Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Moves Forward in California

Counterfeit ‘weddings’ could start June 17

By Jeff Johnson – OneNewsNow – 6/4/2008

The California Supreme Court will not stay its decision authorizing homosexuals to “marry” in that state, even though voters will consider a constitutional amendment to ban the practice in November. The court issued its 4-3 decision Wednesday.

Attorney Matt Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, says the court’s refusal to stay their decision until the November election is very telling. “When the California Supreme Court denied this stay, especially in light of the marriage amendment being certified for the November ballot, it indicates a clear political agenda,” says Staver. “I believe that judges acting as judges, and not as legislators, would have granted the stay.”

The justices had ruled last month that the state must allow homosexuals to marry under the same terms and conditions as heterosexuals despite a state law defining marriage as the union of only one man and one woman. But Staver believes Wednesday’s decision allowing that ruling to take effect as scheduled is a very temporary victory for homosexual activists.

“This particular battle is not over,” he states emphatically. “It’s not going to be decided by four judges — it’s going to be decided by the people in November. I believe when the passage of the marriage amendment happens in November, all of the marriage licenses, if any, that have been issued will become invalid and invisible.”

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