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Combat Troops to Get Pro-Homosexual Sensitivity Training

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do on the Obama Administration’s ever-expanding homosexualist agenda. A few more developments like this and the United States will grow into a much larger version of morally decadent Great Britain. Where is the Republican Party in seeking to reverse this nonsense? At the very minimum they should be calling hearings to investigate how Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates manipulated Congress into rushing into this pro-homosexual, wartime remodeling of our Armed Forces in a lame-duck session. TAKE ACTION: Call your Congressman and Senators at 202-224-3121 and urge them to investigate the Obama homosexualization of the American military. — Peter LaBarbera,

The Washington Times reports:

Combat troops to get gay sensitivity training

New policy OK’d for battlefield

By Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times, Feb. 24, 2011

American combat troops will get sensitivity training directly on the battlefield about the military’s new policy on gays instead of waiting until they return to home base in the United States, the senior enlisted man in Afghanistan said Thursday.

The Pentagon is launching an extensive force-wide program to ease the process of integrating open homosexuals into the ranks, including into close-knit fighting units. Army Command Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill, the top enlisted man in Afghanistan where 100,000 U.S. troops are deployed, said that the sessions on respecting gays’ rights will go right down to the forward operating bases, where troops fight Taliban militants.

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British Government Orders Padded Bras, Make-up for (Male) ‘Transsexual’ Prisoners

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Laurie Higgins of Illinois Family Institute writes:

The British Ministry of Justice has issued these rules regarding “transsexual” prisoners–I kid you not: 

“’An establishment must permit prisoners who consider themselves transsexual…to live permanently in their acquired gender’…Appropriate clothing, according to the government, ‘can range from sophisticated prostheses to padded bras…Make-up that is vital to presenting in the acquired gender, such as foundation to cover up beard growth, may not be restricted.’”

Let me get this straight (no pun intended): “sexual orientation” is–in all cases–absolutely immutable, but one’s gender can be “acquired.”
Source: LifeSite News

VIDEO: Will American Christians Learn from Britain’s ‘Gay’ War on Christians?

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Will Obama, like U.K.’s Tony Blair, usher in ‘gay’ tyranny in the United States?

Former British P.M. Tony Blair used state power to promote the acceptance of homosexuality in the U.K. He is now working to make Christianity "gay"-affirming.

By Peter LaBarbera

I was sent this must-watch CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) video by my friend Gary Glenn, head of the American Family Association of Michigan. Glenn is backing a civil rights lawsuit by the Thomas More Law Center against Attorney Gen. Eric Holder over the new homosexuality/transsexuality–inclusive “hate crimes” law. This video deserves wide circulation as a warning to America.

The Homosexual Activist Movement, aided and abetted by liberal straights, currently is the greatest threat to religious freedom in the United States. This is because homosexual radicals like lesbian Chai Feldblum (appointed by President Obama as a Commissioner on the E.E.O.C.) believe “gay rights” supersede Americans’ freedom to oppose homosexuality and gender confusion. To quote Feldblum, “Gays win, Christians lose” when the “zero-sum” game of “gay rights” versus religious freedom hits the courts.

More commentary follows the video below:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Already, we in the USA are seeing the same sort of persecution for opposing homosexuality as is occurring in Great Britain, only on a lesser scale. (See University of Illinois story over dismissed Catholic professor Kenneth Howell HERE.) It will only get worse if homosexuality- and transsexuality-based special “rights” are federalized under the proposed “Employment Non-Discrimination Act.”

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Thatcher on Socialism

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

maggie_thatcher.jpg“The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

—Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain, 1979-1990. For more information on this great leader and the principles of freedom and prosperity she embodied, see the Margaret Thatcher Foundation.

Laurie Higgins to Totalitarian Brit: Saying Homosexuality Is Immoral Is No Incitement to Hatred

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Homosexualists seek to use repressive powers of state to silence all expressions of opposition

jail-cell2.jpgThe following is Laurie Higgins’ response to British pro-homosexual activist Peter Bradley’s e-mail to AFTAH stating, “You are very lucky that you live in the United States as we have laws in the United Kingdom about inciting hatred based on sexual orientation… here you would be imprisoned; and justly so.” Other responses to Bradley’s letter are HERE by Ron Loree and HERE by fellow Brit David Burdett.


By Laurie Higgins

After reading Mr. Bradley’s troubling email to AFTAH, I am even more deeply thankful for our proper understanding here in the United States that liberty depends on the freedom to speak and practice one’s religion. If, as Mr. Bradley claims, I would be imprisoned in the United Kingdom for what I’m about to say, I’m sure glad I live here.

I must respectfully disagree with an implied contention in Mr. Bradley’s polemic: making claims about the immorality of certain kinds of conduct does not constitute incitement to hatred. If it did then Mr. Bradley’s implicit claims that Mr. LaBarbera’s actions are immoral would constitute inciting hatred toward people of faith who hold that homosexual conduct is wrong.

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UK Christian Answers Totalitarian Brit: Homosexual Activists ‘Forcing their Worldview on Others’

Friday, June 27th, 2008

“In fact, the most hate-filled people we have ever met are the homosexual activists who are forcing their world view on others.”David Burdett, UK

Dear AFTAH supporters,

David Burdett’s excellent letter responding to a fellow Brit, Peter Bradley, who says Americans For Truth would be “imprisoned” in the UK, reminds us that the battle for Truth on this issue is worldwide in its scope. We who reject the immoral, anti-Christian homosexualist agenda and the homo-fascism that it naturally spawns must work together to preserve freedom and the time-tested Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. — Peter LaBarbera

Read Bradley’s censorious message HERE, and write us with your response defending American freedom and Judeo-Christian norms at Mr. Burdett writes June 25 through AFTAH’s website:

Dear Mr. Bradley,

My wife and I are Christians and from England, we believe that the homosexual lifestyle in sinful and we have should have the right to be able to express our religious beliefs without fear of being branded as hate-inciting criminals. In fact, the most hate-filled people we have ever met are the homosexual activists who are forcing their worldview on others. We all have free will to live as we choose and I accept that. However, we object in the strongest possible terms to the ‘gay’ agenda being forced onto us via the schools (teaching four-year-olds about same sex relationships); via the TV (the Heinz advert [in the UK showing a homosexual male couple kissing; Heinz pulled the ad after British protests]; two priests getting “married” in a church last week; and the pro-gay government and their biased laws.

You seem to think the UK is some kind of great place to live. I guess you haven’t seen the statistics about England’s huge drug problem amongst the young, the rise in teenage pregnancy and spread of sexually transmitted diseases. All of this is due to being a Godless society — thank God we have people like Peter LaBarbera who are not afraid to speak the truth!


David Burdett
London, England

Loree to Totalitarian Brit: Homosexual Behavior Is Unhealthy, Unnatural and Self-Destructive

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

AFTAH reader Ron Loree of Michigan offered this response to totalitarian Brit Peter Bradley, who wrote Americans For Truth with the message that, “You are very lucky that you live in the United States as we have laws in the United Kingdom about inciting hatred based on sexual orientation… here you would be imprisoned; and justly so.” Read Bradley’s entire message HERE, and write us with your response defending American freedom and Judeo-Christian norms at

Loree writes (web links and emphasis added):

Mr Bradley,

In a spirit of love I will strongly recommend that you focus on the disease-ridden, self-destructive TRUTH regarding homosexuality, rather than the empty, hollow homosexual rhetoric that’s been used over the past 20 years. Honestly, Mr Bradley, all of the accusations of hate, bigotry, discrimination, spiritual violence, etc. are as old as a worn out shoe, and have little if any impact on those of us who know the TRUTH. The psychological “terrorism” that was calculated and conceived back in the late 1980s is nothing more than blatant deception in an attempt to get people, through emotion, to accept this unnatural and self-destructive behavior.

It was earlier this year that the outgoing head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force admitted that “HIV is a gay disease” in the United States. If you’re honest, you’ll agree that there is an undeniable link between homosexual behavior and the HIV virus which can lead to AIDS. This is both medically valid and universally accepted. But you don’t address this side of homosexuality much, do you? The diseases that result from the homosexual lifestyle is REALITY and it is the TRUTH!

The most loving thing that a Christian can do, then, is to stand in firm opposition to the homosexual lifestyle. Real love will offer the message of hope that leaving the homosexual lifestyle is possible, and testimonies abound from both men and women who have done just that. For if there is anything that is truly innate or inborn regarding homosexuality, it is the God-given “voice of conscience” which is in all of us. If homosexuals could only silence that inner voice of conscience, then they could feel comfortable with their lifestyle without having to deal with TRUTH and REALITY. But real love, Mr Bradley, confronts with the TRUTH, with the desire that changed lives will be the result. Leaving the homosexual lifestyle may be difficult and may take time. In love, I do not propose that there is a simple 1-2-3 step “formula” or that one “method” fits all. But I do know that change can and does take place, and it is my prayer that many will yet have the courage and motivation to honestly look at the TRUTH and then seek out the help that can bring about that change. (Americans For Truth can help in giving direction to those who would contact them*.)

In Christian Love,

Ron Loree
Muskegon Michigan

E-mail address:

* Here are some ex-“gay” ministries: Stephen Bennett Ministries; Exodus International; Charlene Cothran’s “Victory” magazine; Stephen Black’s

British Writer Says AFTAH Would Be ‘Imprisoned’ in his Country

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

jail-cell1.jpgFuture home of British Christians?

From homosexuality-embracing Britain, we received this note via the AFTAH website (June 25, 2008). I wonder how many American “queer” activists think like him (even if they wouldn’t admit publicly it yet). Send us your responses to Mr. Bradley, and your defense of American freedom, at We’ll publish some, and pass them on to him:

You are very lucky that you live in the United States as we have laws in the United Kingdom about inciting hatred based on sexual orientation… here you would be imprisoned; and justly so. I have never seen such a diatribe of prejudiced rubbish in my entire life. Also the fact that your life’s work is dedicated (every day) to furthering your cause of hatred astounds me. Do you have nothing better to do with your time? I thought that Christians were meant to be out building wells in Africa where help is needed, not dressing up in smart suits waging campaigns against marginalised groups of people. I wonder what God thinks of you making decisions for him? Maybe if America had a more united culture like we do in the UK it may be more tolerant of all groups – we over here in Europe see you as a very disparate country made up of groups that know nothing about each other, and who have very little respect for diversity. You should take some lessons from the old world… it seems we have advanced much more than you have.

Peter M Bradley

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