Translating the Democrats’ ‘Gay Pride’ Proclamation

astheworldturns_homosexual_kiss.bmpCelebrating homosexual “pride” and legal rights based on homosexuality and gender confusion are now “core” Democrat Party values. Photo at left is from a homosexual male kissing scene as it appeared on the CBS soap “As the World Turns” [contact CBS here]. You can contact the Democrat Party HERE.

By Peter LaBarbera

Here is Americans For Truth’s politically incorrect translation of the Democrat Party’s 2008 homosexual “PRIDE Proclamation,” issued June 3 and found HERE on the Democrat Party’s website. Of course, practicing homosexuality or bisexuality, or embracing gender confusion (transgenderism) is nothing to be “proud” of. Our comments are in black and red; the Democrats’ “Pride Proclamation” is in blue:


Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean today joined Massachusetts Democratic Representative Barney Frank and Wisconsin Democratic Representative Tammy Baldwin in issuing the following Proclamation marking PRIDE Month:

“Today, on behalf of Democrats across America, we join together in celebrating the contributions that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans and their families make to our society ….

“Today, on behalf of Democrats across America, we join together in celebrating the contributions that the following Americans — women who engage in (immoral) sex with other women, men who practice (unnatural and destructive) homosexual behavior, men and women who have sex with both men and women, and men who feel they should have been born as women (even though they have male sex organs) and who like to dress, grow breasts and act like they are women — and their families make to our society ….

“…and reaffirm our Party’s commitment to promoting full equality under the law for every American.

“Full equality” … meaning we will take laws and rights designed to fix racial injustice and apply them to changeable sexual misbehaviors and gender confusion — even if that means trampling over the freedoms of other Americans to disagree with those behaviors.

“Full equality” … meaning not that homosexual/bisexual/transsexual Americans have the same rights under the Constitution as everyone else, but that they get special legal rights and protections based on their practice/embrace of aberrant sex and gender confusion. Ex-gays — men and women who leave the homosexual lifestyle — lose such special rights. (We try not acknowledge such people, who usually join the Religious Right and vote Republican anyway.)

al_gore.jpgImportant clarification on “full equality”: of course, we Democrats do not really mean “full equality” — in the “gay” activist sense of the word — because if we were to embrace full legal “marriage,” even as the Party of Homosexuality, that would hurt our ability to get Democrats elected to office. (It’s OK for retired Democrat politicians like Al Gore (at right) to back “gay marriage.”) And so we embrace “civil unions” — which are pretty much “same-sex marriage” by another name — for the time being.

In the same way that we continually profess to be “against abortion” (while supporting full legal abortion-on-demand at all stages of pregnancy, even for partial-birth abortions that are really infanticide), we mustn’t as a party move too fast on homosexuality and transsexuality — lest rank-and-file Democrats catch on to our radicalism and vote Republican. So give us a few years — after our friends in the corporate world, media and Hollywood soften up America a bit more — and then we promise to cave in completely to the Pro-Sodomy, Pro-Gender-Confusion Agenda.

“As leaders of the Democratic Party, we stand proudly with the LGBT community and commit ourselves to working together to build an America that is truly inclusive.

When we say “inclusive,” we do not mean inclusive of pro-family Democrats who oppose sodomy-based, counterfeit “marriage” and homosexuality-based “special rights.” After all, the GLBT wing of our Party has made it clear that far from being “pro-family,” these Democrats are actually hateful, homophobic, prejudiced Neanderthals who desperately “cling to their Bibles” to uphold their narrow-minded bigotry. So, although we throw them an occasional bone or two — and of course allow them to profess their “pro-family” credentials to their backwater constituencies — we Democrats will be about as “inclusive” toward our social conservatives as we are toward pro-life Democrats.

Our (two-faced) Diversity & Inclusion Strategy can be cumbersome to administer: for example, we must reject most requests from so-called “pro-life” (that is, anti-women’s-right-to-choose) Democrats who continually pester us for a primetime speaking spot at Democrat presidential nominating conventions. This is something we simply cannot allow lest we alienate our progressive, pro-choice, feminist and lesbian party members.

“Every American has the right to live in dignity, with equal rights, responsibilities and protections under the law.

By “dignity” and “equal rights,” we of course mean only for the babies who happened to have survived the abortion industry. (We Democrats accord no rights or dignity to innocent unborn children.) The woman’s “right to choose” is preeminent in our Party and we will resist all propagandistic efforts by anti-abortion zealots to remind our constituents that the unborn child has no “choice” whatsoever as to whether or not he or she gets killed through abortion.

As for committed Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and others who act on their sincere religious belief that homosexual behavior is sinful, we implicitly encourage all campaigns to label these Americans as “homophobes, haters and bigots” (except in more conservative districts where we need the votes of these people to beat Republicans). At times we as a Party will cynically use people’s opposition to homosexuality for political gain. At the same time, we will make cynical insinuations to the media that “fundamentalist” Republicans are the modern moral equivalent of racists because … well … that’s what our powerful GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) party members and donors tell us to do. And our GLBT donors like Tim Gill give the Democrat Party lots of money and help in beating Republicans.

“These are our country’s and our Party’s core values.

As Democrats, we must never stray from our core social values (we’ll pretend they are the nation’s): the protection of abortion-on-demand right up through the end of pregnancy (and even for babies “born alive” through botched abortions), and the celebration of homosexuality, bisexual and transsexuality — using all available governmental power to impose both on America.

Concurrently, we must always take pains to express our religiosity, stressing that Christians, too, can support “choice” and “GBLT equality.” We have learned to rely on Evangelical consultants for guidance on which “Christian-sounding” words to use to appeal to Christian voters, even as we pursue anti-Biblical policies. (We are told that it is best not to use actual Biblical references when trying to justify these positions — except taking “Judge not lest you be judged” (Matthew 7:1) out of context. A far more effective rhetorical strategy is to keep talking euphemistically about rights, equality, discrimination, choice, tolerance, etc. These words intimidate good-hearted but naive Christians from actually examining our Party’s social record.

“Across the country, at every level of government, Democrats have championed sweeping protections in the areas of employment, housing,

Across the country, at every level of government, we Democrats have championed legislation that for the first time in history accords legal rights based on unhealthy sexual misbehavior — conduct revealed by the God of the Bible (never use that phrase) to be “detestable” and which is proscribed throughout recorded human history. (We must remember that the Bible, like the Constitution, is an evolving document; never use the phrase “absolute truth.”)

And even though, due to political correctness, people who identify as “gay” are becoming in many areas the least likely Americans to fired (they are now recruited by major firms and universities based on their homosexual self-identification), we as Democrats are embracing “sweeping” pro-homosexual legislation that will likely trample on the rights of traditionalists who believe homosexuality is wrong. (Do not remind Americans of the Boy Scouts unless in a liberal, big-city environment like Philadelphia, where harassing and demonizing the Scouts is seen as progressive.) We know these stubborn bigots will likely vote Republican anyway, and we are counting on our many friends in the media not to give such cases much publicity. Democrats must continue to extol “faith, family and freedom” even as we support legislation at the federal and state level that directly undermines all three.

On that subject, we strongly support the federal ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) bill — which will be a tremendous boon for our party’s liberal lawyers constituency. ENDA would force all but America’s smallest businesses to adhere to a pro-homosexual orthodoxy at the threat of potential “gay” lawsuits. (Remember that many entrepreneurs vote Republican anyway.) We as Democrats must avoid at all costs questions like the following: Under ENDA, would a Muslim-owned day care business (not tied to a mosque) have the right NOT to hire homosexuals?

Regarding housing “discrimination,” we Democrats know full well that is there is no homosexual housing crisis. Far from it. In fact, in some homosexual enclaves, there is a reverse redlining of sorts by which heterosexual homeowners feel excluded by homosexuals who manage to fill neighborhoods with nothing but “gay”-owned houses. And homosexuals travel abroad at rates higher than the average American.

crystal_dixon.jpgWe must continue to obfuscate on the fact that homosexuals as a group never faced economic deprivation like our African-American party members even though they are stealing the Civil Rights model to advance their pro-homosexual agenda. Avoid at costs cases like [Americans for Truth Board Member] Matt Barber and Crystal Dixon — who were fired for opposing homosexuality and, in the case of Dixon, an African-American, for disputing our liberal “diversity” dogma equating homosexuality with civil rights. Never say the words “Crystal Dixon”: we are counting on the mainstream media’s non-interest in this story to help her case against the University of Toledo die a slow death.

Let us re-double our efforts to affirm that our Party’s pro-homosexuality agenda has something to do with the historic, noble Black civil rights movement when in reality we know that African Americans strongly resist such notions. Carefully avoid calling African-Americans “bigots,” as some overzealous GLBT and progressive Democrats are wont to do, as this message plays poorly to African-Americans and the media.

“… domestic partnerships and civil unions, adoption

[See above point on “full equality”]. We as Democrats support legislation that gives marriage-type benefits to non-marital relationships: both straight couples — the ones the Religious Right Republicans say are “living in sin,” who are unwilling to make the marital commitment — and homosexual “partners” whose immoral couplings (some bigots claim) should not subsidized and rewarded by government.

Many hateful Religious Right propagandists — selectively quoting our Founding Fathers — claim that the purpose of government from a traditional (Biblical) perspective is to discourage sinful conduct through the law (e.g., punish “sins”). We Democrats, our progressive minds expanded by years of Social Left advocacy, (and by pandering to wealthy GLBT special interests), have grown beyond these antiquated notions — actually flipping them on their heads.

We Democrats happily advocate the use of government to reward non-marital arrangements. Personal rights are preeminent. We advise candidates to champion marriage on the campaign trail but then to undermine it with the help of our GLBT friends in Washington, D.C.

We Democrats will continue to seek ways to provide wayward citizens further incentives to practice destructive and sinful sexual behaviors — ultimately to the harm of children who will have even a greater chance to be placed in homosexual-led households where they will be denied (intentionally) the blessing of either a mom or a dad. Special Note: avoid discussing “gay adoption” on the campaign trail as this concept still rankles many Bible- and Koran-toting Americans adhering to idealistic, Norman Rockwell-esque notions of mother-father parenthood and the so-called “traditional family.”

“… gender identity or expression, and hate crimes.

Though as stated above we Democrats do not recognize even the right to life of some in our human family, we do favor the creation of new and creative legal “rights” based on what some transphobic Republican bigots call gender confusion — men and women who choose to live their life as if they were a member of the other sex. “Gender identity” is a far more accurate term for this healthy phenomenon, but we must as a Party tread carefully on this issue as American transphobia is far more virulent — even among minorities — than homophobia. (Biphobia is also very potent.)

lesbian_youth_boston_gay_youth_pride.jpgWith this reality in mind, we must keep men in dresses and high heels far from Democratic campaign events and relegate our transsexual (like homosexual) Democrat convention speakers to daytime or late-night, non-primetime TV times. We also understand that the “T” in the homosexual/bi/trans’ agenda’s “GLBT youth” equation stands for “transgender,” but highly recommend that any discussion of transgender youth — e.g., boys going to school in a dress — be avoided until America “grows” as a nation and sheds its many prejudices. In fact, we advise that all discussions of GLBT youth be avoided — except in Democrat strongholds like Massachusetts — until further guidance from the Party.

“Despite all we have accomplished, our work is not done. We need to fight efforts to write discrimination into our laws and constitutions.

This is the Gayspeak we use to say that we as Democrats oppose all efforts by American citizens to actually preserve the age-old definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. Curiously, we do this while we continue to proclaim that we oppose same-sex “marriage,” knowing that our GLBT allies are working day and night to radically redefine it. (The ends justify the means for us progressives.) We realize that the our blatantly heterosexist GOP opponents — who shamelessly exploit pro-marriage referendums for political gain — will say that the Democrat Party has slipped so far in kowtowing to homosexual activists that they now regard people rising up to protect marriage as “discrimination.” But that doesn’t matter, as long as the American people fail to catch on to the truth that the same “discrimination” rhetoric we use to bludgeon Republicans could also be applied to historical American efforts to ban polygamy in this country.

For the most part, our Democrat “gay marriage” strategy is simple: claim we are for defending marriage while we play dumb and enable our GLBT activist party members and activist judges to destroy its meaning. This strategy depends heavily on media non-interest and pro-homosexual reporting.

“We need to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, pass the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act, and repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

soldiers_time.jpg[See ENDA comments above.] Such is our determination as Democrats to advance LBGT equality (read: do the bidding of the radical Homosexual Lobby) that we will even attempt to force homosexuality into the armed forces, during wartime no less. We regret that ignorant, Republican-sympathizing homophobes will charge that we Democrats are moving America toward the ‘Criminalization of Christianity’ — by supporting legislation like ENDA that will make it illegal for business owners and everyday Americans to live out their religious and moral beliefs about homosexuality. But that’s OK: we’re the Party that takes in the massive “gay” donations — while the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans are still years away from dominating their party (but making headway fast thanks to enlightened Republicans like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger).

We Democrats also favor hate crimes laws despite the exaggerated claims of anti-gay bigots like Gary Glenn and Chuck Colson who accuse us of creating a legal hierarchy of victims so that some victims — say, people practicing homosexuality or — receive more and better law enforcement protection than others — say, average heterosexual guys. Moreover, such hate-mongering homophobes falsely accuse us of moving toward the suppression of “hate speech” — as if we Democrats would ever squelch the ideas of our opponents [see point above on our Party’s commitment to “inclusion”].

“We need a comprehensive, science-based strategy for combating HIV/AIDS.

Now, when we say “science,” that does not include the prudish Republican-Christian-Right-inspired idea of a governmental study on the health risks homosexual behaviors — e.g., anal sex and other male-on-male sodomies. Sure, there is ample evidence that certain behaviors fuel HIV and other the sexual diseases. (The CDC reports that in 2005, “men who have sex with men” (MSM) accounted for 71% of all HIV infections among male adults and adolescents” ( But we must be practical: some science hits too close to home and we can’t risk alienating our wealthy “gay” Democratic base. So we as Democrats vow to perpetuate the national charade that pretends that AIDS is a disease that “doesn’t discriminate” when it clearly does. (See notorious Michigan homophobe Gary Glenn’s handiwork: “AFA-Michigan, AFTAH Welcome Gay Task Force Admission: ‘HIV Is a Gay Disease.’“)

“We must address the socioeconomic problems, including poverty and limited access to health care, that increase vulnerability to this disease.

Read: we’ll do anything but deal honestly with the actual behaviors causing the spread of HIV/AIDS in America: homosexual behavior (men having “sex” with other men) and IV drug abuse.

“To do all of these things we need to put a Democrat in the White House, expand our majorities in Congress, and elect more Democrats at the local and state level across the country. To do that, we need you. Get active, get involved, and join us so we can take our country back.”

No comment. (We can’t.)

NOTE: Americans For Truth About Homosexuality ( is a nonpartisan organization concerned with the promotion of homosexuality in any party — Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Constitution, etc. Readers can contact the Democrat Party HERE or the Republican Party HERE.

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