Good News: Maine ‘Queer’ Boys’ Workshop Canceled

‘Boys to Men’ Director Gregory Cites ‘Lack of Interest’ for Homosexual Youth Class

Note in this story by the Christian Civic League of Maine yet another connection between the United Church of Christ (UCC) and perversion. The UCC has an appalling left-wing record (check THIS out) — including its 2006 merger with a Dallas mega-church, the Cathedral of Hope, which caters to homosexuals. (We hear that the UCC is still searching for a partnering church that cater to swingers….) So why doesn’t the UCC just go all the way and start offering its very own “How to Be Homosexual” workshops for youth?

For the sake of accuracy, we also recommend a name-change to UCS: United Church of Sodom. Enough with this phony “Christ” talk. We envision a host of liberal Protestant mergers under the UCS banner beginning with proud homosexualist bishop (Vicky) Gene Robinson and his wayward Episcopal Church. In fact, Robinson could be the annual keynote speaker at the How to Be Homosexual workshops.

Congrats to the Christian Civic League of Maine and Mike Hein for their great work in exposing this anti-Christian “workshop.” — Peter LaBarbera

PS. For a great website countering the UCC’s liberal-left baloney, go to Yes, there are UCC attenders who are still faithful to the Bible as God’s revealed truth.


Maine ‘Queer’ Boys’ Workshop Canceled

by Mike Hein, Christian Civic League of Maine

May 14, 2008

Maine’s Boys to Men organization unceremoniously canceled their 2008 conference’s “Queer, Questioning, Quiet: Developing Gender Identity & Male Sexual Orientation” workshop on May 13. The group’s Executive Director, Layne Gregory, cited “lack of interest” and participation from the boys attending the conference as the reason for the boys’ homosexual workshop cancellation.

Bill Gregory, a retired United Church of Christ minister and member of the group’s Board of Directors, initially speculated that the cancellation was initiated by the workshop’s homosexual youth leaders, the Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine (PRYSM). “Almost always, when we have a workshop cancellation, it’s due to the presenters not being able to attend [the conference],” said Mr. Gregory.

“[The boys’ homosexual workshop] was canceled due to lack of interest, lack of participation,” said Boys to Men Executive Director Layne Gregory later. She noted that the Christian Civic League of Maine’s reporter “was one of the only ones” to register for the “Queer” boys’ workshop. Not discouraged by the cancellation, she went on to say, “We feel it is important to offer this kind of thing each year at our conference.”

Boys to Men Americorps VISTA Program Intern Meghann McCluskey added more detail to the cancellation explanation stating that there was only one other person besides the League Record reporter who expressed an interest in attending the boys’ homosexual workshop, despite the hundreds of pre-schoolboys who attended the annual conference.

McCluskey acknowledged that the Boys to Men organization did know about the national publicity that surrounded the boys’ homosexual workshop, primarily through the League Record’s “Transgender Teaching on Tap for Maine Boys” article and “Class for Kids: How to be Homosexual” article. She said the group was not aware of the more recent “Homo-Grown Heroes” commentary by Olivia St. John, also published on WorldNetDaily.

A listing of the Boys to Men Conference 2008 morning workshops can be seen at

While the “Queer, Questioning, Quiet” homosexual boys’ workshop did not take place, other workshops were held at the conference, including one led by Planned Parenthood of Northern New England representatives. The “Real Life. Real Talk. Sex in the Movies” morning workshop attracted fifty young boys.

Led by Lauren Grousd, a PPNNE Project Coordinator, and Jason Barriault, a senior at Cheverus High School and PPNNE Teen Council member, the workshop encouraged the pre-teen boys to “take some risks” regarding sex and to “respect differences of oppinion [sic].” Handouts at the PPNNE-led workshop asked parents to “Host a Sex Ed House Party” where “[Parents] invite your friends over, and [Planned Parenthood] supplies teen sexuality info and facilitates the discussion.”

A copy of the handout can be seen at

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