Hateful Homosexual Spin Machine Ramps up Against Brett VanAsdlen


Will “gay” militants sacrifice Brett VanAsdlen to advance their agenda?

TAKE ACTION: 1) E-mail or call Champaign Co., Illinois State’s Attorney Julia Rietz and ask her to drop the government’s one-sided felony “hate crimes” prosecution against 18-year-old student-athlete Brett VanAsdlen. Email: jrietz1@gmail.com or statesatty@co.champaign.il.us

2) Listen to CWA’s online audio interview on the trumped-up VanAsdlen “hate crime” case with AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera, Bob Knight of the Culture and Media Institute and CWA’s Matt Barber. Click HERE for the AFTAH link or HERE to listen online:


By Peter LaBarbera

I sent homosexual activist blogger Tim Kincaid this note after reading his latest fulmination on the pages of Box Turtle Bulletin (the first paragraph of which we’ve reprinted below):

“[T]hanks for your nasty little piece on [Box Turtle Bulletin], Tim. Par for the course. The issue isn’t David Duke (whose website I only saw for the first time Friday) or Ted Pike (no, I wouldn’t use the phrase “Jewish media” [as Pike does]) but whether this kid, [Brett VanAsdlen], is being railroaded. If you called me a “breeder” and then we got in an argument ending in you pushing me down (perhaps after I aggressively got in your face after you hurled your insult), NO, I definitely would not want you to face a felony “hate crimes” charge. It’s ridiculous — especially if accounts are true that the prosecution has already dropped the aggravated battery charge [against VanAsdlen].”

I cited Ted Pike in my original article on this case because, as one who has crusaded against “hate crimes” laws, Pike was the first to bring the VanAsdlen story to national attention (in a mass email) — not because I agree with the thrust of his website (or Duke’s). Like most evangelicals, I abhor anti-Semitism and in fact am quite the hawk on defending Israel. I also decry racism and, of course, white nationalism, “white pride,” etc.

In their continuing effort to steal the legacy of the real civil rights movement, homosexual activists and their allies posit an analogy between racism and “homophobia” — their smear term of choice to denigrate traditionalists. It is a deeply flawed comparison: what does unchangeable skin color and ethnicity have to do with aberrant, immoral and changeable sexual behavior?

Nothing, unless you can produce an ex-African American.

janet_boynes_headshot.jpgMoreover, the homosexualists are in the uncomfortable position of making actual descendants of slaves — like Pastor Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Bible Church and ex-lesbian Janet Boynes (pictured at right) — the target of their opprobrium. Men and women of color (like Crystal Dixon, a Black woman who recently was suspended from the University of Toledo after publicly making points similar to these) are mere “religious anti-gay bigots,” according to the homo-fundamentalists’ warped formulations.

And even as the Box Turtle Boys rail against “hate,” they evince their own special brand of prejudice and animus against religious people — blacks, whites, Christians, Jews and Muslims who agree with God on sexual sin — giving the lie to the “gays'” self-righteous mantra of “tolerance.”

The Left knows hate

Being lectured on intolerance by anti-Christian bigots like Tim Kincaid and Barney Frank — or run-of-the-mill leftist hate sites like Daily Kos — is like the USA being scolded for human rights violations by North Korea. If you think I jest, check out the hate-filled comments and vile anti-Christian insults that flow liberally on lesbian Pam Spaulding’s blog (try doing a search on “Jeebus” — a substitute for “Jesus” that secular snobs use to mock Christians).

Pam’s and Tim’s sites are further proof that nobody hates like the Left. And few on the Left hate like the homosexual activists (with radical pro-abortion-on-demand feminists a close second).

Here’s the first paragraph of Kincaid’s piece on the homosexual website Box Turtle Bulletin (emphasis added):

World Net Daily has now joined the alliance of racist David Duke, anti-Semite Ted Pike, and homophobe Peter LaBarbera in defending a “strapping, clean-cut, All-American looking young man” who first verbally insulted and then reportedly physically assaulted a young gay man.

Note the lack of context above. The key word is “reportedly,” and Kincaid knows it. He ends his piece as follows:

I’m amazed at the blatant sense of entitlement that directs this story. There’s such indignation that VanAsdlen, a white Christian heterosexual baseball star, should be called to answer for an assault on an insignificant godless homosexual with brown skin.

And all of VanAsdlen’s supporters agree that hate crimes laws unfairly stop people like him from doing what a “typical [white Christian heterosexual] 18 or 19-year-old kid” just does naturally. You know, assault those unlike himself.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised at how anti-gays aligned so quickly with racists and anti-Semites on this common cause. Hate is hate. Scratch a homophobe, find a bigot.

Yes, Tim, hate is hate. And yours is as obvious and repugnant as the worst of the true bigotry you oppose (discounting your equation of Biblical morality with prejudice). From your writings it is clear that you hate Christians because they disagree with your homosexual lifestyle choice.

Scratch a homosexual activist, find an anti-religious bigot.

Brutal attack?

I return to the comments made by Rod Lovett, Brett VanAsdlen’s athletic director at Parkland College, who told me: “[Brett] didn’t set out to have conflict” that evening … “Regardless of what it was, it was never a brutal attack.” Lovett knows far more about this case than either Tim or I do.

We’ll see how this story plays out as Tim, ExGayWatch, BTB, Pam and the rest of the “queer” spin machine so eagerly paint a false picture of young Brett as a violent “gay basher” to further their misguided crusade.

After all, the cause of tolerance must be advanced.

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