Loree to Totalitarian Brit: Homosexual Behavior Is Unhealthy, Unnatural and Self-Destructive

AFTAH reader Ron Loree of Michigan offered this response to totalitarian Brit Peter Bradley, who wrote Americans For Truth with the message that, “You are very lucky that you live in the United States as we have laws in the United Kingdom about inciting hatred based on sexual orientation… here you would be imprisoned; and justly so.” Read Bradley’s entire message HERE, and write us with your response defending American freedom and Judeo-Christian norms at americansfortruth@comcast.net.

Loree writes (web links and emphasis added):

Mr Bradley,

In a spirit of love I will strongly recommend that you focus on the disease-ridden, self-destructive TRUTH regarding homosexuality, rather than the empty, hollow homosexual rhetoric that’s been used over the past 20 years. Honestly, Mr Bradley, all of the accusations of hate, bigotry, discrimination, spiritual violence, etc. are as old as a worn out shoe, and have little if any impact on those of us who know the TRUTH. The psychological “terrorism” that was calculated and conceived back in the late 1980s is nothing more than blatant deception in an attempt to get people, through emotion, to accept this unnatural and self-destructive behavior.

It was earlier this year that the outgoing head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force admitted that “HIV is a gay disease” in the United States. If you’re honest, you’ll agree that there is an undeniable link between homosexual behavior and the HIV virus which can lead to AIDS. This is both medically valid and universally accepted. But you don’t address this side of homosexuality much, do you? The diseases that result from the homosexual lifestyle is REALITY and it is the TRUTH!

The most loving thing that a Christian can do, then, is to stand in firm opposition to the homosexual lifestyle. Real love will offer the message of hope that leaving the homosexual lifestyle is possible, and testimonies abound from both men and women who have done just that. For if there is anything that is truly innate or inborn regarding homosexuality, it is the God-given “voice of conscience” which is in all of us. If homosexuals could only silence that inner voice of conscience, then they could feel comfortable with their lifestyle without having to deal with TRUTH and REALITY. But real love, Mr Bradley, confronts with the TRUTH, with the desire that changed lives will be the result. Leaving the homosexual lifestyle may be difficult and may take time. In love, I do not propose that there is a simple 1-2-3 step “formula” or that one “method” fits all. But I do know that change can and does take place, and it is my prayer that many will yet have the courage and motivation to honestly look at the TRUTH and then seek out the help that can bring about that change. (Americans For Truth can help in giving direction to those who would contact them*.)

In Christian Love,

Ron Loree
Muskegon Michigan

E-mail address: loreebarney@msn.com

* Here are some ex-“gay” ministries: Stephen Bennett Ministries; Exodus International; Charlene Cothran’s “Victory” magazine; Stephen Black’s

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