Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern Wins Re-election in Landslide Despite Homosexual Smear Campaign

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Homosexual attacks boomeranged; “gay” incumbent statewide candidate Jim Roth loses despite heavily outspending pro-family opponent backed by Kern

ellen_degeneres_calls_sally_kern.jpgHow many state representatives draw the attention of national TV talk show hosts? At left, Ellen DeGeneres rolls her eyes as she plays the (selectively edited) audiotape of Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern (R; pictured on the screen next to Ellen). Apparently Ellen is not aware that pro-“gay” educators have targeted very young students — even toddlers — with inappropriate, homosexuality-affirming messages. Despite the withering and often nasty “gay” web campaign against her, Kern easily won re-election in her district. Moreover, Kern helped another Republican candidate, Dana Murphy, oust Democrat Jim Roth, an incumbent and an open homosexual activist, for the statewide office of Corporation Commission. Murphy was vastly outspent by Roth, who was endorsed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund — which launched the smear campaign against Kern. Click on graphic to enlarge.


By Peter LaBarbera

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R) won re-election in a landslide, 58-42 percent, last week – overcoming a national smear campaign against her by homosexual militants and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres who tried to paint her as an extremist – based on a secretly recorded speech in which she labeled “gay” activism a grave threat to America.

In another triumph over homosexual activism in red state Oklahoma, Kern’s close ally, Republican Dana Murphy, defeated open homosexual Jim Roth (D) for Corporate Commission – an important statewide office. Roth, the incumbent, heavily outspent Murphy, and was endorsed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund (GLVF) – which launched the demonization campaign against Kern and which encouraged out-of-state “gay” campaign donations to Roth.

In this heavily-watched race, GLVF hoped that Roth – already the first admitted homosexual to hold statewide office — would become the first such candidate to be elected statewide in Oklahoma. Instead, GLVF itself became a campaign issue that helped bring Roth down.

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Why Is Grove City College’s Warren Throckmorton Picking on Sally Kern?

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

When Christians become quasi pro-“gay” activists…

throckmorton.jpg sally_kern-2.jpgGrove City College prof Warren Throckmorton and Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern: is Throckmorton violating the Golden Rule by joining homosexual activists in unfairly attacking Kern and her motives? See this great testimony regarding Kern’s character: “The Untold Story about Sally Kern.”

Folks, we expect homosexual activists like Jeremy “Good As You” Hooper to take cheap shots at pro-family leaders like Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R) — but we don’t expect the same from someone affiliated with a leading evangelical Christian College. Sadly, Grove City College psychology associate professor Warren Throckmorton is becoming a “gay”-affirming activist of sorts in his dubious quest for neutrality (as a Christian) on this divisive moral issue.

Warren has done some good work, e.g., debunking various “born gay” claims, but we’re taken aback by his hostile postings against Christian conservatives like Sally who are more principled and outspoken than he in their opposition to homosexual activism. Later we’ll examine a far more serious question: Throckmorton’s “neutral” counseling approach toward homosexuals, which also has raised eyebrows at NARTH and among Christian pro-family observers.

Below is my response to Throckmorton’s latest blog post about Sally Kern; also see THIS LINK for another Throckmorton blog post targeting Kern questioning her Christian love. —Peter LaBarbera

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WATCH IT: “Rally for Sally” Kern at Oklahoma Capitol

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

We hit you with a lot of bad news at Americans For Truth, thanks to the committed morality-phobes on the Left. So here’s some great news for a change: a wonderful Christian legislator, Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern, refused to be cowed into submission by the nation’s self-described “queer” movement. Get pumped for truth-telling by watching these rally videos (about 43 minutes total for all six videos).

The following are YouTube videos of last week’s “Rally for Sally” Kern held April 2 at the Oklahoma State Capitol, including my talk representing Americans For Truth. A huge and enthusiastic crowd of 1,500 (Daily Oklahoman estimate) or more citizens came out to support State Rep. Kern, who had been deluged with hate mail and hate phone calls after a homosexual activist group, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, created an anti-Kern YouTube using selectively edited portions of a public speech she had given.

The quality of these videos is not that great, but it is more than made up for by the moral clarity of the speakers. Below is part one of Sally’s moving speech:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Compare this “Rally for Sally” crowd to an earlier “anti-Sally” homosexual protest rally in the same Capitol Rotunda, which drew less than 100 activists. (The Daily Oklahoman later misreported the homosexualist rally attendance at 500 people; Paul Blair of Reclaim Oklahoma observed the rally and said there were 60 people there.)

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Daily Oklahoman Editor Ed Kelley Dishonors Sally Supporters

Monday, April 7th, 2008

ed-kelley-2.bmp Ed Kelley, Daily Oklahoman Editor

More arrogance from the liberal media below — in this case, on online voiced editorial by Daily Oklahoman Editor Ed Kelley. Of course, Kelley is free to leave journalism and become a political activist — which does not seem like much of a transition after reading this. Perhaps he could even run for office on the “real issues” he talks about below. That would take a lot of work, especially if he’s as out of touch with Oklahoma’s voters as it appears.

Nope, it’s much easier for Kelley to whine about the people whom his newspaper is supposed to serve and respect. On the day that the “Rally for Sally” drew 1,500 or more people to the capital — to defend a decent, Christian woman who was the target of a national homosexual campaign — Kelley’s paper ran a condescending (and inaccurate) editorial that ended, “Perhaps constituents ought to hold a rally of their own, urging this one-trick pony to put her tiresome personal agenda aside and work to do something constructive.”

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