Bishop Vicky Gene Robinson Wants to Be a ‘June Bride’


Homosexual Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson’s parents wanted a girl, so they named him “Vicky.”

By Peter LaBarbera

I find much to object to in blogger Peter Kirk’s homosexuality-related posts, but he offers some good thoughts regarding Episcopal Bishop (Vicky) Gene Robinson’s gender confusion, which, understandably, began at a young age. Kirk wonders why Robinson wants to be a “June bride” (rather than a groom) next month as he infamously and shamelessly plans to “wed” another man.

That Robinson, as the poster boy for decadent, Western “queer christianity” (small c), is doing great damage to the faith as a “change agent” against God’s revealed program for sexuality, is obvious. But surely “Vicky Imogene Robinson’s” parents, who wanted a girl, hence the female name, share in the blame, as they did quite a number on him. Kirk writes:

But hold on, isn’t there something wrong here? A man who has always wanted to a bride? Was he not thinking when he used the word “bride”, or perhaps joking? Does “always” go back to the time when he was a bridegroom? Perhaps he has always suffered from gender confusion. After all, if this rather sensationalist article can be trusted (see also the full text of the interview this article was based on):

Born in 1947 in the Bible Belt in Lexington, Kentucky, he was not expected to survive the delivery, so his sharecropper parents were asked to give names for both the birth and death certificates. Expecting a girl, they opted for Vicky Imogene. He has never changed it.

Given this confusion about his birth and his upbringing with a girl’s name, no wonder that

By the age of 11, he was sensing that his sexual urges were different from those of his schoolmates.

Now I know this is not a popular thing to say, but it seems rather likely that this man at least grew up to be gay because of serious psychological damage in childhood. To be fair to him, he did try therapy, and marriage, but his gay tendencies eventually got the upper hand.

The question here, as I see it, is whether the church should be promoting psychologically damaged people like this into high positions. Of course I have to accept that no one is perfect, and that sometimes people who have been through traumatic times are equipped to minister to others suffering similarly, in ways in which those whose life has always been easy are not so suitable. But I would expect those promoted to being bishops, like Gene Robinson, at least to demonstrate that their psychological hurts have been fully healed….

Click HERE to read Kirk’s entire post, “Gene Robinson to Be a ‘June Bride,’ and responding comments

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