws invariably come “hate speech” laws (e.g., in Canada and Great Britain), so this bill represents a grave threat to our First Amendment liberties. Please forward this e-mail on to your network. — Peter LaBarbera,


Media Advisory

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

June 16, 2009; Contact: Angela at 847-722-5330;

Coalition Press Conference: Obama’s Appointments and Policies Reflect Extreme Homosexual Agenda

CHICAGO, Ill. – Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) is organizing a news conference Wednesday, June 17th at 11:00 AM, to highlight President Obama’s radical homosexual appointments and overall “gay” agenda:

Where: 29 South LaSalle Street, Suite 610, Chicago, IL
When: Wednesday., June 17, 11:00 AM
Who: Scheduled speakers:

Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality
Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel;
Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R);
Hiram Crawford, pro-family, pro-life advocate, Chicago;
Mary Ann Hackett, Catholic Citizens of Illinois;
Diane Gramley, American Family Association of Pennsylvania;
David Smith, Illinois Family Institute;

Pastor Larry Rogers, Israel Methodist Community Church, Chicago;
Tom Brejcha, Thomas More Pro-Life Law Center;
Pastor Calvin Lindstrom, Church of Christian Liberty, Arlington Heights, IL

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Utah GOP Leaders Cave in to Homosexual Campaign Targeting Veteran Republican Legislator

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Timid Utah GOP Leadership Rewards ‘Gay’ Activists

chris_buttars_official_photo.jpgTAKE ACTION: Contact Utah Senate President Michael Waddoups and other GOP Utah Senate leaders and urge them to reinstate Utah St. Sen Chris Buttars (right) and NOT to punish him for speaking his mind against the aggressive and often hateful homosexual activist movement. Use the following contact information: e-mail: (other GOP State Senate leader e-mails HERE); Waddoups’ senate office: (801) 538-1407 or Utah Senate switchboard: 801-538-1035. Support Buttars at


By Peter LaBarbera

Folks, I don’t know which aspect of this story is more preposterous: the notion of anti-Christian, homosexual lobby groups like Human Rights Campaign (HRC) — with their long history of demonizing people of faith as hateful bigots — setting themselves up as arbiters of responsible speech; OR … the specter of Republican Party leaders bending to pro-Democratic HRC’s pressure tactics.

My good friend Matt Barber (a Board Member of AFTAH) is correct below: if the Republican Party’s leaders think they are going to succeed in the long run by caving in to the Left’s version of “tolerance,” then we’re looking ahead at decades of Democrat Party rule in these United States. You simply cannot appease the homosexual activist movement, and groups like HRC are now engaged in a campaign of intimidation against pro-family lawmakers nationwide. Their unsubtle campaign attempts to classify any discussion of organized homosexual activism as a “threat” as beyond-the-pale hate speech leading to violence. More ominously, savvy homosexual moneymen like Tim Gill are targeting pro-family legislators for defeat using out-of-state “gay” PAC bundling, and it’s working [see this 2007 NPR story, “Wealthy Gay Donors a New Force in Politics,” featuring Americans For Truth].

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Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern Wins Re-election in Landslide Despite Homosexual Smear Campaign

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Homosexual attacks boomeranged; “gay” incumbent statewide candidate Jim Roth loses despite heavily outspending pro-family opponent backed by Kern

ellen_degeneres_calls_sally_kern.jpgHow many state representatives draw the attention of national TV talk show hosts? At left, Ellen DeGeneres rolls her eyes as she plays the (selectively edited) audiotape of Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern (R; pictured on the screen next to Ellen). Apparently Ellen is not aware that pro-“gay” educators have targeted very young students — even toddlers — with inappropriate, homosexuality-affirming messages. Despite the withering and often nasty “gay” web campaign against her, Kern easily won re-election in her district. Moreover, Kern helped another Republican candidate, Dana Murphy, oust Democrat Jim Roth, an incumbent and an open homosexual activist, for the statewide office of Corporation Commission. Murphy was vastly outspent by Roth, who was endorsed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund — which launched the smear campaign against Kern. Click on graphic to enlarge.


By Peter LaBarbera

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R) won re-election in a landslide, 58-42 percent, last week – overcoming a national smear campaign against her by homosexual militants and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres who tried to paint her as an extremist – based on a secretly recorded speech in which she labeled “gay” activism a grave threat to America.

In another triumph over homosexual activism in red state Oklahoma, Kern’s close ally, Republican Dana Murphy, defeated open homosexual Jim Roth (D) for Corporate Commission – an important statewide office. Roth, the incumbent, heavily outspent Murphy, and was endorsed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund (GLVF) – which launched the demonization campaign against Kern and which encouraged out-of-state “gay” campaign donations to Roth.

In this heavily-watched race, GLVF hoped that Roth – already the first admitted homosexual to hold statewide office — would become the first such candidate to be elected statewide in Oklahoma. Instead, GLVF itself became a campaign issue that helped bring Roth down.

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Why Is Grove City College’s Warren Throckmorton Picking on Sally Kern?

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

When Christians become quasi pro-“gay” activists…

throckmorton.jpg sally_kern-2.jpgGrove City College prof Warren Throckmorton and Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern: is Throckmorton violating the Golden Rule by joining homosexual activists in unfairly attacking Kern and her motives? See this great testimony regarding Kern’s character: “The Untold Story about Sally Kern.”

Folks, we expect homosexual activists like Jeremy “Good As You” Hooper to take cheap shots at pro-family leaders like Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R) — but we don’t expect the same from someone affiliated with a leading evangelical Christian College. Sadly, Grove City College psychology associate professor Warren Throckmorton is becoming a “gay”-affirming activist of sorts in his dubious quest for neutrality (as a Christian) on this divisive moral issue.

Warren has done some good work, e.g., debunking various “born gay” claims, but we’re taken aback by his hostile postings against Christian conservatives like Sally who are more principled and outspoken than he in their opposition to homosexual activism. Later we’ll examine a far more serious question: Throckmorton’s “neutral” counseling approach toward homosexuals, which also has raised eyebrows at NARTH and among Christian pro-family observers.

Below is my response to Throckmorton’s latest blog post about Sally Kern; also see THIS LINK for another Throckmorton blog post targeting Kern questioning her Christian love. —Peter LaBarbera

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The Untold Story about Rep. Sally Kern

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

By Stephen Black and Chris Morrison


Chris Morrison of First Stone Ministries credits Sally Kern with lovingly and graciously helping him in his walk out of homosexuality.

Folks, one of the temptations for Christians looking for new approaches to the homosexual issue is to assert or imply that they possess more Christian love for people involved in homosexual behavior — or that they are being more Christ-like — than other Christians who take a strong, principled stand against the “gay” activist agenda. We deal with such condescension all the time here at Americans For Truth, even though I would be the first to admit that I do not love sinners nearly as I ought, according to Christ’s dictates.

In our view, some Christians unfairly piled on following the “gay”-led assault on Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern, echoing homosexual activist criticisms of her without taking the time to get to know this fine woman and her motivations. I put Grove City College’s Warren Throckmorton — who snidely lectured Kern on the Golden Rule on his blog (“Maybe gays are having a hard time with the love thing when they are considered a worse threat than terrorists. Go figure.”) — in this camp. (We’ll have our own questions for Warren and his unorthodox ideas in future posts.)

What I discovered in defending Sally was that she is nothing like the evil, bigoted caricature that homosexual activists, led by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, sought to create in their web-driven campaign to destroy her. Sally actually has a wonderful Christian heart — but those who know her best, such as Stephen Black and Chris Morrison of First Stone Ministries, both former homosexuals, understood that all along, as this beautiful essay testifies. — Peter LaBarbera

The Untold Story about Rep. Sally Kern

by Stephen Black and Chris Morrison from First Stone Ministries

The Untold Story of Irony
Washington’s political gay elitists with the Victory Fund edited Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern’s comments from a closed door meeting given in a January speech of this year. They edited down the comments to what they considered the most inflammatory sound bites. Their cunning plan was to upload the edited comments to YouTube in hopes of enraging gay people and their supporters. This plan, they thought, would further the “Victory Fund” gay political cause and bring in funds for their political machine. Over and over they emphasize that Rep. Kern’s speech demonstrated hatred towards gays. What they failed to mention – or include in the sound bites – is the truth, that Rep. Sally Kern said we must love the homosexual. Her message was not about bashing gays. The mainstream liberal media outlets seem to be unconcerned about what was been left out, and unmotivated to seek the whole story, responded predictably. They thrive on bad news and smear tactics of conservatives, so they picked up the story immediately and replayed the inflammatory comments. The story was worldwide overnight! Sally Kern was labeled hateful, bigoted, anti-gay, an evil homophobe and so many other names that are so vile, I cannot repeat.

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Chelsea and the ‘Red Dress Party’: Why It’s Hard to Take Homosexuals Seriously

Friday, April 18th, 2008

By Peter LaBarbera


So Chelsea Clinton partied with 2,000 boys (can we call them men?) in dresses at Portland’s annual “Red Dress Party” on April 12? Can’t say I’m surprised given the polling data on how “gay-friendly” youth are these days. But instead of the usual shock and outrage, let’s dwell for some moments on what these photos say about the social movement that so accurately calls itself “queer.” (See Willamette Week excerpts from the Portland event at bottom.)

Homosexual Men in Dresses

According to this article in the Willamette Week, the Red Dress Party “started years ago as a way for gay guys to wear girlie gowns and get stinkin’ drunk.” Like they needed an excuse. Why is it so easy to get homosexual guys in a dress anyway? Could it be because they are confused about their God-given masculinity to begin with? Sorry, my digression has taken me into overlapping phobias: I don’ t know which I’m more guilty of: homo- or trans-phobia? (Both, you Bible Bigot! I’m reporting you to the Thought Police.)
Sometimes you just have to laugh at a homosexual world that is so utterly lacking in seriousness. We’re dealing with a movement that is filled with overgrown adolescents who still have the gall to compare themselves to the Black civil rights movement. (Shhhh! — don’t tell anyone about the annual Aspen “Gay Ski Week” or how homosexuals travel abroad more (“especially for leisure purposes”) than straights — they’re VICTIMS — VICTIMS OF DISCRIMINATION, I tell you!)

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