Hutcherson Update: 638 Students Boycotted DOS at Mt. Si High

pastor_ken_hutcherson.gifBy Peter LaBarbera

We received a call yesterday from Pastor Ken Hutcherson, who led the successful student boycott of the pro-homosexuality “Day of Silence” (DOS) at Mt. Si High School in Redmond, Washington. It turns out that 638 students out of a total of 1,410 walked out to make a statement against the DOS, not 495 as the Seattle Times reported (relying on Principal Randy Taylor’s count).

If Pastor Hutcherson is correct, that means 45 percent of the student body boycotted the “gay” activist event. What’s more incredible is that Hutcherson told us that he called for the walkout only eight days prior to the DOS (April 25).

What this tells me is that there is tremendous opportunity in our culture to use the “gay” activists’ overreach for good. We can and must use their language and piggyback off their tactics to promote truth and healthy, godly behaviors. When your corporation’s Human Resources Department starts talking “diversity,” send an e-mail to the CEO and executive team asking if people of faith will be represented in the “diversity” discussions. If not, why not? (Make them put it in writing.) When schools talk about student “safety” and “safe sex,” ask them what they are doing to educate students on the immense health risks of homosexual behavior. Support ex-“gay” ministries like Regeneration — they need it!

Stop spending your dollars at McDonald’s and other corporations that are “mainstreaming” unhealthy and immoral homosexual and transsexual lifestyles — but make sure you communicate your decision to those businesses. Spread the word to your family members and network of friends.

It’s time to stop the whining and get to work. There are no excuses for cowardice and apathy — especially for the committed Christian who has been given the immense blessing of living in the freest and most prosperous nation on earth. Take Pastor Hutcherson’s wonderful counter-protest as a shot-in-the-arm and do something — anything — to defend truth and God’s plan of sexuality in marriage. Make a vow to yourself — but more importantly to your Creator — to be more committed to defending Truth than the forces of homosexuality, bisexuality, gender confusion — and heterosexual promiscuity — are to promoting their lies. God bless you.

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